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Why It's Bad To Have Blunt Hair Shears

October 30, 2022

We all have busy lives and sometimes getting our scissors sharpened regularly is very low on our priority list. Maybe if we understood why sharpening our hair cutting scissors was actually that important then maybe we would treat it as a priority. If you do treat it as a priority then we love that! and you get two gold stars from us.

Why is it so bad to have blunt hair cutting scissors? Well the short answer is it's very unpleasant to cut with dull scissors and it can potentially ruin your clients hair in the process too when you cut their hair.

Today we are here to remind you of why it's so important to have blunt shears, why it's so bad and maybe just to simply remind you to book those hair cutting scissors in for a Professional Sharpening!


Blunt Scissors can cause hand fatigue

If you are experiencing aches and pains while cutting hair then a huge factor could be that your scissors are blunt and are causing your hands to work harder while cutting hair. Cutting hair should feel like cutting through air, it should never feel like using a hacksaw.

Hand fatigue is a gateway into conditions RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So if you let your pains go on for too long while cutting, do yourself a favor and just make sure your scissors stay sharp.

You will know what we are talking about when you forget that feeling of new sharp scissors or freshly sharpened good hair scissors. That feeling feels so light and airy while cutting and the strain it takes off your body too is an instant feeling.

Blunt scissors will damage hair

We mention having blunt scissors can damage your hair and now we will elaborate on why that is so. Professional hair scissors are made from the best quality steels in the world that are designed to be super sharp for a reason. In order to cut hair without causing damage and split ends to the hair, then your scissors need to be sharp. 

The whole idea of getting a haircut is to get those split ends cut off and not to have lost your length from a haircut and to feel like it's now more damaged than when you started. 

A good way to tell if your scissors are causing damage to the hair is to see if the ends develop white cast's or split ends to the hair fibres at the ends straight after cutting. Hair should always feel silky and smooth (when dry) after a haircut. If the hair feels more rough and frizzy through the ends, this is a clear sign that your hair cutting scissors are blunt.

As tempting as it may be.. household scissors, regular scissors or fabric scissors are never going to be sharp enough to cut hair, so don't even attempt it! These scissors WILL damage the hair.

You can cause damage to your shears

Continuing to use hair scissors that are dull scissors or blunt can wear down the steel's edges of the shears and can cause tension to the steel while cutting. By wearing down the steel you will be shortening the lifespan of your shears. That is why getting a regular sharpening at least once a year will prolong the life of your hair scissors. 

It's pretty hard to damage good quality shears, the most common damage would be from dropping them. If you are continuing to cut on blunt shears then over time you could weaken the steel from the extra pressure of cutting through hair and that's a slow way to damage your shears.

Why wont my hairdressing scissors stay sharp 

No hairdressing scissors are exempt from never having to be sharpened, let's start there. Your most expensive and top of the range hair scissors will eventually need sharpening but maybe only once a year. 

Your mid to high range price hair cutting shears will need sharpening at least twice a year to keep that sharp cutting edge. This is a very common time frame to sharpen your shears so any less is considered not enough.

Your cheaper quality shears will go blunt after only a couple of uses or more, these scissors will need too much sharpening to stay sharp and won't be worth your time and money. 


Good hair scissors come at a price but well worth it for the condition of yours or your clients hair. Cutting hair should always be a pleasant experience for yourself and your client and the best way to achieve that is to keep those scissors sharpened and well maintained. 

Dull blades won't benefit all parties involved so remember to book those hair cutting shears in for a sharpen at least twice a year if they are hairdressing scissors you use on the daily.

Remember Split ends are not your friends while cutting hair and having sharp scissors that won't create split ends, hand fatigue and damage to the shears is the dream to strive towards.

Happy cutting! and Happy Sharpening

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