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Why you need ergonomic shears

May 19, 2022

Ergonomic shears are also referred as Ergo Shears. Ergo Shears are designed for those hairstylists looking for ultimate comfort while cutting or looking to prevent any Carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI related injuries.

There are many types of ergonomic hair shears that have really revolutionised the hair cutting hair industry. Gone are the days when you had to give up your career due to any Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Injuries. Having the wrong hair cutting shears should now be a thing of the past and your hairdressing scissors should work for you and not against you.

So in case you have been living under a rock like the Flintstones, today we would like to go over these magical shears for hairdressing scissors for you. By the end of this we are sure we will both agree that an ergonomic shear is always the best option to choose for your hairdressing career.

What are Ergonomic hair shears?

Ergonomic hair shears are a type of haircutting shears designed to provide more comfort than your traditional hair cutting shears. The reason these are more comfortable is because of the careful and thought out design to reposition your finger while cutting. Ergonomic scissors have a different thumb position, which allows the thumb to sit in a more comfortable position while cutting. The thumb ring is positioned closer to the middle of the shear rather than the end of the shear. This is so that when you're cutting,  you take strain off your wrist and arm which helps prevent conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI related hair cutting injuries.

When a Super ergonomic shears or a Super Ergo style is mentioned that could mean that they could have an even further bent down thumb ring or position even further across than the other traditional ergonomic scissors. Super ergonomic hair shears may also have a more secure pinky finger rest to also give you more control while cutting. Super ergonomic shears can be extremely awkward to use at first and that's why they have all these extra features and finger rest sometimes to ease that transition for you. Once you can get your head around these shears, you will start to get used to them and love them.

Rotating swivel thumb shears

Rotating swivel shears are another type of shear ergonomics that are designed to take strain off your thumb, hand, wrist, arm and shoulders. Rotating Swivel thumbs are also designed for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain while cutting. A rotating swivel thumb ring is great for those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain because it allows your whole arm and elbow to rest in a lower position while cutting.

Like most ergonomic designed shears and especially a rotating swivel thumb, these shears can be extremely awkward to get used to while cutting. With practice and patience you will love these shears and never go back. Rotating shears are also made in thinning scissors, so you have comfort in all aspects of your cutting techniques.

Crane handle shears

Crane handle shears are another type of ergonomic hair shears that help reduce pain from any carpal tunnel syndrome related injuries. These ergonomic scissors are for you to cut with your elbow resting downwards and give rest to those with repetitive motion injuries.

The Crane handle scissors will look like the thumb ring handles are further apart from the ring finger handle than your traditional offset style.

Reversible Shears

Although the thumb ring placement on these shears are not an ideal ergonomic hair shears feature, the reversible part is. When you can reverse your hair shears to cut from your left or right hand, then naturally you are creating less stain from one hand over to the other. If you are that hairstylist that loves to cut with both hands then the hair shears are a step in the right direction to having ergonomic shears.


So hopefully by now we have discovered that there isn't just one type of Ergonomic hair shears. Really the word ergonomic in the hair stylist world means that they are designed for comfort or in some cases even hair cutting injuries. 

Ergonomic hair shears can be used for all types of haircutting techniques like blunt cutting, point cutting hair and any type of hair cutting techniques. These hair cutting shears have really paved the way for hairdressers to continue on with their careers after a diagnosis like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or will provide comfort for those who need it.

So the next time you see any type of Ergonomic shear being advertised or shown then you know exactly what their capabilities for you are.

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