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What To Consider When Purchasing Your New Hair Shears

July 04, 2022

Who doesn't love shopping or purchasing new toys? Well, buying a new pair of professional hairdressing scissors or even a set is enough to get any hairstylist excited. Once the excitement calms down and you start looking for your perfect pair, it's very common to then have worries or confusion about what is the perfect pair for you.

As hairstylist's we are professional and knowledgeable on all things hair related, but when it comes to scissors this is an avenue that most hairstylists won't know a thing about. If your like most and have stumbled across this blog today trying to find more information about scissors then this is a smart first step indeed.

This is what we are here for! To help educate our customer on all knowledge regarding hair cutting scissors, so when it does come to that time of you buying a pair of scissors, you can buy them without hesitation.

What length of shears do you need?

Hairdressing scissors can come in so many different lengths and sizes. To break it down and make it easy for you it comes down to two deciding factors. The first being the size of your hands, which determine the size of your shear and the second being which size is most comfortable for you.

Typically Salon Scissors or Woman's cutting scissors are 4.5 - 6 inch and Barber Scissors are 6 inch to 7.5inch. The most common lengths we sell are 5.5, 6 and 7 Inches as we find these are the most common and easiest sizes to use. The 5.5 Inch hair shears are a common length for Salon Shears. A 6 Inch hair cutting shear is a common length for salon hairstylists with larger hands or a Barber with smaller hands that feels comfortable with this length of hair shears. A 7 Inch Barber Scissors is the most common length for all barber haircutting shears and for barbers who use them.

Different styles of hairdressing scissors

Traditional hairdressing scissors

These are your everyday scissors that can come in all different styles and sizes. Also known as Salon Scissors, these come in sizes 4.5 - 6 inch. The most common size to use is 5.5 Inches. These are your most essential shears to have as they will help you establish the foundations of every haircut.

Barber haircutting Shears

You can't Barber without your Barber shears, these are another essential shear to cut hair if you are going to be cutting men's hair at any point of your career. Traditionally as you will find barber hair cutting shear in lengths 6 - 7 Inches or sometimes longer.

Thinning scissors

Thinning scissors will help you thin out your clients hair or finish of any longer styled haircut to soften any harsh blunt ends. These hairdressing scissors will be used frequently by salon and barber hairstylist's. We love this hair shear because it has the power to transform any hairstyle with a couple of snips at a time.

Texturizing Shears

Texturizing Shears are like Thinning Shears but with larger and fewer teeth. A Texture Shear can achieve a whole different and more dramatic result to a Thinning Shear. Texturizing Shears can be used in Salon and Barbering hair cutting techniques like a textured hairstyle. We also love this shear as there are no quick and easy textured cutting techniques that can mimic the results a texture shears can achieve for you in just seconds!


Left handed

These are an obvious choice if you are left handed. Being able to lead and cut with your most dominant hand has its rewards, so that's why it makes sense to buy left handed scissors if you are indeed left handed. 

Swivel Shears

Swivel Shears are a shear that has been ergonomically designed to take strain off your wrist and hands while cutting for those suffering from Carpal Tunnel or RSI. This style has a swivel thumb that allows you to lower your elbow which results in no back or shoulder pain while cutting too. These have been a game changer for those hairstylists that had been diagnosed with such injuries that back in the day, could have ruined their career.

Ergo Shears

Ergo Shears are extra Comfortable Ergonomically designed shears that can also reduce any pain through your hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder while cutting. Ergo Shears can come in many forms so if you ever see the word ergo in front of a name of a shear or in the description then these shears are more comfortable than any traditional hair cutting shears.

Apprentice Scissors

These scissors are normally made from a harder steel to withstand the dropping and awkward cutting style of a training hairdresser. Apprentice scissors are priced lower so that you can then change them out later on down the track when you feel confident enough for an upgrade. If you don't want to upgrade and want to find a good quality shear (at a lower price still) to train and use after training, then look at our SOZU range.

Precision Shears

Precision shears are different to traditional shears as they have a thinner narrow ended blade. Precision shears are designed for those cutting extraordinaire looking for a shear to cut precise edges, precise point cutting or even smaller blades around the ears. 

Slide Cutting shears

Slide cutting shears are made from a softer steel that can be sharpened very sharp so that slide cutting becomes a breeze for a slide cutting lover. If you compare slide cutting with a traditional shears to a slide cutting shear, there is a dramatic difference in the way the slide cutting shear glides through the hair, with much more ease. Slide cutting shears are a game changer.

Reversible Shears

OrDouble Threat's as we love to call them!

