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Top 3 hair scissors for hair extensions

June 09, 2022

When cutting hair extensions we believe that you can get a better haircut with hair cutting scissors rather than your razor. Hair extensions go through an extensive color and chemical process to be colored and the cuticle to be flat and perfect enough to then sell off as hair extensions. When the hair has already been through too much it can easily split or dry out if you do not take the correct steps to look after the hair.

When cutting with a razor this can cause the ends to split and immediately feel dry. Learning the correct way to cut with the best hairdressing scissors, by a professional hairdresser is always the best option. If the tension is correct and your hair scissors are regularly sharpened at least twice a year then, hair scissors will never split or dry out your ends like a razor would.

So what are these Top 3 Best Hair Cutting Scissors we recommend you ask? Well, continue reading and you will find out…

Top 3 best Hair Cutting Scissors

Precision Cutting Scissors

Any woman's hair cutting scissors would be ideal for cutting hair extensions but we think if you're looking for the best style then the Matsui Precision hair cutting scissors are the best hair cutting scissors to cut Hair Extensions and we will tell you why.

When cutting Hair Extensions to get the best blend, it is advised to always point cut the ends and never blunt cut. Precision Hairdressing Scissors are the perfect Hairdressing scissors for precise blunt cutting due to the narrow ended blades. When point cutting Extensions you need to ensure that they are cutting a seamless and even blend to the ends of the Extensions and what better way to do that then with precision shears. 

So a narrowed ended blade is better suited to point cutting than a traditional or a thicker ended blade. That's why these shears are called Precision's, because the narrower the blade means the more precise your cutting will be.

Slide Cutting Hairdressing Scissors

If you have never owned or tried a pair of slide cutting scissors then you are missing out! 

Slide cutting Scissors are made with a softer steel than traditional hair cutting scissors. Slide cutting scissors also are a lot sharper than a traditional shear which allows you to slide cut with much more ease then any other type of hairdressing scissors.

Now slide cutting extensions to blend in the hair around your clients face and layers, is a game changer! No other Hairdressing Scissors or razor will give you a better blend when slide cutting with those super sharp blades.

Thinning scissors

Now we understand that a client gets extensions to have thick, luscious and long hair so when you pull out a pair of Thinning Scissors it can be quite daunting for them. But Thinning scissors can really finish off your beautiful blend that you have created from slide cutting and point cutting the hair cut already.

The best hair cutting technique to use on Hair Extensions with your thinning scissors would be twist cutting those ends. When twist cutting with these hairdressing scissors, be aware to only cut below the natural hairline ends so that you're not cutting their natural hair and only the extensions.

Blending Hair Extensions with hairdressing scissors is so important to nail every time because when those extensions start to grow out or slip, this is when you will start to see any harsh or unblended lines from your hair cut.

By knowing the best cutting techniques with hairdressing scissors and having knowing the "Top 3 Hairdressing scissors" to cut those Hair extensions perfectly, will be a step in the right direction to call yourself a "Hair Extension Cutting Specialist"

Unfortunately there is sometimes not a lot of education around to learn how to cut extensions the correct way without having to use a razor. With practice and knowledge on blending means you will nail that perfect blend in no time at all and provide the best haircut in town!

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