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Why do hair shears get rusty?

April 28, 2022

Rusty tools are never a cute look especially when it's your hair shears. Why does rust happen though? There are some obvious reasons of course like water or the type of way you could be cleaning your shears or horrifically not cleaning them at all!

Have no fear because if you do have this pesky problem then we will share with you all our knowledge on how to have and keep those rust free hair cutting scissors. We want to help you prevent the rust because once your scissors have started rusting then unfortunately there's really no turning back, it will most likely get worse and you will have to invest in a new pair of scissors.

Let's bring the positivity back in the conversation again and remind you that there are some simple ways to prevent this for you which we would be delighted to share.

Water is the Enemy

Now this is an obvious one but still we are going there. Water is the number one cause of rust. Rust will obviously only occur if the water is left on a metal surface for too long and too frequent.

The way to prevent getting rusty scissors is simple: Always wipe your scissors with a cloth if water is left on the steel surface of the shears. Another important fact to know is to never let your shears soak in water or solution. store your scissors in a water tight area or drawer that won't have any water able to leak near your shears. 


Clean your shears the proper way

When cleaning your hair cutting scissors the must ‘haves’Scissor Oil and a soft cleaning cloth.Below we have listed each element of cleaning and tips on how to do it properly.

Scissor Oil

Scissor blades and the pivot point of the shears should be oil and cleaned at least once a week. you would normally use this as the last step after cleaning the hair and dirt off the shears. Even the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz needs

Cleaning Cloth

A cleaning cloth can look much like a sunglasses cleaning cloth, a soft cloth that is perfect to wipe any dirt or excess water away. if you do not have a cleaning cloth handy then paper towel in a great way you absorb water off the hair scissors too.


If you do choose to use water to clean that is fine just make sure that the water is completely dried off the scissors with a paper towel or a soft cloth. Never let your scissors air dry with water on them. 

We did say water was the enemy but if you missed that joke we’re sorry, what that means is water is only the enemy if you leave it sitting on the shears or soaking your shears in water

Soaking in Barbicide

Although it has been recommended by the manufacturers of Barbicide that it is safe to soak your shears in the solution, we recommend that this is not a good idea as the solution is of course also made up of water. Soaking any sort of metal in water or liquid can cause your hair scissors to rust over time.

Barbicide is great to use on your shears like cleaning alcohol with the cotton ball trick but you should not over use this product as again it can cause hair scissors to rust over time.

Feel free to use Barbicide on the rest of your tools or for cleaning a work space because this stuff kills all the germs!

Age of the hair shears

The age of the hair scissors can play a big part in whether or not hair scissors will rust over time. These days the Hair Scissors are made to better quality and with stainless steel so if you find you have had a pair of scissors that you may have had for 20 years rusting, then it could be the materials those older scissors are made from.

Where to store you hair scissors

Have you ever gone to shave your legs in the shower to only discover that when you have picked up your shaver that the blades have rusted. This is obviously because you have accidentally left your razor in a wet place.

The moral of that story is when you store your hair cutting shears always make sure that they are stored away from water.

The best way to store your hair cutting shears is in your scissors case, when you purchase a pair of Scissor Tech Scissors we always send out your scissors in a case to protect them. When storing this case also find a draw or shelf in your hair salon away from spray water bottles or water to be safe.

How we end rusted scissors

Also known as a summary of this blog... We hope by reading this blog that if you ever come across rusted scissors that you have confidence to try and clean them first, or to go out and buy a new pair. If the new pair is your only option then we hope now you have the confidence to know how to take care of those shears now.

So let’s go over what we had discussed so we can keep the information fresh on your mind...

  • Remember to always up keep and clean your shears regularly.
  • Don't leave your scissors in any wet areas or around and spray bottles that could leak.
  • Don't soak your shears in Barbicide.
  • Try to prevent rusting and don't wait for it to happen as there's no turning back.
  • Never leave scissors wet, always wipe away all the water.

By following all these steps you will be able to save yourself from going out and buy new shears due to rust. Like all things in life, no matter the price tag on the shears you still will have to maintain those shears. 

no shears in the world will self maintain or self sharpen even (well not yet anyways)

Happy Cleaning! 

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