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Why You Shouldn't Cut Dirty Hair

August 29, 2022

Ever wondered why when you book into getting a haircut that most salon hair stylists will bring you through to the basin first and wash your hair?

Well, wonder no more, because today we will talk about the importance of washing dirty hair before any type of salon haircut WILL always benefit the overall cut.

Cutting dirty hair can be tricky for a hairstylist because in most cases your stylist is not getting a true representation of how their haircut will actually sit when their client goes home and washes their hair.

You could almost say that it's like going in blind to a haircut, saying "see you later" and hoping for the best. No hairstylist likes that feeling and if you have ever experienced a bad haircut yourself.. you're not going to want to risk this time being a bad feeling too.

So what are the key ingredients to a good haircut and why is it so important to not cut dirty hair? Well, let's see why.

Why hairstylist insist on washing and Blow drying

When a hair stylist insists on washing and blow drying your hair before and after a big haircut, there really is a method to their madness and no they are not trying to get you to spend more money, they are just trying to give you the best service.

If you are going in for a service and have asked for more that 1-2 inches off the length, layers cut in, a fringe cut in or even thinning out your hair as it feels so thick and heavy then some of these tasks are extremely difficult to do on greasy hair.

Thinning your hair out with the thinning scissors requires freshly washed hair that is dry, because greasy hair tends to bunch together which makes it hard for the Thinning scissors to cut through. Thinning scissors can also make demarcation lines on damp or greasy hair.

Cutting hair dry and softening out any blunt lines or thick areas is easier seen by the stylist when the hair is dry as they can comb out every section after cutting to see how it truly looks. You're really going in blind and it's a guessing game when cutting hair that's not dry and clean with thinning scissors.

Another hard task to do is cutting a fringe in on oily hair. As a hair stylist you want to see how all the hairs will naturally fall and blend after a fringe trim, so having oily hair makes that extremely difficult to see.

Should you wash your hair before going to the salon for a haircut?

Well there's no rule to say you can't and if you're just getting a trim then for sure you can.

Some hairdressers may prefer you to, to save them time where other hairdressers may just go and wash it again as they want to freshly wash and blow dry it themselves for you.

Honestly it won't affect your haircut at all if you choose to wash it yourself before, so if you want to save some money and time at the hairdresser then this is for sure acceptable for you to do.

Should you wash your hair before a color service?

Now we know this blog is about cutting hair, but we just want to touch on coloring quickly.

Putting aside everything you have read today, If you speak to any hairstylist they would rather you NOT wash your hair just before arriving for your color service.

There's a few reasons why and the first being that freshly washed hair is just not preferred to work with while coloring. The second is that your oily hair can actually act as a healthy barrier to your color and protect the hair that bit more while it's being lifted or colored. Leaving that oily hair will not affect the color process whatsoever.

Your scissors can really only do half the job to achieve that perfectly blended haircut. 

As we have mentioned before when your hair becomes oily and bunches together it can become hard for some scissors to cut through evenly, or can become more difficult for the trained eye to really be able to tell if what they are cutting now will actually look blended once the hair is freshly washed.

Any great hair salon will encourage a hair wash before every cutting service. When a hair salon offers a hair wash it's almost like a sense of insurance to ensure they are taking all the correct steps for their customer to ensure the best outcome for their haircut.

Squeaky clean hair is always best for cutting any foundation of a haircut and completely dry hair is best for finishing, checking and blending the haircut perfectly.

So get to washing and happy cutting!


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