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What Are The Benefits Of A Swivel Shear?

July 18, 2022

We didn't always live in a world where Swivel Scissors were available to every hairstylist.

We lived in a world once upon a time where scissors worked for cutting hair, but started to work against us with the poor ergonomic features that caused hairstylists across the world with unbearable pain over time. This pain turned into hairdressers leaving their careers or losing passion in their work because they were in constant pain.

Then along came a game changer for the industry, which was Swivel thumb ring scissors. A shear that would benefit any hairstylist in the long run and allow hairstylist's to finally cut in a natural and pain free position.

Everybody could benefit from owning or using a pair of Swivel Shears, this is because this design is a comfortable design for every type of hairdresser to use. Swivel shears are originally designed for those suffering from Repetitive Motion Injuries, but once you get your head around using these scissors then many hairdressers opt to use these over a traditional fixed position thumb hole shears.

The benefits a Swivel Shear can have on a hairdresser body is comfort. A swivel shear can comfort tired hands, achy fingers, sore wrists, fatigued arms, stiff shoulders and the dreaded back pain from repetitive cutting. If you're a hairstylist that suffers from any pains or aches then this is why a Swivel Shear will benefit you.

So let's find out a little bit more about Swivel Scissors...

What are Swivel Shears?

Swivel Shears are a shear that has one obvious difference from traditional shears and that is a Swivel Thumb. The design benefits behind a Swivel Thumb hole is that it allows your hands, wrist, and elbow to cut in a comfortable position. These shears are designed for you to be cutting hair in the most ergonomically correct cutting position.

Gone are the days when a diagnosis of RSI or Carpal Tunnel from your doctor meant you could not continue on with your career anymore. When Swivel Shears hit the hairdressing market it meant hairstylists across the world could continue on cutting without any discomfort in their wrists or fingers while cutting.

The swivel thumb is ergonomically designed to rotate 360 degrees meaning no matter what angle you choose to position yourself while cutting, then your swivel thumb will accommodate you comfortably.

Not only are Swivel Scissors available in everyday hair cutting scissors but also available in Texturizing Shears or Thinning Shears. More commonly found in Thinning Scissors, having a Swivel thumb ring with these types of shears means you don't ever have to struggle with a traditional shear while swapping around scissors.

So this led us into talking about our next topic of a newer design of Swivel Scissors, which is Double Swivels..

What are Double Swivel Shears?

Yes you heard that correctly a Double Swivel Shear is another design compared to your traditional Swivel Hair Shears. Double Swivel shears are designed for double the comfort and are really an exciting addition to the Swivel Family.

Double Swivel shears feature a two way swivel feature in the thumb hole rest. By having a two way Swivel system it allows you to relax your thumb further inwards to your palm which results in a better comfort system for your hand while cutting. By having a Double Swivel this creates much less stress and once you're comfortable using the Double Swivel, you will feel more in control with your shears.

So Double Swivel Shears are just an extra addition to your traditional Swivel Shears. If you're wanting to compare one Swivel to another, we think they will both give you the same benefits, although one swivel may be more comfortable than the other for you. There's really no right answer here on what's better, we think you would benefit from using either Swivel design.

What hairstylist's best suit Swivel Shears?

As briefly mentioned already.. If you are a hairstylist that suffers from RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then these shears were designed for you!

Depending on the severity of your injuries you can experience tingling, numbness, pains, loss of strength and sensation in mainly your arm or hands. When you're cutting with these pre-existing Injuries then this can become extremely exhausting on your body and work day. By having a Swivel Scissors that are specifically designed to take stress off those tender areas, you will find that over time the pain will become less and less prominent from these shears.

Swivel shears also allow you to rest your elbow in a lower and comfortable cutting position which means this takes less strain off your shoulders and back. If you are a hairstylist that does suffer from back and shoulder pains then you would obviously know that having the correct posture when cutting is important. The correct posture would be lowering your elbow with cutting and bending your knees instead of bending over and straining your back, or even using a cutting stool.

As mentioned these are the only shears that allow you to lower your elbow in a comfortable and more natural position while cutting, so without having any other straining injuries.. These scissors are suitable for shoulder and back pains.

Who would NOT benefit?

Although we did say Swivel Shears can be used by all hairdresser's there are some hair stylist’s that we recommend NOT to use them. 

The first being a Barber… 

Barbers normally need longer blades and may find it extremely awkward when using the Swivel Shears with most barbering cutting techniques.

We would also say that training hairdressers should not invest in a pair yet, unless they have existing conditions of RSI Or Carpal Tunnel. If you're a training hairdresser and have no option but to use the Swivel Shears then this is totally acceptable and encouraged to take care of your injuries. We only advise Training hairdressers to learn on traditional scissors first if they have that option and switch out to a better shear later if they wanted to.

Barbers still have options if they are in fact wanting a more comfortable shear. If you want to Invest is a Ergonomic shear then check out these  "Master Barber Matsui Ergo 7 Inch". This Shear will allow your hand, finger and wrist to relax more while cutting.


Investing in your overall health and comfort is always a great idea. We all love that day at the day spa to release tension and stress to our bodies. If you think about it then, from what you have read today a Swivel Scissors could kind of be like your everyday spa treatment to yourself.

Why is it like a Spa Treatment? Well as mentioned the Swiveling thumb hole can release any tension you may feel through your hands, fingers, arms, neck, shoulder and back. All the same areas a massage can release for you too.

It's time to invest in your body and look after yourself while cutting all day long. If you invest in yourself and your wellbeing then that makes you a more relaxed and attentive hairstylist.

So what are you waiting for, go and buy those Swivel Scissors to feel like a new hairstylist.

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