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Which Hairdressing Scissors Are You?

Which Hairdressing Scissors Are You?

As a hairdresser, it can be extremely draining to work in a physically demanding job with a rotation of never-ending clients. Day by day, you start losing yourself amid the busy environment and the long working hours. It can be extremely hard for anyone to work in a position that requires such attention and patience, so it is understandable when you start to lose the motivation and love that
you once had for the job.

Not to worry, Scissor Tech is restoring your motivation and injecting some personality to your salon life with stylish professional hairdressing scissors that will suit every character! What’s more? You don’t have to compromise comfort and quality for style anymore with our hairdressing tools that are ergonomic and made with the highest quality Japanese and German steels. Read on to find out
which of our hairdressing scissors will be your next best friend!


If you love hair tools that not only do their job but also look aesthetically pleasing, this Matsui Rose Gold Swivel Scissor & Thinner Combo set is your soul mate. Rose Gold is the latest obsession in the color world and what’s better than this combo of swivel scissors and thinner scissors to keep you feeling stylish and inspired?

Matsui Precision Rose Gold Scissor & Thinner Combo – Scissor Tech


Cool and Relaxed

A calm and laid-back personality will surely suit the Matsui Aichei Mountain Matte Black Triple Set! The super sleek design is not only easy on the eye but also super trendy with its matte black finish. It has everything you need from cutting scissors to texturizing scissors that are suitable for all haircuts.

Matsui Aichei Mountain Matte Black Triple Set – Scissor Tech



Do you love being a rebel and not conforming to society’s standards? Now you can be loud and proud in showing off your rebellious nature by using our Matsui 2019 Neon Pink Offset Scissor & Thinner Combo. This beautiful color is super eye-catching and will be the centre of attention in the salon.

Matsui 2019 Neon Pink Offset Scissor & Thinner Combo – Scissor Tech


Everyone loves a little bit of old-school! If you’re not into crazy colors, you’re not alone! You can still feel like yourself with these fabulous Aichei Mountain Scissor & Thinner Combo set from Matsui! This beautiful professional hairdressing scissor set is made with a beautiful silver finish that looks professional from every angle.

Matsui Aichei Mountain Scissor & Thinner Combo – Scissor Tech


Got a funky and hip personality that is not afraid to come out? Treat yourself to this Matsui Rainbow Triple Combo! This is the ultimate way to showcase your inner self. Trust us, these professional hairdressing scissors will be the centre of attention every time you whip them out!

Matsui Rainbow Triple Combo – Scissor Tech


Are you a super artsy person who loves to think outside the box and come up with crazy new hairstyles and styling techniques? Say no more! Any pair of hairdressing scissors from the Jaguar Art Collection will be the perfect match for you and your innovative soul. These beautifully designed scissors will not only make you feel like yourself, but they’ll also bring some excitement back into the salon environment.

2019 Jaguart Sweet Daisy

Display your creative side to the world with the groovy Jaguar Dance hairdressing scissors! They are delightfully fun and will keep you feeling like a child at heart with their baby blue color and musical prints.


Fierce personalities all need the Jaguar Wild Cat hairdressing scissors! With a dazzling glitter finish and stunning leopard print design, no other scissors in the world will please your inner diva like these top-of-the-range scissors!


Looking for the hairdressing scissor of your dreams that fits your personality? Bring some love back to the salon with our wide range of high-quality and colorful scissors!