This Reversible hair scissor has the ability to reverse so that a stylist can cut with both their left and right hands. These are another game changer for those hairstylists that like to cut with both hands, because now instead of changing out their shears.. all they have to do is to reverse the one shear. So if you right and left brained and cutting with right scissors and left scissors makes sense to you, then buying hair cutting shears that can do both is genius.


Micro serrated scissors

These are more of a type of blade, but still we felt like they were worth mentioning. Serrated shears are popular for a hair cutting technique like blunt cutting or scissor over comb. Serrated edges are commonly used by barbers as they can secure and grab the hair well while cutting.

Top 4 hairdressing scissors to own?

Tradition Shears

As mentioned above these shears are the most common shears to use and in this case, a very essential shear to have. These Shears come in length's 4.5 - 6 inch but the most common length to use is 5.5 Inches. You will use these Scissors for haircutting techniques like, Blunt Cutting, Point Cutting and all cutting in between.

Women Barbers may opt for a 6 Inch shear and they are more comfortable doing so, but using a shorter shear with barbering techniques could slow you down.

Barber Shears

If you're a hairstylist that will also be cutting men's hair then it is essential to own longer scissors. Barbering scissors can also be used in women's hair cutting using hair cutting techniques like blunt cutting or using a deep point cutting style. Barbering Scissors can be 6-7 Inches or longer (in rare cases).

If you are a Barber then we are sure you will know that these scissors are essential for you to use for all your barbering techniques.

Thinning Shears

Thinning Scissors can have up to 30 teeth on one side of the shear or double thinning shears which are teeth on each side of the Thinning Scissors.

Thinning hairdressing shears are another essential shear to own for Barbering and Woman's cutting. You're always going to have a client that needs their hair thinned or the weight taken out. Thinning Scissors and nicknamed the "Finishing Shear" because with the right haircutting techniques they can really soften any harsh lines or take the weight out of the hair so your client is able to style their hair better after their cut.

So yes these are Essential with a capital "E" for sure!

Texturizing Shears

Texturizing Shears have fewer teeth and larger gaps in between the teeth which gives them the nickname of "Chomping Shears".

These are not as essential as the rest and can be more of a luxury as you may not use them as frequent. Even though you may not use these as frequently as the others you will use them in Barbering or Woman's cutting.

A Barber will use them to create maximum texture on their clients hair or to remove maximum weight from thicker hair. A woman's hair stylist could use these on texture short haircuts, longer mullet style hair cut or around the root area on thick spiraled curled hair.

So If you like what you heard about all the possibilities these scissors can help create for you, then sounds like that are essential for you then.

What's the best steel for hair cutting scissors?

Japanese Steel

Japanese steel is the sharpest and best quality steel to have when owning a pair of shears. There are many different grades of Japanese Steel which can determine the price point. You really can't go wrong purchasing Japanese steel shears. You will find top Quality Japanese steel is our steel of choice when selling our customers their shears.

German Steel

German steel is the second best steel used for hairdressing scissors. German steel Is a more robust steel meaning their steel doesn't range from hard to soft and are all harder steels. German steel is a strong steel for shears and found in many different popular brands around the world.

Where to buy your hairdressing scissors

Always buy your shears from a reputable and honest hairdressing shears stockist. You want to make sure you do your research on the company to ensure they sell the best quality hairdressing shears and have genuine and positive feedback or reviews from real customers..

Is there a Returns Policy?

You can test drive a car before you buy the car, so why shouldn't you be able to take a new pair of shears out for a spin or trim? A returns Policy is important when investing in a pair of shears because if there's a fault with the shear or you simply don't vibe with the shear in person, then it's only fair to be able to return that shear. I mean a good returns policy is just good customer service really.

What's the Warranty for the hair cutting shears

A Warranty is also equally important when looking to buy a hair shear. Whether you have purchased an expensive or in-expensive shear, the quality of the shear is based on the warranty. The best hairdressing scissors are either built to last a lifetime or at least a good 10 years (if maintained correctly). So if you were not offered a warranty, we would be questioning why?

Not only have we discussed what there is to discover while purchasing a new set of shears but for those who were looking for just a run down on different types of hairdressing scissors too, we have that covered for you. 

The most important things to learn when choosing a shear is the type, whether that is how frequently you would use one over another and if a hairdressing shear may actually serve you better than the shear you already own.

The warranty, returns policy and the company you buy from is important, if for any reason any issues may arise from your new shears. Here at Scissor Tech we love hearing from our customers before they make any big purchases as we will offer you the best advice and answer any questions you may have. Also if you need advice after purchasing a shear for any reason please feel free to reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives also.

We hope you found this topic helpful.

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