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What Is The Difference Between a Trim and a Restyle Haircut

March 13, 2023

When you talk to any hairstylist they will without a doubt tell you that there is a huge difference between a trim and a restyle hair cut. When talking to a client this may not be as black an white and this could possibly mean the same thing to them.

That's why you should never go by what a client says at first and really ask a lot of questions during your consultation. By having a really in depth consultation this gives you and your client the opportunity to be on the same page.

So with saying all this, it gets us back to the topic of our conversation today and that is "What is the difference between a trim and a restyle cut?".

What is considered a trim?

The main goal of a trim is to get rid of any dry or split ends. A simple trim should really be in the range of cutting off 1 cm or 2 cm and for your split ends to not split any higher you would be a trim every 3-6 weeks. 

Trims are designed to keep your hair healthy if your aim is to grow and keep your healthy hair as long as it can be. No client that is growing their hair wants to feel like they have walked out with a complete re-style or lots of length removed. 

If your clients hair is damaged it is always important to explain the importance of small trim regularly to avoid large amounts of hair being cut off. This is why if a client expects a trim that they understand how much length that would actually mean of them losing before you start cutting.

If a client uses the words "baby trim" or simply just a trim then 9/10 they do mean no more than 1cm or 2cm.

What is a Restyle cut?

A restyle hair cut is more than a trim in regards to the amount of hair your client wants you to cut off. A restyle requires a long time in the chair and requires several different cutting techniques to achieve that desired look. A restyle will most times be a drastic change or a time consuming haircut for long hair or short hair.

A re-style can consist of cutting your hair from long to short, adding layers or texture and even thinning out the hair with thinning scissors. The aim of a restyle haircut is most of the time to keep length or to get damaged hair back to health, but for the client to leave feeling like they have a new haircut or style that they did not walk through the door with.

A restyle cut should always include a blow dry and a dry cut of check when the haircut and see how it sits dry. This is why a re-style will never be the same price as a trim as it does require more work and skill throughout your hair appointment.

Is there a difference in price

All salons have a method to their madness and different pricing structure when it comes to charging for haircuts. 

What we have seen that has become very common is that a trim is normally less expensive than a restyle cut and we will explain why and if a senior stylist or experienced stylist is cutting your hair for you too.

When booking in for a trim you will find the hairdresser may wash it before they start cutting or they may not either, depending one how clean or dirty your hair is. trim can be cut dry or wet based on the preference of the hairdresser. A trim has a shorter time frame and doesn't require any hair styling afterwards (unless it's to blast the hair dry). 

When getting a restyle it is best to have your hair washed before and this is for the final result that we will talk about at the end. A re-style can be cut twice, once when the hair is wet to cut out most of the bulk and shape and a second time once the hair has had a blow dry and styled straight. 

When cutting dry this is to soften any harsh line or to thin out the hair to really finish off and perfect that style. Naturally this takes longer so that's why it costs more.

So to put our thoughts simply, we think that there are some huge differences between a trim and a restyle. These differences are..

The amount of hair being cut off (trim less and restyle more), the time frame of the hair appointment and whether you're trying to grow or keep your length or changing your hairstyle completely.

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