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What’s Your Hairstylist Personality?

April 25, 2019

The personalities in a hairdressing salon can read like a bookshelf - of Little Miss and Mister Men books. There’s Little Miss Giggles sharing a joke, Miss Chatterbox who never tires of talking, Miss Helpful assisting a senior, Miss Late every Monday morning, and the always smiling Miss Sunshine.

Luckily, there’s a pair of shears to match the personality of every hair stylist. Choosing your own shears is one way of letting your personality shine through. When you’re wearing the uniform and sensible shoes, your identity can be a little hidden. But the shears in your hand can hint at your suppressed individuality.

And if shining a spotlight on your personality at work isn’t important, you can at least choose a pair of special shears that make you smile. We all need a little motivation to help us through a long day.

What are the Best Hairstylist Shears?

 The top shears have it all. They need to be functional, durable, comfortable to hold, easy to use and stay sharp for hundreds of hours of cutting. Once you’ve taken care of function, you can focus on the design.

No one wants to hold a pair of boring shears all day when they can have a pair with personality. You might think a funky pair of shears could be fun for the first hour or two but using them for eight might be a different story. Rest assured, Scissor Tech only stocks ergonomic professional hairdressing shears made from the highest quality Japanese and German steels. None of these shears trade funky form over function.

Hairdressing Shears with Personality

Despite what you’ve been told, opposites don’t attract. You want to find a pair of scissors that will be your BFF. Check out our guide to hairdressing shears that scream fun. See if you can find your personality type on the list.


If you love hair tools that not only do their job but also ooze class, you can’t go past rose gold. This Matsui Rose Gold Swivel Scissor and Thinner Combo set will become your gilded girlfriends. You know how popular rose gold is and you’ll have two beautiful pairs. Everyone will be jealous. 

The combo of scissors and thinners means you won’t have to spread yourself thin and can devote all of your attention to these two. With a lifetime warranty, you’ll be inseparable for a very long time. You will have a choice of either the 5.5" or 6" Matsui Precision Rose Gold cutting scissor combined with the 5.5" Matsui Precision thinning scissor in the set. 


Prefer a little understated sophistication to  showiness?  You’re bound to appreciate the Matsui Aichei Mountain Matte Black Triple Set. The super sleek matte black finish is elegant without shouting it from the rooftop. 

Made from high quality cobalt infused steel, they’re perfect for slide cutting and stay sharp for longer. Chances are you’re not into loose parts that can get lost so you prefer the solid finger rest.    

The triple set includes the 5.5" Matsui Aichei Mountain scissor, 6" Matsui Aichei Mountain scissor and 6" thinning scissors.

Feminine & Flirty

There’s no mistaking, this pair is pink. All pink. If it was your favourite colour growing up, there’s no need to stop now. Let everyone know pink is in with this combo of offset scissors. Matsui 2020 Neon Pink Offset Scissor & Thinner Combo. Made from lightweight, high quality cobalt infused steel, the scissors have a  solid finger rest and tension system that creates an extra smooth feel. 

The set includes either 5.5" or 6" Inch Matsui Neon Pink Offset Cutting Scissors and the 6" Matsui Neon Pink Offset Thinning Scissors.  

Matsui 2020 Neon Pink Offset Scissor & Thinner Combo – Scissor Tech


Everyone loves a little bit of old-school! If you’re more of a traditionalist that likes the look of a beautiful silver finish, these might be the pair for you. The Aichei Mountain Scissor & Thinner Combo set from Matsui have offset handles that bring the thumb into a natural position for cutting and a solid finger rest. 

These high quality hand-made Japanese steel shears are elegant, sharp and look professional from every angle.

The set allows you to choose from a 5.5", 6", 6.5 “ or 7” Offset scissors and combines with the  6" Offset Thinning scissors. 

Matsui Aichei Mountain Scissor & Thinner Combo


Got a hip personality that isn’t afraid to come out? You need a pair of funky rainbow scissors in your life. And when one rainbow isn’t enough, there’s the Matsui Rainbow Triple Combo! 

You’ll stand out in the salon and the stunning finish will be a hit with all your clients. The set includes a Rainbow 5.5" cutting scissor for your slicing/ladies cuts and a 6.0" Matsui Rainbow barbering/blunt cutting scissor along with a 6" Matsui Rainbow thinning scissor.

 Matsui Rainbow Triple Combo – Scissor Tech


Show off your dark, villainous side with a pair of dragon style shears. The beautifully finished blade blends into the dragon handle which features a mythical head, tail and burgundy beads. Made and burnished from genuine Japanese sterling silver, the blade is forged ATS-314 cobalt stainless super steel.

Known for their revolutionary hairdresser products, Kamisori have won many awards for the shears’ intricate design. Just imagine how impressed all your young male clients will be when you show them your cool shears. 

Kamisori Kaos Professional Haircutting Shears


If you consider yourself to be a bit of a rough diamond, there’s a pair of shears to match. The Sozu Essentials Black Diamond shears are set with stunning white and pink diamonds to match your glittery heart.  

The set includes a 5.5" ergonomic cutting scissors with a hand-made blade and 5.5" 27 tooth thinning scissors.

Sozu Essentials Black Diamond Scissor Thinner Combo

Where to Buy Hair Stylist Shears?

Whoever said you can’t let your personality shine through on the job has never met a hair stylist with a pair of flamboyant shears. Give some clues to your personality with your tools of the trade. They’re sure to be a talking point with clients. 

Scissor Tech only stocks the world’s best professional brands of shears and scissors. Buy a pair oftop performing hairdressing shears today that you’ll cherish for many years.

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