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What should you look for in hair cutting scissors?

October 07, 2021

As we know there are many different factors that you should look for in a hair cutting shear, but what are they? Don't worry, we aren't going to overwhelm you with too much information - just the need to know what you should be looking for. Below is a general list of the main things to look for with a further breakdown after.

  • The quality of steel
  • Type of blade
  • Handle design
  • Length of the shear
  • Left or right
  • Colour
  • Price tag

Quality of Steel

So first up is the quality of steel, now of course, the cheaper and lower quality steel used on hair cutting scissors obviously won't last as long as what high quality steel would. Generally anything made Hitachi 440C is pretty much a safe bet if you have chosen a decent shear, anything above that is obviously even better!

Type of Blade

Next we have the type of blade, the type of blade can consist of either convex, semi convex or beveled edges. All 3 blade types are used for different things. Convex edge is the sharper blade used more for slide, point cutting and feathering, semi convex is a ix of convex and beveled making it a good 'all-rounder' and beveled it more of an old design used more for blunt heavy cutting that isn't as popular but still necessary.

Handle Design

Following the blades we now have the handle design. There are 4 main types of handle designs and they include - Classic handle, Offset handle, Crane handle and Swivel handle. The classic handle is the one everyone is familiar with but everyone also knows isn't the most comfortable to use for long periods of time, handle designs have grown since the classic. The offset handle design is a more commonly used design which is known to be a more natural/relaxed and free-flow positioning when it is used. Having the offset handle allows you to have a slightly more relaxed thumb position than other designs.

The crane is the design used by people that have already developed hairdressing related injuries like RSI (repetitive strain injury) and helps to drop their shoulder so it's in a more comfortable state which makes it a more ergonomic handle to get the job done. Lastly, the swivel design has been designed to be used for complete control and comfort amongst hairdressers, all thanks to the less restrictive feel, it allows your thumb to be in the correct position no matter what angle you cut at and really open your hand as it makes the open and close motion, it's by far the most ergonomic handle design one can have.

Length of the Shear

Following handles designs we have the length of the shear. The length of the pair of scissors is measured from the tip of the blade to the edge of the finger hole (not including the finger rest). The length of a hair shear comes in as small as a 4.5inch all the way up to an 8inch. This being said the typically common lengths are 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 and 7inch in both hairdressing and barbering. Why is length important? Well that comes down to you, the stylist, what you're comfortable cutting with determines the length. Most barbers tend to go for a 6inch up to a 7 inch whereas hairdressers tend to go for anything below 6inch for maximum control and comfort when dealing with longer hair.

Left or Right

Next up is left or right? This may seem super obvious to some, however, that's not always the case. Some left handed stylists don't realize there are left handed hair cutting scissors out there and learn to use right handed hair cutting scissors, which in the long run can cause injuries. In saying that there are some clever hairdressers and barbers out there that are ambidextrous and can use both hands, however if that's you, you'll need to see what hand you favor more before making your final decision OR if you can afford it why not get a left and a right pair? Either way keep an eye out and make sure you choose the right (or left shear) to suit you best!


Now the color! Our most favorite part of choosing a pair of shears. Most places these days don't just stock the standard silver shear anymore, they tend to go for what's on trend and in fashion, so why should your professional hair cutting shears be any different? At Scissor Tech we are known for our extensive color selection, including Matte black, Rose gold, Silver, Rainbow, Neon pink and many more the choice is all yours! 

Price Tag

Lastly, the price tag, the most daunting one of them all. Naturally you want the best professional hair shears at the best possible price. Gone are the days of the most expensive professional shears are the best professional hair cutting shears. Now it's safe to say you can still buy a decent pair of professional shears without the hefty price tag. Your safest bet is to know that  a good pair of hair cutting shears should range anywhere from $200 to $500. Obviously speaking the more expensive they are, the more and more detail has been put into the hair shears, but who's to say a $300 pair of shears isn't any better than an $800 pair of shears. It all comes down to you - the stylist.

If this wasn't enough detail in what to look for in hair cutting shears then lucky for you, we have an even further detailed article for you to read here with the seriously ALL you need to know.


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