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Workplace Safety: How to Avoid Injury in The Salon

Workplace Safety: How to Avoid Injury in The Salon

Workplace injuries are common issues in a salon environment. Whether you’ve just started working in the hair industry or you’ve just opened your first salon, it is vital that all staff members of the salon are knowledgeable on how to avoid injuries in the workplace. Not to worry, Scissor Tech has top tips on how to prevent these accidents in the salon to keep everyone safe and happy!

Choose an Offset Handle

Using shears with the wrong type of handle can place strain on your hands and wrists. As hairdressers work with shears all the time, this small issue can become a huge problem that will negatively impact on your health and may even cause issues such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

To avoid this type of injury, aim to use cutters with an offset handle. The offset angle allows the hand to drop into a natural position and prevents awkward hand movements that will put pressure on your shoulder, neck and hands. We offer offset handles on most of our professional hairdressing scissors as we prioritize the comfort of our customers.

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Try A Swivel Scissor

Another way to reduce the risk of hand injury is to try using a swivel scissor. As your hands are constantly trapped inside the rigidity of the thumb rings on a traditional shear, traditional cutters can cause tension to your thumb and wrist.

While it can take a while to get used to swivel scissors, it is better for your overall health than traditional cutters. This is because it incorporates swivelling rings that allow your thumb to rotate into natural positions that will keep your hands comfortable all day long. Check out our wide range of cutters such as thinner scissors which also comes with the unique swivel feature.


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Wear Comfortable Safety Shoes

Hairstylists are always up on their feet all day long. Sometimes they may not even get a break to sit down. Over time, your legs will start to feel weak and put tension on your knees and legs. Wearing comfortable shoes will help you in this situation.

Buying a pair of shoes that will fully support your feet is a good idea. When buying work shoes, make sure that they also protect your feet from any hazards. Purchasing leather enclosed shoes can prevent any chemical spill from injuring your feet.

Clean Up as You Go

Sanitisation is extremely important in a salon. It is understandable that hairdressers can get extremely busy throughout the day and may not have time to clean up after themselves, leaving behind chemicals and electrical hair tools. However, it is vital that all staff members in the salon are cleaning up after themselves after every hair appointment.

Every piece of hair equipment and all the chemicals you leave behind are not only a hazard to salon staff, but also to customers. By storing away hair dyes and putting away tools such as shears and hair straighteners, you’re reducing the risk of injury in your salon.

Keep Up to Date with Safety Procedures

Safety procedures are important to have in the workplace. To avoid accidents and quickly treat any injuries, ensure that all staff members of the salon are trained in following the appropriate safety procedures. A good tip is to have your safety procedures displayed in a place where all staff can see daily to remind them.