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Why Is It Necessary To Have A Good Quality Station Mat For Your Shears

March 28, 2023

You bought new scissors and now you need to keep them clean and safe ! Wondering what's the best way to store your new pair of hair cutting scissors or where to keep them? We have some suggestions for you !

Storing your scissors

It is important to store your scissors safely. Why, you may ask ? Simply put- keep them safe. Too often we are rushed around the salon and our scissors end up left alone on our station, or even worse they accidentally fall to the ground. Not storing our scissors properly can lead to accidental bumps and falls that can seriously damage our hair shears.

You will find that any hair cutting shears you buy from Scissor Tech come in a padded protective case. A scissors case is used to ensure that they arrive to you safely, but also so you have a safe place to keep your scissors. However, you may find you leave your scissors on your station while you are working. What's the best way to protect them while you're working ?... A station mat ! 

The In's and Out's of the Station Mat

A station mat is a high quality rubber mat, with a raised surface. Seems simple right? It is. But it is also so important to have one on your workstation. 

Raised scissor mats are great for keeping your tools above the surface. This means if there are any accidental spills, your hairdressing scissors and other tools are safe from water or chemicals. Hair scissors that are left sitting on a wet station, or towel can lead to rust or corrosion of the scissor blades. Or if you accidentally spill colour, scissor mats guarantee your shears safe from any damage that may cause. It may seem that leaving your hair scissors on a soft surface, like a towel is good enough. However if there is a spill or colour that you do not see at first your scissors are then sitting in a wet towel! Long exposure to water can leave scissor blades rusty.

As we mentioned, a scissor mat is made from rubber. This is to keep those hair cutting scissors from moving around. If your shears are placed on a rubber mat they are less likely to slide off your station and drop onto the floor. Dropping your shears can lead to them being out of alignment, getting nicks or worst of all, breaking the tip of the blade. A station mat will make sure your shears stay where they belong!

It is also recommended that you don't leave your hair shears on a hard surface because sometimes we get busy ! As a busy stylist if you are constantly picking up and placing your scissors down on your hard station surface, this can mean that when you're in a rush and you place your scissors down you may accidentally knock them out of alignment. Scissors that are out of line can begin to pull, bend or push hair. 

Don't forget that a station mat is also helping to protect your station, and keep it clean! This is a must to keep your salon looking fresh at all times.

Accessories you can't live without...

That's the station mat! We truly believe adding one to your station will be a game changer. If you're a hairdresser who wants to keep their scissors and salon in the best shape possible check out our range of station mats and other accessoriesHERE. They come in a variety of colours to keep your scissors safe and your station looking beautiful! 

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