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What Hair Cutting Shears Are Best For You?

January 27, 2022

There are so many different styles of hairdressing scissors out there, but choosing the right pair for you can be either really straightforward or complicated. Sometimes when you are reading about a particular shear there can be all these names and functions that really just make no sense without an explanation. So the goal through this blog is really just about educating or helping you figure out how to be a SuperHero.. JUST JOKING! It's obviously choosing the right pair for you. After you have learnt all the terminology and lingo behind hair scissors.




Just like a supporting shoe to help with those sore feet you stand in all day, when using our hairdressing scissors we should care just as much for our wrists and hands. Conditions like RSI of Carpal Tunnel can make it very difficult to continue cutting hair all day, So that's where comfortable shears come into play. Below I have listed The most Comfortable shears for any hair stylist, but especially those with any sore tired hands.

Ergo Scissors

The Matsui Ergo support shear in either the classic or barber are by far the most comfortable style you will most likely find! This particular shear has a perfect resting spot for every finger while cutting. You will feel in complete control and super comfortable when using these.

Reversible Shears (double threat)

Not only are these a great option for left or right handed scissors.. it's particularly a good option for those Hairstylists that do know how to cut with both hands. Firstly if you can cut with both hands this is a great shear for you because instead of putting strain on one hand all day long, you can change out these shears to fit both hands when cutting. Also made in hair thinning Shears.

Style (of handles)

Choosing the style of handle is very important. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned hairstylist, there are different handles or styles of shears for every level of experience in cutting hair.

Straight style (classic)

The straight or classic style is very centered to the end of the shear. This style is tailored more for beginners or at home hairdressers as they are easier to learn on. You will probably find that hairstylists found these hair scissors are not so easy to use for a long period of time.

Offset style

Now these hair cutting scissors are more off center than the classic style. This style is more of a relaxed scissor to work with because it reduces less strain when cutting repetitively. Offset styles are perfect for those hairstylists needing less strain on the wrist while cutting all day long.

Swivel Scissors

Swivel hairdressing scissors have the sole purpose of designing to take that nasty strain of your wrists, fingers and to reduce that hand fatigue. The swivel thumb can swivel up to 360 degrees which means you can really hold those scissors every angle possible. These really are the best hair scissors for those with RSI or Carpal Tunnel injuries.

Crane style

The Crane style is an exaggerated style of the offset which means it's more comfortable and more relaxed. 


Purpose (types of shears for different stylist)

When choosing the size of Haircutting scissors for you, The best size for you or what kinds of clients you will be cutting matters. Typically we only refer to shears as long or short, but there are actually quite a few different lengths you can choose from.

Firstly you have the Short Shears which are for all round cutting but mostly ladies cutting and they are lengths between 4.5 and 6 inches or smaller. where longer styles of scissors typically used by barbers 6 to 8 inches.

Now just because we can, shorter scissors are for ladies cutting and longer scissors are for barbering that is not always the case. 

For example longer hair shears can be used for blunt cutting a woman's haircut and short scissors can be used by a barber for longer hair cutting. Longer hair shears can also cut more hair quicker when using the scissor over comb technique or blunt cutting. Another really important thing to know is the size of your hand can also determine what shear is best for you.


How to measure by your hand

The way you measure the right length of hair cutting shears for you is to determine the length you'll need by measuring the length of the cutting blade against the second knuckle of your middle finger.

Different types of Shear blades

There are different types of shears to your conventional and standard scissors. There are different types of blades and different styles of scissors for different types of cutting techniques. We will go through some different types for you so you can have a better understanding on what they do and if these scissors are for you.

Serrated Scissors

Serrated scissors have micro serrated grooves on the blade rather than a smooth sharp blade like most. Having a serrated blade creates grip when cutting hair and the hair will not slide along the blade. Think of like the serrated edges on a bread knife and how much easier that is to cut bread with. They are great for some haircuts that require the grip but will pull on the hair because of their grip if you try to slide cut with them.

Texturizing scissors

Texturizing shears can have anywhere between 13-16 teeth. Due to the large gap between the teeth on these shears they can obviously create holes in any haircut if you are not careful or educated in using these professional shears.

Thinning scissors

Hair Thinning scissors can have anywhere between 25-50 teeth. The teeth are closer together which makes it much easier to go and thin the hair at the end of the haircut or soften any bulky areas. 

Convex edge

Convex edge scissors are a razor sharp edge style and the sharpest blade and best quality you will find. They are the best hair scissors for those who are looking for the sharpest blade. The Convex Edge is also known by names like, Japanese style, Clam Shell of Humaguri-ba styles.

Bevelled edge

A Bevelled edge blade is found to be a more durable type of blade. These are an older style blade and built for long lasting. Most Bevelled blades are known to be made from titanium. This blade is also referred to as a German edge. German Steel been the second best steel in the world

Semi Convex

This style is obviously very similar to the convex edge and great for everyday cutting.

Hollow Ground Blades

Also referred to as Hollow grind blades are a concave of hollowed out blades. These hair cutting scissors have a hollowed out area on the blade which helps with a smoother cut. This is a high quality feature for hair cutting scissors.

Slider Scissors

A slide cutter has a wider edge blade and is infused from the best Japanese steel. These sharp blades allow for all types of hair cutting.

Sword style

The sword style is also made from high quality Japanese stainless steel and a more robust style than the Slider. This super sharp blade is great for slide cutting and all round cutting.

All good blogs must come to an end..

We have gone over the different types, purposes and styles of blades for you. When reading through if you felt like one type of scissor would work best for you then another, then that's awesome because you have got what you needed from this blog. Just remember to always service your shears by keeping them clean and oiled regularly. Also all scissors need to stay sharp so if they start to feel dull, we recommend finding a Professional Blade smith to sharpen them for you in your area. 


If you still find this process very overwhelming to try and choose "The Best Shears for you" then please feel free to contact our friendly customer service team because we love to help!

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