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What Is The Difference In Blades And Edges Of Hair Scissors

December 19, 2022

We know you have scissor questions ! And we are always here to help! If you're struggling to decide which scissor blade and/ or edge is for you .. you've come to the right place. You've picked your ergonomic handle, you've decided what colour you love most... Now let's get into the rest of the details!

Let's break it down for you based on our different scissor blades and which will work best for you.


Go  HERE to have a look at our VG10 Matsui Sliders. These scissors are a must have for slide cutting, point cutting, slice cutting and other advanced cutting techniques.

What makes them so great for these techniques you may ask. It is their edge. The sliders have a Convex edge. The convex edge has also been known as the Japanese Edge. This is because Japanese scissors are famous for their super sharp edges and amazing steel.

In order to have a convex edge the scissor must be made from high quality steel. A softer, less expensive steel will not hold a convex edge. It is a very thin, and sensitive edge that requires the best.. the best steel, the best sharpener etc etc. Convex edged scissors are also more fragile. If dropped the blade edges will damage easier. You may also find that if they are used for a lot of blunt cutting the edge will dull quicker. All of this means that a convex blade will be more expensive than the rest.

Precisions or Aichei Mountains

These two are our best and most popular all rounders. You can check out the PrecisionsHERE or the AicheiHERE. Both scissors are made with fine japanese steel. And most importantly of all, they have a semi convex edge.

The semi convex edge is a sharp edge blade that is a bit stronger than a regular convex edge. This edge is your perfect all rounder. The semi convex edge can be used for any cutting technique you may use. From blunt cutting to more advanced cutting techniques this blade edge will not only be sharp for this but also stay sharper longer! The semi convex edge is not as fragile as the convex. And you will find most mid range to higher end scissors have a semi convex edge.

Barber scissors

You will find your next edge option on most barber scissors. The bevelled edge is the perfect edge for barbers, or those that do a lot of blunt cuts- like bobs and other one length haircuts. The bevelled edge is the workhorse of edges. The cutting edge is sharp however the flat blade and the angle of the blade is what makes this scissor last. Because it does not have too fine of an edge the hair is less likely to slip or push, like a convex edge blade would do. The bevelled edge helps to keep hair in place while you cut it. Most middle range scissor blades will have a bevelled edge. It is easier to maintain and can be sharpened easily on most steel. It also is more likely that if you drop your scissors with the bevel edge the blade may not be damaged as easily as others.

Along with the bevelled edge on barber scissors you may also find a serrated edge. A serrated edge is found only on one of the scissor blades. A serrated blade means there are tiny little lines cut into the edge of the blade. These lines guarantee the hair stays in place better and helps to prevent hair sliding off the scissors blade as you cut. When a barber is doing scissor over comb, having this serration is a great help. It is not recommended that you use micro serrated blades to do any slide cutting or slice cutting. Attempting these techniques with the wrong scissor edge can lead to ripping, pulling and damaging your clients hair.

You can have a look at some of our barber scissorsHERE. Don't forget ! These scissors are not only for barbers! Their bevelled edge and long blade are great for most stylists. Especially those who find themselves doing a lot of bob cuts!

The Sword

We do have to make a special mention of the Matsui Sword blade when talking about scissor blades and edges. The sword shape blade helps to deliver more power to the point of the blade. These convex scissor blades are great for precision cutting and texturising. Check out the Matsui SwordHERE.

Other Blade Types

The other blade types we talk about are blade length. We have short, medium and long blade lengths. Each of these blades have a place in your world !

Short - Short scissor blades range in size from 4.5 inches to 5 Inches. These blades are great for point cutting and detail work. If you find yourself doing a lot of shorter cuts, or pixie cuts, these are a must have ! They are perfect for cutting small details around the ears and neckline.

Medium- Medium scissor blades range in size from 5 inches to 6 inches. Most hairdressing scissors come in 5.5 and 6 inch options. These are the most used and most versatile blade sizes. They are great for all techniques and all cutting. Whether you're a new stylist or have been around for quite some time, you will have one of these at your station.

Long- You may have noticed that when you looked at our bevelled edge blades on the barber scissors, most of these blades were long. Long blades range from 6 inches to 8 inches. Barbering scissors are known for having long blades. They make it faster and easier for scissor over comb cutting. You may also find that using a longer blade when cutting bobs and other blunt lines helps a lot. This is because the longer blade helps to ensure a more even straight line.

Which edge and blade is for you?

We hope that you have been able to pick your next pair of hair cutting scissors with this helpful article ! If you have any more questions always feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service friends ! They are full of scissor knowledge!


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