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Why You Need More Than One Hair Scissor

January 30, 2023

Hair stylists are certainly not a one trick pony, they always have several tricks and hair cutting techniques up their sleeve. For a hair stylist to successfully carry out these tricks or haircutting techniques then they need the correct amount of professional hairdressing scissors to follow.

We couldn't even  sit here and tell you that there is one universal hair cutting scissor that would even allow you to cut every haircutting technique imaginable. This type of hair scissors just doesn't exist. 

So that brings us to the big question today..

Why would you need more than one pair of scissors?

What we can tell you is that there are different types of hair scissors that will help you create all different types of finishes and will guarantee to make cutting a lot easier for you. This is why you will never see a professional hairdresser with just one type of hair scissors, because they value a superstar haircut that includes all different types of scissors and haircutting techniques.

So what are the different types of hair cutting scissors that no hairstylist can live without?

There are 3 main stand out styles that every hairstylist should own. These will help you master all different hair cutting techniques and are really a must have for every aspiring or working hairdresser and we will go into detail about why..

Traditional salon scissors

When we say "traditional salon shears'' we are referring to your everyday scissors that range from 4.5 inches to 6 inches. These are typically the most common scissors that every hairstylist will buy first and use the most throughout their career. 

You can really pull off any cutting technique with these scissors but some hair cutting techniques like thinning your clients hair would be faster and more efficient with other scissors. 

Barber scissors

Barber hair shears are longer shears for short hair cutting, barber cutting or even straight line cutting. A barber shear will typically be 6 inch to 7.5 inch or longer which can be dependent on the size of your hands.

These are another staple to have in your kit as you can use your barber hair scissors for so many different types of hair cutting techniques and not just barbering.

Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors can be found in different lengths but we find the easiest length to use us anywhere from 5.5 to 6 inches. Thinning Shears are the third staple to have in your hair cutting kit because they are really the only type of scissors that can perfectly thin or soften your clients hair at the end of a haircut.

Thinning scissors are guaranteed to up your cutting game, so every hairstylist should own a pair.

Swivel Thumb Scissors

These scissors are special because they are designed to help those suffering from aches, pains, Carpal Tunnel or RSI related injuries. The swivel thumb allows your wrist and posture to completely change and relax while cutting. 

Swivel scissors come in men's cutting, woman's cutting and thinning shears. All of your 3 essential scissors that can start or finish off your hair cutting kit. 

Left handed scissors

Now we didn't forget about your lefties..

Naturally if you are left handed then you want to invest in left handed scissors because by using the right tools for you that means you are learning how to cut the right way for a left handed hair stylist. Left handed scissors come in all the above styles like traditional scissors, barber, thinning scissors and swivel scissors.

For specialized cutting..

Now that we have gone through our most essential and top picks, we thought we would dedicate this section to those hair cutting specialists who would really love to elevate their cutting skills even more!

Texturizing shears

Texturizing shears have a similar concept to thinning shears but can give a completely different result. What makes these two styles similar is the teeth on the blade and what makes the results so different in the size and amount of teeth each scissors will differ from one another.

A texturizing shear will have larger and fewer teeth which gives a chunkier texturizing result. These scissors are great for texturizing a haircut at the end when the hair is dry, but be careful because texturizing scissors are for those who know how to use them properly.

Slide or Slice Cutting scissors

If you're a hairstylist who loves to slide cut with their traditional shears then you would love slide cutting shears even more for this hair cutting technique. Slide cutting shears are normally made from a softer and sharper Japanese steel. 

These scissors are designed to slide through the hair with much more ease and will not pull or damage the hair like a traditional shear can do when the slide cut.

Precision scissors

Precision scissors are narrow tipped scissors that are loved by many hair stylists. Hair stylists love them for point cutting hair, cutting hard to get areas like around the ear and really just overall precise cutting.

The narrow tipped blade is the tip to being able to cut precisely when needed.

Serrated scissors

Serrated edge shears or micro serrated scissors and great for barber cutting, blunt cutting and beginners. 

The serrated edge provides grip to hair hair while cutting and the hair will not slide from the scissors. A training barber or hairdresser will love these because they will feel more in control while learning and the hair slipping from the scissors is a common awkward trait that a training hairdresser will struggle with.

We would not recommend slide cutting as that can pull on the hair.

Reversible shears

Have you ever heard of the term of being "left and right brained?'' In hairdressing this would mean that it would make more sense to you to actually cut with both hands instead of one. Most hair stylists only feel confident cutting with one hand where some unicorn hair stylist and more confident cutting with both.

This is why having a reversible shear in your tool cutting kit would be a great option for those who prefer to use both hands and don't want to invest in both a left and right shear. 

Reversible shears also have great benefits to your hands as you are not overworking one hand all day and resting one hand to cut with the other.


So now you can probably understand better about needing more than one pair of hairdressing scissors if you want to be able to perform or elevate any overall haircut.

We think it's important to be prepared for any type of client that may come and sit in your chair and it's also important to make your life easier by using the correct type of hair scissors for the job at hand.

When you become confident in cutting or even a hair cutting specialist, you will start to understand the importance of having more than one pair of scissors. Naturally you will always have your favorites based on your haircutting ability and favorite hair cutting techniques. Having a selection of scissors in your tool kit can make cutting more exciting and can transform your skills to being the best they could possibly be.


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