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Why You Should Care For Your Hair Thinning Shears

January 09, 2023

It's no secret in the industry that when it comes to servicing your Thinning Scissors that they may not get serviced as often as they should because you may not use them as often. 

Caring for your Thinning Scissors is just as important as caring for any of your other tools because well you need to take care of your investment. Apart from taking care of your investment, blunt hair thinning scissors could cause damage to the hair.

So to prolong the life of those Thinning shears, let's see what our top tips are for caring for you thinning shears!

How often should you sharpen your Thinning Scissors?

Some Hairstylist's may have been led to believe that they don't need to sharpen their thinning scissors as often as their other scissors because maybe they don't use them as much, well we certainly don't agree with that and we will explain why.

Thinning scissors can be prone to blunting faster than traditional shears because most of the time they are blending thick hair to thin hair or larger sections of hair at a time. We are not at all saying that your thinning scissors are not as good quality compared to traditional scissors, we are just saying that they have to work harder while cutting.

So if you have a pair of Thinning Scissors that are forced to work harder than the rest by cutting through thicker hair and with some hair thinning techniques, then it would only make sense to book them in at least 1-2 times a year (along with your other scissors) to get sharpened by a professional hairdressing scissor sharpener in your area, to keep those blades nice and sharp.

As we mentioned before a blunt blade can cause damage to your clients hair. It can cause damage by causing split ends, leaving a white cast at the ends of the hair, pulling the hair or simply not cutting as easily as you need them to. 

If you ever feel or see this happening it would mean that you have probably left it too long in between sharpening and to stop using them and get them booked in immediately. 

How to maintain and clean your Thinning Shears

Maintaining your Thinning Shears is an important part of getting the most of your scissors. So what is involved in cleaning those Thinning Shears?


Cleaning your Thinning Scissors looks a little different to cleaning your other scissors because cleaning in between the teeth on the Thinning Scissor can make it more challenging. You should aim to clean all your shears at least once a day on the days you work.

Your scissors get exposed to harsh chemicals from color or hair products and if those chemicals are not properly cleaned of the steel then this can cause damage over time.

Firstly it's always best to useisopropyl alcohol to clean and sterilize your shears. Instead of using a cleaning cloth you may need to use a small cleaning brush like the one you get included with your clippers. You can use this small brush along with the cleaning alcohol very gently to clean away any dirt or hair in between the thinning shears teeth.

Never should you clean with water or soak your scissors in the Barbicide solution as this can cause your thinning shears to corrode.

Once you are satisfied with cleaning all the dirt and hair off your scissors then next you move onto oiling..


We recommend oiling your scissors at least twice a week as oiling really conditions the mechanics of your shears work so much more smoothly for you.

Start off by lightly oiling the blades and teeth on your Thinning Shears. Then continue to use a drop of oil on the inside and at the top of the blade close to the rotation point. You want oil to reach the middle of the tension screw and to do this you need to open and close your shears 10-20 times to work in that oil which will push out any hair that may be caught near the screw. 

Once you are satisfied then wipe away any excess oil with a cleaning cloth.

Checking the tension

Lastly, you want to check your tension. 

Checking your tension is important because if you tension is too tight then it could pull on the hair or damage the hair and if your tension is too loose it may not cut through the hair at all.

For a demonstration on how to tension you hairdressing scissors and Thinning Shears clickHERE

How to protect my Thinning Shears

We always say protect your investment! 

Well the best way to do that is by using a Scissors case. Luckily when you buy and choose thinning scissors from Scissor Tech scissor's that your scissors or thinning shears come in our beautiful scissor case.

Make sure you always store your Thinning Shears and scissor case away from wet areas and spray water bottles.

Remember to always use your Thinning Shears on dry hair for a better result.

Hair Thinning the right way can be an enjoyable experience for the client and the hair stylist, that's why your Thinning Scissors will quickly become one of your favorite tools you own.

Also caring for them will hopefully now become a priority for you and if it already was a priority then hopefully you have picked up some helpful tips along the way too.

Happy hair thinning!

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