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Sozu Scissors

Sozu scissors are one of Scissor Tech’s greatest yet affordable collection for the aspiring hairdresser that can’t quite yet afford the next best scissors. Sozu scissors make the perfect stepping stone to go from your training to be a hairdresser to the salon superstar all with the Sozu scissor. Once you’re the salon superstar you will then more than likely want to upgrade to see what else your creative hands can do! However, for the mean time much like the Matsui scissor collection, it is of course made from only the best Japanese steel that will give you only the best quality scissor at a more than decent price tag with it before you move on up to your next higher quality scissor

Our Sozu scissors are quickly becoming a crowd favorite with the sleek easy to use design of the scissor along with the multiple colors to choose from and some that even have the individually hand crafted pretty yet of course elegant design to them that will make them stand out from the classic’s that most hairdressers have. Be comfortable in your new Sozu pair of scissors knowing that they have been designed and tested with junior hairdressers to know they can be used comfortably and can create magical and multiple haircuts with them.

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