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Top 5 Precision Cutting Scissors

November 25, 2021

You asked and of course - we're delivering! The top 5 precision hair cutting shears that every professional hair stylist should consider when buying their hair cutting scissors. This blog isn't for the home DIY hair stylists, this is for the professionals of the hair cutting world, our barbers and hairdressers of course!  If you've read one or some of blogs before, you'll know that we don't just list scissors and move on. We give you the what, the why, the where and everything else in between. We at scissor tech want to educate you, the stylist as best we can when it comes to purchasing your shears and what better way to do so by listing out the top 5 professional precision scissors to get you on your way.

What to look for in precision scissors?

The need to know is what we already know, some of the best hairdressing scissors are made from none other than Japanese stainless steel. If you look in a hair stylist's shear case you will find that each pair of hairdressing scissors they own is generally made up of high quality Japanese steel. Why Japanese stainless steel? Well, that is simply because Japanese steel is one of the strongest types of stainless steel used for a hair cutting scissor.  If you get a cheap pair of hair cutting scissors made from another country you'll soon find out that they won't last you as long as what a premium Japanese steel pair of shears would. However, if you do your research right you can get fantastic German steel professional shears.

As much as sharp blades are needed for professional 'precision' shears, it's also known that professional precision shears should generally come with a beveled edge. Why a beveled edge and not a convex edge you ask? Well, that's so the hair doesn't slide through the razor sharp blades. It does so by having a micro serrated edge on either one or both of the blades. The micro serrated edge on the steel blades helps to grab onto the hair by gripping the hair whilst making sure the hair doesn't slide out of the blades ensuring a clean cut. Moral of the story - if you're after a true precision shear then your best bet is to make sure it has the beveled edge.

In saying that professional precision shears don't always have to be about the edge, it could also be the pointy-ness of the shear itself. The point of the tip of the shear is what helps with a clean cut when chipping in, point cutting or even slicing through hair, but be careful if using them as it's easy to nip yourself!

The third thing to consider is generally for the sake of comfort is that a precision shear should come with an offset handle design. While it's not essential, it is important to have comfort and care So the three main things to take away from this is 1. a beveled edge and 2. a pointed tip 3. offset handle design for the ultimate professional precision hair scissors.

Do precision shears come in thinning shears?

If professional haircutting precision shears can come in a normal standard hair cutting shear, then why can't they come in thinning shears? Lucky for you, they already do! As we so clearly stated above there are a few things to include in a precision shear, however one of them is not do-able considering it's thinning shears. So, of course professional precision thinning shears don't require a 'pointed tip' because how could they!? They're thinning shears.

This being said it's simply a must to have a beveled edge blade and an offset handle. A beveled edge blade thinner, means they will leave a much cleaner cut that helps to protect the hair and have a super smooth feel to them compared to traditional thinners. While having the correct edge is key, it also goes in hand with the correct handle, an offset one at that. The offset design  is although a more common design it's also common to be found in the precision thinning shears. This design allows a more natural and free flowing positioning reducing any risk of injury within the wrist you may in your hairdressing career. Beveled edged + Offset = Precision thinning! Yep, it's that simple.


What are the top 5?

The top 5? That's easy! Before we get to the top 5, we need to make a special mention of the brands that have produced the top precision hair cutting scissors. In no particular order we have Matsui, Jaguar and the newcomers Glück. While yes Jaguar has been around the longest, of course it's  only natural that they have produced some of the top 5 precision cutting scissors. Matsui being the next to make a statement with named precision shears it comes as no surprise that they made the top 5 as well! Lastly the Germans came rolling in with Glück a fine and affordable precision shear for the aspiring or senior barber. Basically any three of these brands are by far trusted by not only us at Scissor Tech, but also from hairdressers and barbers all over the world! So let's get to the bottom of the top 5 shall we!?

1. Matsui Precision Cutting Scissor

So the obvious choice making the top 5 is the Matsui Precision cutting scissor. It's not just because of the name, it's because of its beautifully thought out design, including the offset handle for ultimate comfort and perfectly pointed tip in either 5.5 inch or 6inch for ultimate precision hair cutting, all while looking stunning in either matte black, rose gold or matte black with rose gold details. This shear is perfect to use as an all rounder/everyday scissor or you can keep them for your 'precision hair cuts only' The versatility of these are worth every penny for our hairdressers of the world!

2. Jaguar Diamond E Ceramic Fusion

Now as we said, Jaguar has made their mark in the hair industry, but - the real mark was with this beauty being able to not only perform precision cuts time and time again, but also with its ceramic fusion finish which gives longer lasting cutting performance. How cool is that!? This shear not only looks cool and does the job, but it also has an ergonomic handle & angled thumb ring – for comfort & balance whilst cutting away, talk about value for money.

3. Matsui Precision Barbering Scissor

You didn't think we wouldn't mention the Matsui Precision cutting shear without mentioning the barbering version of it did you? Ok good, because that's exactly what we've done! We simply just cannot get over this shear especially seeing as it comes with all the specs of the normal precision cutting scissor only this one comes in 7 inch! Yep that's right - this one's for the barbers. You can have a precision shear that's not only comfortable and pointed but can be used in barbering too. So why wouldn't this make the top 5!?


So obviously we spoke about how precision scissors can also come in thinning shears, so naturally it would be super rude if we didn't include it in our top 5! Introducing the precision thinners that are the front runners. of precision thinning - the Matsui Precision thinners. 30 teeth creating the most smoothest thinning action possible. When it comes to precision thinning - these bad boys will do exactly that. Even better - they pair perfectly with the Matsui precision cutting scissors and barbering! 


Lastly we get to the Glück Pro Ergo, Who said precision shears only have non-serrated edged blades!? That's right, precision shears also can come with a micro serrated edge on the blade. Which is where the Glück Pro Egro shines bright. With its ergonomic handle design and pointed tip with the serrated edge blades, this shear screams precision all while giving the perfect cuts for barbers all around with an even better price tag to match.


So there we have it, our top 5 that will take the hard work out of looking and searching for the most perfect precision shear. In true scissor tech style we didn't give you just one choice, we gave you 5 choices, the hard part is you now have to choose between them all! Good luck!

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