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What is the difference between Japanese and German scissors?

September 14, 2021

The difference between German and Japanese scissors is quite obviously the steel used - and that would be either German or Japanese. But other than a product description how else could you possibly tell the difference between the two? Unless you're a steel enthusiast then your chance of knowing the difference is slim. However,  the edge of the blade on your chosen scissor is the best way  to be able to tell the difference.

The different types of edges are Convex, Semi convex and of course beveled. A convex and semi convex edge is usually made from Japanese steel, leaving the beveled edge made from German steel. These different edges determine the different types of cutting techniques. And yes, before you ask we will explain the different edges a little further.



Convex blades are typically more sharp than any other edge and require a car to be taken when using them (for obvious reasons of course). These scissors are best used for slide cutting, point cutting and feathering. While yes you can use them for blunt cutting, it's not generally recommended. The convex edged scissors are usually razor sharp and require a higher maintenance to keep them that way.


Semi Convex

Semi convex edge blades on the other hand are the perfect mix of Beveled and convex edge scissors. It is far from being a beveled edge due to it being a little more on the narrow side but still nowhere close to a convex edge. While the semi convex isn't as sharp as the convex it's still not as dull as what the beveled can be. We recommend using these like convex edge scissors but with smaller sections so you don't run the risk of damaging the clients hair or causing any discomfort from pulling on the hair.



The beveled edge on the other hand, is nothing like the convex edge, it's a more old and least expensive design. Now it may not seem as appealing as the other edges but with the right techniques used you can make a beveled edge shine. The Beveled edge has been around for years on end and typically used by barbers. Why? Because the beveled edge usually requires at least one or both edges to be serrated which creates the hair to not slip or slide through the blades. Which is where the blunt, heavy, scissor over comb cuts come into play. We highly don't recommend using the beveled edge for any slide, feathering or point cutting as it will cause extreme discomfort on the client.


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