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Why you do or don't need finger inserts for your haircutting scissors?

May 24, 2024

If you have opened your new Matsui scissor case you may have noticed your new hair cutting scissors come with a few accessories. This is your scissor maintenance case. Inside it you will have a few little things you will need to make sure your scissors are cutting to the best of their ability. You will find a scissor oil pen, soft cloth and of course what brought you here today.......

You may have noticed a few black hard rubber rings. Don't throw these out ! We promise they serve a purpose.

What Are Finger Inserts

Let's have a quick look at our hair cutting scissors. They have two blades that meet at what us scissor people call the pivot point. Depending on the scissors you have chosen at that pivot point you will either have a screw or a raised screw. And then you have your scissor handle. The handle has two finger holes. The top finger hole will be a slightly smaller hole, this one is for your ring finger. The larger hole, that is on the bottom, is for your thumb. 

If you look at your scissor handle, in the ring holes you may notice there are black rubber finger inserts. This means we have already added some inserts for you, however you can remove them if you need to.

A finger insert is a must have for making sure your hair cutting scissors fit you perfectly. You can add or take away as many as you need to guarantee a nice, comfortable fit.

Why Is The Perfect Fit So Important

You may have noticed that the handle of your hair cutting shears is slightly offset. Meaning that the two finger holes do not stack on top of one another. This is to keep your thumb in its most comfortable, natural position. By having an offset handle you are helping to reduce wrist pain, prevent repetitive motion injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. If your ring finger is too loose your scissors will slip below the second knuckle. This will also result in putting a lot of extra pressure on your wrists. You may notice your scissors also have a finger rest. This is another added feature for keeping you comfortable and injury free!

So obviously we are all about comfort and ease. This is why making sure your hairdressing shears fit properly is the most important thing to us. If they are not fitted correctly your fingers and wrists will be affected overtime. It is also important for the longevity of your shears. If the finger holes are too loose it will make it easier for your scissors to fall out of your hand. A finger insert is how your help protect your expensive scissor purchase. Dropping your shears can cause irreparable damage. 

Getting The Perfect Fit

The great part about having multiple inserts is that we can get the best fit possible. You can add an insert or remove as needed.

Let's find the perfect fit for your ring finger first. 

Your ring finger hole should sit between the first and second knuckle of your finger. This finger hole should have a little bit of room to move around. This is so it is easier for you to palm or hold your scissors. If this finger hole is too tight you may find it difficult to palm your scissors, resulting in cutting hair slower, and really frustrating . If this hole is too loose your scissor may fall to an uncomfortable position, contributing to repetitive motion injuries and wrist strain. If your finger moves around too much your scissors won't be secure in your hand which can result in your finger slipping out and your scissors being dropped.

Now for your thumb!

It is important to have a nice snug fit for your thumb, especially if you use swivel scissors. Having a snug fit will give you more control as you are cutting hair. Your thumb ring should sit right at your nail cuticle or slightly below. If you use swivel scissors we recommend making sure that it is snug at the cuticle, to guarantee you have the best control. 

Having a thumb ring that is too tight will prevent a smooth transition when moving between different tasks, like palming your scissors or combing hair. It also means that moving your scissors around to achieve different cutting techniques will be difficult and uncomfortable. 

Your fingers matter!

We know it may seem like such a simple step, but it is also a very important one for hairdressers ! We know the importance of having a good pair of scissors for cutting hair! We also need to always remember to take care of our scissors... and our hands!

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