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Why You Should Tighten Your Hair Cutting Scissors Everyday

May 08, 2023

Like you, your scissors need and deserve daily care! Taking care of them can help prolong their life and keep them cutting hair for many years to come. Here's the low down into tightening and caring for your scissors everyday!

First things first!

Cleaning! Regular cleaning of your scissor blades in between every client is a must. You will need your soft cloth and your scissors. Between every client wipe your scissor blades clean with your cleaning cloth. Leftover hair fragments, products, dirt and moisture can ruin blade edges and lead to rust and corrosion. Some people prefer to use isopropyl alcohol to clean their blades, while this will guarantee they are sterilised properly it can lead to quicker corrosion of your scissors. Proper cleaning of your blades will help them stay sharper longer!

Oil Your Hair Cutting Scissors...

Everyday! At Least once a day! After working hard all day long your scissors need some love. First reach for you scissor oil pen. Place a small drop of oil on each blade at the pivot point. The pivot point is where the two blades meet, held together by a screw. Open and close your blades gently to spread the oil. Use your soft cloth to remove any excess oil.

Daily oiling of your hair cutting scissors helps to prevent dull blades. It also helps prevent misalignment of your blades by ensuring they are properly lubricated. Proper maintenance of your haircutting scissors can help prolong their sharpness!


Checking and Adjusting your Tension 

Making sure your hair cutting shears have the correct tension is a must ! Haircutting shears that are not properly adjusted will often mimic damaged or dull blades. Hair scissors that pull, push, bend or snag hair may scare you and you may call your scissor sharpener right away! While we always recommend reaching out to a professional sharpening service, first, make sure you have checked your tension!

Checking and adjusting your tension daily will help protect your blade edges. If you cut hair with hair scissors that are too tight they will not only snag your clients hair, causing you and your client pain, but also damage the cutting edge. When they are too tight the blades will tend to rub together which will damage the sharp edge. If your hair scissors are too loose they will push or bend the hair. This can also cause your blades to touch at a bad angle and damage them. So long story short..... always check and adjust your hairdressing scissors!

How To Check and Adjust tension

You should check your hair scissors at least once a day. To check them properly, hold them from their handle with the blades pointing up. Lift the thumb finger hole to open the blades. Release the finger ring and let it fall naturally. 

If the finger hole falls past 20 degrees or completely closes your scissors are too loose. If the finger ring stays open above 45 degrees your scissors are too tight. The right tension will have your scissors finger holes fall between 20 and 45 degrees.

Adjust your Tension

Hair shears come with two options for a tension screw. Some have a raised tension screw attached to the scissor. Other scissors will have a screw that requires a tension adjuster, or "key". In your handy scissor maintenance kit we have included the right tension adjuster for you. 

To adjust your hair shears simply turn the tension screw to the right to tighten or to the left to loosen. To get the correct tension only turn the screw slightly, as not to over tighten or loosen your hair shears. Once you think you have gotten the correct tension, check your scissors again and adjust if needed. 

Don't forget to properly store your scissors!

After all this hard work to properly maintain your scissors please make sure to keep them safe! Keep your scissors in their protective case when not in use. This will help prevent any falls or damage to your scissors. You may even want to try a scissor mat or holster to help keep them safe! A scissor mat will guarantee that your scissors stay safe on your station while a holster will keep them safe on your person. Either way, you can't go wrong ! Check out our scissor mats and holstersHERE.

Keeping your scissors in tip top shape!

Shear maintenance is so important in prolonging the life of your scissors. Not only will the perform better for you but they will continue to perform the best for many years to come. Cleaning, oiling and tensioning your shears daily will ensure many many years of sharp blades, precision cuts and of course a happy hairdresser and clients! 

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