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What are the Best Japanese Hair Shears?

June 02, 2021

Do a poll about which nation manufactures the highest quality goods and a good percentage will answer Japan.

For the past few decades Japan has enjoyed a reputation for manufacturing goods that are high tech, durable and sophisticated. Japan’s manufacturing is world-renowned in a wide range of industries including robotics, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, swords and shears.

Some of Japan’s neighbours have won manufacturing work based on their low labour costs while Japan wins on innovative product design and superior quality. When the world wants the best, it looks to Japan to produce it. And Scissor Tech is no different.

High Quality Japanese Steel 

With Japanese materials and goods, you know what you’ll get. There’s no sloppy work using second-grade products. Nope the Japanese have a reputation to uphold. They take great pride in turning the finest raw materials into high-performing products.

Why are Japanese Shears Better Quality?

It’s simple, the Japanese know their samurai swords and shears. For 700 odd years, Japanese craftsmen have been honing their bladesmith skills. The skills have been passed down from one generation to the next. Whether it’s a samurai or hairdressing shears, talented Japanese bladesmiths know how to achieve a super sharp blade that lasts.   


VG10 is known as SuperSteel and cutlery grade because it was designed by Japanese chefs. VG is short for Vanadium and Gold.

The Rockwell Hardness of VG is between 59 to 61 due to its high carbon content and cobalt. VG10 shears are popular because they maintain a sharp blade and for their durability. It’s possible to gain a sharper edge with VG10 than many other types of steel.Check out our range of Matsui VG10 Scissors.

Damascus Steel

Another superior form of steel, Damascus, is made using a layering or laminating technique. The steel is folded onto itself 15-17 times which creates around 5,000 tiny layers of steel.  Known as Tajyusou in Japan, the skill has been passed down through generations. 

The layering technique gives the appearance of a fine wood grain or water mark in the surface of the shears. The layers provide strength and flexibility and a soft closing action of the blades.  

See our range of Damascus shears


Why is Japanese Steel the Best for Hair Shears?

After crafting and sharpening swords, scissors and shears for all these years, Japanese craftsmen know what’s the best steel for producing top quality blades that stay sharper for longer. Consumers the world over are prepared to pay top dollar for the best quality products.    

The Japanese shears sold in our online store are made from two major steel producers in the country, Hitachi and Aichi. 

Hitachi Metals

Hitachi Metalscontinues the ancient tradition of crafting quality blades. Hitachi also produces products for the automotive, infrastructure and electronics industries.

Aichi Steel Corporation

Aichi Steel Corporation produces high quality specialty steel, stainless steel, forged products, electro-magnetic products, tool steel, amorphous wire and stainless steel/titanium for a range of industries including shipbuilding, automotive, dental, agriculture and electronics.  

What are the best Japanese shears brands? 

Except for one German brand, Scissor Tech worldwide only stocks Japanese shears. We believeJapanese and German steel are the best when it comes to professional hairdressing shears and scissors. 


We consider theMatsui brand to be the premiere in Japanese high precision hair shears. As soon as you pick up a pair of Matsui shears, the design and quality is clear. The Matsui brand uses a few different Japanese steels in its ranges which include the Aichei Mountain Steel, the Damascus Steel Shears and theSilver Swarovski Crystals collections.    

Discover the shears available in the three Matsui ranges:

Matsui Aichei Mountain Shears

Matsui Damascus Shears

Matsui Swarovski Crystals Collection


You’re sure to find expertly-crafted Japanese shears in a brand that has been manufacturing scissors for over 100 years. The award-winning design and hand-finished shears provide the sharpest cuts for professional hairdressers and barbers. 

Check out the collection of gold, black, chrome and colouredJoewell Shears.


Yasaka uses state of the art manufacturing equipment combined with master craftsmanship to produce shears with clam-shaped blades. The steel’s hardness, resistance to corrosion and ergonomic design is necessary for professional hairdressers and barbers. 

You’ll fall in love with theYasaka Shears Collection

Sozu Shears 

Apprentice hairdressers and barbers may not afford the top-of-the-line shears but the Sozu brand allows them to enjoy the benefits of Japanese-made shears without the high price tag. 

Check out theSozu Shears Collection if you’re in the early stage of your career.

What Japanese Shears are Hand-Made?

The blades on all our Japanese shears are hand-made because machines can’t replicate craftsmanship. Japanese swords date back to the fourth or fifth century AD. So it’s no surprise that Japanese swordsmiths and bladesmiths are the best in the business. 

Can I Buy Japanese Shears Online?

Yes, you can buy Japanese shears online right here at Scissor Tech. We have one of the largest online stores stocking Japanese hairdressing shears and scissors. You’re sure to find a pair of shears here that are perfect for you. Have a look through our three collections.

Matsui Shears

Joewell Shears

Yasaka Shears Collection 

A Selection of Our Favourite Japanese Shears

It feels like choosing a best-loved child but we’ve chosen a few of our favourite Japanese shears below.  

Matsui Rose Gold Aichei Mountain Offset Shear

Prime quality cobalt infused steel, this blushing beauty is perfect for slide cutting. The premium Japanese steel provides a fine razor sharp cutting edge. Available in 5.5 or 6 inch sizes.  

Matsui Precision Matte Black Cutting Shear

Made from Hitachi 440C Japanese Steel, this pair of shears has form and function in spades. The hard-wearing matt black coating is complimented by pops of rose gold on the trims. Available in 5.5 or 6 inch sizes.

Joewell Black Cobalt Series

A fine pair of matte black shears. The cobalt alloy steel provides a razor sharp edge, perfect for a smooth cutting action and blunt cuts. The black protective coating provides a sleek finish. Available in 5.5 and 6 inch sizes.  

Yasaka Offset Handle

The perfect shears for point cutting and slicing, the hard steel also makes them resistant to corrosion. Available in 5, 5.5 and 6 inch sizes.

Sozu Essentials Pink Rainbow Cutting Scissor

A stunning printed scissor with ergonomic handles and an affordable price tag for apprentice hairdressers.  

Complete Peace of Mind With Online Ordering

Even though you’re guaranteed of a good quality pair of shears when you choose a Japanese brand, you aren’t guaranteed that they’re the best pair of shears for YOU. There’s a lot of personal preference with shears, scissors, knives and swords.

We all have original hands and different techniques when we’re wielding a pair of shears in the salon, a knife in the kitchen or a sword…Hopefully you’re not jousting with anything more than a kids’ plastic sword!

What feels entirely comfortable in one hand might feel too heavy, too light, too long, too short or even unbalanced in another. And when that happens, you need the option to return them for an exchange or refund.

Scissor Tech wants your shears to be just right so any pair of shears you buy is covered by ourReturn and Exchange PolicyIf there’s anything you’re unsure of, don’t hesitate tocontact one of our shears’ experts and we’ll answer your queries.

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