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Professional Hairdressing Scissor Sets

We can help you in finding the best in professional hairdressing scissors with our amazing brand selection below. From the long-standing, most-trusted brands come the best tools for all of our hairdressing needs. We carry the top brands that you need, listed below, to make sure that whether you are an apprentice or an experienced hairdresser, you have the best tools to satisfy any client.

Matsui Scissors
Matsui scissors are made from the highest-quality Japanese steel and are a very comfortable tool to use for many functions. Matsui scissors come in a collection of precision shears, thinners, and texturizers and we know you will be able to find the best tool for value with this brand. In addition to having supreme functionality, we understand the need for style to brand your particular hairdressing establishment. This is why we carry a wide variety of colors, from Multicolour to Black to the classic Silver aesthetic.

The Matsui brand we carry is sure to expand your collection of scissors in function and style. Our collection of professional hairdressing scissors in this brand bring a wide range of options at scissor tech for function and comfort to the user, because these scissors were engineered with a ball bearing tension system that creates a very smooth feel to the scissors. The different colors we carry are sure to add a flair to your customer's hairdressing experience as well. We carry a matte black scissor, which is a color that never goes out of style. We also carry a multi-color set of scissors, which can be perfect for the hairdresser who often works with children. The gold Matsui brand scissors are a newer addition. Gold scissors can serve the very best purpose by creating an ambiance of elegance, and are great for Every scissor and scissor set also comes with a holding case, to make sure that the valuable tools do not get damaged in transit. This function can be invaluable for traveling hairdressers, who worry that the precision of their instrument might be lost due to a bumpy transit. Many of our sets of Matsui brand scissors also come with plastic handle inserts, making sure that the scissors are a good, comfortable fit for your hands.

If you should ever want to exchange or return this brand of scissors, we offer a return service within seven days of your receipt of the items. Because we know that not all products will be exactly what you want and ordering off the internet can be difficult, we offer this return policy. Our goal is to leave you satisfied with any product you purchase!

Yasaka Scissors
Yasaka scissors are of high-quality scissors, containing two different materials including 440C stainless steel by Hitachi. Our hairdressing scissor sets by Yasaka are manufactured with VG10 Cobalt Alloy by Takefu Special Steel, using Swedish Sponge Iron as a raw material to start. The scissor tech involved in crafting these shears from the materials mentioned allows these scissors to be resistant to corrosion. We know that precision and durability are important, which is why we offer Yasaka scissors, that have the ability to stay strong and sharp for very long periods of time.

The weight of our Yasaka scissors lend to a beautiful user experience, because they feel natural in your hand. Some sets of scissors even include a finger rest, which allows for a more smooth cutting experience. Besides functionality, these scissors also offer a smooth aesthetic. The classic silver color that will not fade or corrode over time is adds beautiful look and feel to these Japanese hairdressing scissors.

Kamisori Shears
The Kamisori shears are among the best, most innovative we have to offer in Japanese hairdressing scissors. This brand has won multiple awards in multiple countries, including America, Canada and France. These awards and fame allowed us to know they will serve their purpose well. Our Kamisori scissors are made with genuine Japanese 440C forged steel, and come in a variety of tension types to suit your needs. Because each set of Kamisori scissors are handmade, these are sure to have add a beautiful look to your hairdressing station.

When it comes to elegance in hairdressing scissor sets, the Kamisori shears are sure to fulfill your needs. Because each is crafted with such care, each shear is flexible, hard, sharp and extremely durable. In addition, they are perfectly balanced to create a smooth hair cutting experience, time and time again. These professional shears come in a variety of functionalities, including texturizing and hair cutting. Made from Damascus steel and hand-crafted, we know this brand of hairdressing tools is the top of the line. The Damascus steel lends an excellent durability to the tool, allowing for many years of continued use without a lessening of quality cut.

In particular, the selection of Kamisori hairdressing tools we offer are top-of-the-line. We offer the Azaki professional haircutting texturing shears, which are considered a legendary model in the field of shears. They are top-tier texturizers with very fine teeth that will perform without damaging the hair. The Frost professional haircutting shears are brilliant for high-speed cutting. The Emerald professional haircutting shears offer a bit of dazzle, with a built-in stone at the hinge of the shears. The Emerald is nicknamed the King of All Shears, because it can be used for all of our hair cutting needs and has a dazzling look to it. Last but not least of our offering is the Samurai professional haircutting texturizing shears, which offer blending capabilities that can notch, texture and blend flawlessly for the life of the scissors. Because we have chosen the best of the best in Kamisori, we have provided you with choices that are sure to satisfy.

In addition to being carefully crafted to lend a beautiful aesthetic, these scissors come with the exclusive Kamisori lifetime warranty and a luxury case in which to store the shears. They also come with a one-year drop warranty, in which you are able to exchange your shears for a new pair if you drop them while working.

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