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Why It's A Good Idea To Have Slider Shears

May 01, 2023

So many scissors, so little time! We know it seems like everyday there is a new type of scissor you need to have. It can be expensive and overwhelming! But hear us out! A slide cutting shear AKA a Slider, may be a great addition to your tool kit, and as always we are here to help you learn more!

Everything you need to know about slide cutting!

Before we talk about slider shears let's have a quick look at slide cutting. Slide cutting is one of the newer, very popular cutting techniques out there. It has gained a lot of traction as the popularity of hair extensions has increased.

Slide cutting is a popular cutting technique used to remove weight, soften haircuts and blend layers. It is a must for seamless blending of extensions. When cutting straight lines with regular hairdressing scissors we can often leave behind hard, blunt lines. Slide cutting can help reduce these lines and keep your layers looking soft and blended. Slide cutting is also a popular technique for cutting face framing layers. It is a must for achieving that beautiful soft face frame we have all come to love.

A slide cut can be done on wet or dry hair. If you are cutting a face frame or layers and wanting to remove length, wet hair will help you achieve that. If you are wanting to blend layers or soften lines it is best to slide cut on dry hair. Not only does this allow you to see where you need to blend, but also helps to keep the softness of the blend. 

How to slide cut

If you haven't already perfected the slide cut you have come to the right place. There are a few different ways to slide cut, depending on your desired results.

The basis of the slide cut is that you are sliding your open cutting shears along the hair shaft and sliding through the cuticle. You do this by softly opening and closing your cutting shears. You never completely close them, as that will just remove a large section of hair. If you are using slide cutting to remove more hair and length, like for a face frame, it is important to remember to use a little more weight when sliding your hair scissors.

You can use slide cutting, or slicing to remove weight and create texture from the interior of your haircuts, similar to point cutting. You can take sections, lift them and slide from the interior of the section out. This is a great way to create softness and fine tune any hair cut.

Ok, so why do I need slide cutting shears?

Slide cutting is a more sensitive form of texturising. Since you are working more closely with the cuticle of the hair strands you need to make sure you are keeping the hair in great condition. This means you need some seriously sharp scissors! Slide cutting with dull hair scissors, or the wrong type of blade design can lead to snagging and pulling on the hair, which causes split ends and damage. Hair stylists do not want their client leaving their chair with damaged hair!

A good pair of slide cutting shears will be made from high quality Japanese steel. Japanese steel is known for their convex edge blades. A convex edge is a curved blade that comes to a very fine, sharp point. This type of blade design helps to push the hair when cutting, perfect for slide cutting. 

A convex edge is only found on higher quality shears. Lower quality shears are made from cheaper steel which is too soft to hold and maintain a super sharp edge. 

It is also important to always slide cut with very sharp hair cutting shears. Dull hair cutting shears can damage hair and leave it with split ends. When slide cutting we often are cutting on dry hair, dry hair can be more sensitive than wet hair and is more prone to split ends if using the wrong scissors.

As we mentioned it is important to know the edge you are using. You can slide cut with a convex or a semi convex blade. While a semi-convex edge will not be as precise it should still be sharp enough to help you achieve a smooth cut. However you may find that your hair cutting shears have a bevelled edge. A bevelled edge is a harder edge. It does not come to a sharp point like a convex does. It is great for blunt cutting techniques and barbering techniques. It is not recommended for slide cutting as it is just not as sharp.

The Perfect Slide Cutting Scissors!

Now that you have decided that you definitely need a pair of slide cutting shears we have the right pair for you. OurMatsui VG10 Sliders are the perfect fit. These slide cutting shears are made from the highest quality Japanese VG10 Steel. VG10 is a very strong steel that will stay sharper for longer, perfect for all your slide cutting needs. These slide cutting scissors come with 5.5 Inch blades or 6 Inch blades guaranteeing you will find these to be the most comfortable shears. We especially recommend these slide cutting shears for the stylist with many extension clients. These will give you the softest and best blend out there. These slide cutting shears are best only used for texturising techniques and the convex blades are too sensitive for blunt cutting. 

If you are wanting a great scissor that can do it all, we recommend theMatsui Aichei Mountain Scissor. Made with the best Japanese Aichei Steel, their scissor blades are super sharp and will stay sharp for longer. These hair cutting scissors give you incredible versatility. Their blades are semi convex and perfect for any type of cutting technique, from blunt cuts to slide cutting, these shears do it all! The offset handle design guarantees maximum comfort as you cut. So while they are not specific slide cutting scissors they can do it all !

So what are you waiting for ?

It's time to invest in the perfect pair of slide cutting shears! These are some of the best shears around and you will not be disappointed!

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