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What Other Tools Will I Need To Cut Hair Apart From My Shears?

February 27, 2023

Apart from your trusty scissors, there are some essential hair cutting tools that every stylist will need to perform the best hair cutting experience for their clients. 

Cutting hair can look very different from one client to another so there are some essential tools you will always need and some tools that just really make your life easier but are really just an added bonus.

Also there may be different tools that a salon hairdresser may carry in their tool kit over a barber so today we will explore the difference between them too.

Really as hairstylist's it's a really fun task to go tool shopping so because you are spoiled with variety let's go through our opinion for you about what you will need and why.

Tools for a hairdresser

Cutting Comb

When it comes to cutting hair you cannot cut without a comb. Cutting combs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. It's always handy to have more than one cutting comb as cutting combs seem to have legs and go missing easily.

Cutting Cape

A cutting cape will stop the hair going all over your client and will protect their clothes. Cutting capes can get dirty easily so having more then one cutting cape is always a wise move.

Sectioning Clips

Sectioning clips help to section the hair while cutting, if you are not using sectioning clips then you're not able to precisely cut. Having different sizes to hold larger sections or smaller sections is a good idea.

Also you can never have too many sectioning clips.

Hair Dryer

A Hairdryer is a must have tool to finish any hair cut. you can simply blow away any loose hair, dry off the hair so then the haircut can be checked over again when dry and simply to use to style the hair too.

Assortment of brush's

When blow-drying you will need an assortment and different sized round brushes. This is because different sized brushes are for different lengths of hair or different blow drying styles.

Also you will need detangling brushes as every knot needs to be brushed out before you start cutting.

Scissor Pouch Holster

This is not a necessity but it certainly does make your life also easier!

Having a scissor pouch for your hair cutting tools means that your scissors are safe and accessible secured around your waist. As a hairstylist you may change your hair cutting tools several times throughout a haircut, so the closer you have them to you the better.

Hair products

Even shampoo and conditioner will be considered as hair products throughout a service when you get a haircut.

ITs also wise to have any styling products to style a haircut at the end or to help the hair be more smooth while blow drying.


It is always best to cut in front of a mirror so you can check in the mirror to see what your client see's. Another important mirror to have is a hand mirror, this is to show you client the back of their hair cut.

If you work in a salon then these will obviously be provided for you.

Alternative tools for a Barber

Hair Clippers set

Other than your hair cutting tools your clippers are one of those other hair cutting tools that you will need in barbering.

Along with your clippers you will need clipper attachments which are normally included in the pack you get when buying clippers. Your clippers should also include a maintenance kit to service and maintain your clippers too. 

Balding Clippers

Normal clippers only cut to a zero which is short it's not as short as a balding clipper.

The length you can get with a balding clipper is the length in between a razor shave and the zero. Balding clippers become really handy when you cut such haircuts as a skin fade. Balding clippers will elevate a skin fade haircut or will just get closer to the skin to cut unwanted hairs around the skin and neck.

Mini Clippers

Mini Clippers are another one of those hair cutting tools that barbers or hairdressers may use to clean up lines on their haircut.

Mostly mini clippers are best used around the hard to get areas like around the ears. Mini clippers are also a great tool to have for cutting kids and babies hair.

Straight Razor and detachable blades

Razors are essential in barbering. You will use a razor for face shaving or crisping up lines around the hair and neck line.

For health and safety reasons you will need to change out a fresh blade between clients. So you will need a fresh detachable blade spare in your kit. To dispose of any used blades you will also need a sharps disposal container.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle can also be used and needed for a hairdresser but more commonly used by a barber. Barbers may not wash their clients hair before cutting because they like to cut dry and wet throughout a haircut.

So wetting down the hair when they are cutting with hair cutting shears would be when they use a spray bottle throughout the hair cut.

Neck brush

A neck brush is a soft brush that's used to wipe away hair from your clients neck and hairline. This is an expected tool from clients as they really don't like that hair being stuck to their skin. 

You can use a hairdryer to blow away the hair, but sometimes hair can be stubborn and stick to the skin so this is where a neck brush will come in handy.


We would never recommend cutting your own hair but if you have no other choice then you may find there are all the hair cutting tools you may need for your DIY haircuts.

If you are a hair stylist starting out then this is a great guide to see what you may need in your tool kit or the bare minimum. 

Cutting hair is no joke, it requires great skill and training and having the right hair cutting tools will be the best way to get the most out of your hair cutting skills. 

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