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Why you should avoid thinning shears on curly hair

March 10, 2022

For all the curly haired girls out there I'm sure you can agree with us when we say, if you find a hairstylist that knows how to cut your curls and give you beautiful bounce and shape.. then you will follow this hairstylist around forever.

There's a real art to cutting curly hair and hairstylist's take a very different approach to cutting curly hair over the alternative which would be straight hair. So not only do your skills with technique's need to be excellent but knowing what tools you can and can't use on naturally curly hair is important too.

So let's go through any subject we need to cover in regards to "Why you should avoid Thinning Shears on Curly Hair".


Why you should avoid thinning shears on curly hair

When cutting curly hair you have to be more careful due to the curly hair being more prone to breakage, this is because it is more dry and prone to split ends. When any hair seems to be more fragile or damaged in any case the thinning scissors should be avoided as they can damage the hair more. Using Thinning Scissors on Curly hair could damage and frizz the hair, and if you hear any curly girl or guy out there that says they want more frizz and don't want the frizz reduced.. then they would be lying. They want to nurture their curls to look healthy and bouncy.


When you can use Texturizing Shears on curly hair

If you client has Curly hair and you first instinct is to pick up you thinning scissors because this particular client has asked for some bulk to be taken out, don't pick up your Thinning Scissors! just don't. Alternatively a better hack or healthier and less frizzy way to remove bulk from curly hair is to pick up you Texturizing Shears. When using your texturizing shears on curly hair, due chunky sections and Texturizing shear does remove, this create less to no frizz. Be mindful to only ever use this technique through the back section only! and to not get over confident with this technique as it can also remove too much hair. So be careful brushing out and checking each section before moving to the next because you will only be able to lightly use these shears.


How to fix a mistake after using Thinning Scissors

Unfortunately you can never grow hair back on the spot and you may lose a client in the process but there are ways to "fix a mistake" Firstly own up for you mistake, secondly ensure the hair will grow back and thirdly consider offering a free and heavy moisturising treatment to either do in the chair before they leave or to take home with them to help reduce any frizz. This will be a lesson for you and the client, you learn how to avoid any mistake in the future and become more knowledgeable in the future. The Client learns to ask if you're confident about cutting curly hair or even a specialist in that area. Every Curly haired Customer would have had a bad haircut at one point or another so that's why it's a great learning curve for the both of you. Also always Use a Diffuser and your favorite curl cream , when scrunching the curls dry as this will give the curls the ultimate bounce your client will be looking for.


How to avoid a Mistake from Thinning Scissors

There really is a simple answer to this, maybe just don't use them at all. Unless there's a cutting technique that you have picked up from a class for "how to cut curly hair" or a celebrity hairdresser that specializes in curly hair, then by all means take advice for these talented hairdressers. But how to avoid a mistake with thinning scissors is to not treat curly hair as straight hair when cutting because cutting curly hair will always be an art or a different technique to cutting straight/wavy hair.

So there you have it

This is really just an overview of our opinion on why you should avoid using thinning scissors on curly hair. Frizzy hair for some is already a struggle, so if you don't want to give your client the frizzy hair or you don't want to make a client's frizzy hair worse. Thinning Curly hair we can both agree can be quite challenging when you will hear people like us say "don't thin curly hair" or it "Destroys curly hair" But as a hair stylist you need to recognise why you client wants or needs their hair thinned. If it is clear they need to bulk out around the back then softly try the Texturizing scissors method in only a few sections and never over Texturize curly hair. You Want your curly haired woman or man to walk out of the salon refreshed and to feel they have life back to their curls, but not walking out with a thinning shears disaster.

Let's keep natural curls bouncy and beautiful and not Frizzy and dry.

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