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The Best Way To Service Your Shears

December 29, 2022

Isn't it the best feeling in the world? When you open your new scissors and do that first haircut ! Sometimes it feels like scissors will never feel as sharp as that first cut. We are here to tell you .. they can ! If you follow the proper steps to service your scissors, they can have a long, happy, sharp.. life!



Proper cleaning of your scissors is very important. Over time hair fragments, dirt, oil and product can build up on the scissor blades. This can damage and dull your blade edges quicker. Regular cleaning can help keep those shears in tip top shape.

You should clean your hair cutting scissors between every client. Using a soft cloth, wipe your blades clean and remove all hair. To sanitise them and keep them dry use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol aka rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol helps kill germs, prevent rust and corrosion. Using different cleaners, like Barbicide can leave a sticky residue and lead to corrosion.


Daily oiling is important for proper maintenance of your hair scissors . Your maintenance kit has a small hair shear oil pen. With your scissor blades open, place a small drop of oil at the pivot point of your scissors. This is where the two blades meet. Slowly open and close your blades. This will help remove any leftover hair fragments that may be stuck. Wipe your blades clean.

Oiling your scissors everyday not only helps to remove all hair and hair products but keeping those blades lubricated will help them stay sharper longer.

Check and Adjust Tension

Often when scissors start to show signs they need to be sharpened we recommend checking the tension first. Hair cutting scissors that are too tight may leave your hands feeling more tired by the end of the day. Scissors that are too loose may push, bend or pull your clients hair as you cut. Before panicking, check your tension! You should check the tension of your haircutting shears at least once a day.

To check your shear tension, hold your hair scissors by their finger holes, blades pointing up. Lift one finger ring to approximately 90 degrees. Release the finger hole.

If your scissors close completely, or almost completely the tension is too loose. If the handles stay open above 45 degrees they are too tight. The right tension will have your finger ring falling to about 45 degrees.

Haircutting scissors have two different type of tension screws. On some scissors you will find a raised screw. This can be adjusted simply by twisting it to the right or left to loosen and tighten to find the correct tension. Remember to only adjust by one click at a time, over tightening or loosening can be bad for your scissors.

Other hair cutting scissors will have a flat screw. In your scissor kit you will find a key. This key will match the tension screw. Simply align the holes with the key and turn to loosen or tighten. Again only turn a small amount to insure you do not over tighten or over loosen.

Sharpening your shears

If your hair scissors are feeling off and not cutting the way they used to, it may be time for a sharpen. Signs that you need to have your scissors sharpened and serviced professionally include pushing, pulling, bending and catching of the hair. If you have recently dropped your hair cutting shears or knocked them on a hard surface you may be in need of a professional sharpening. We never recommend you trying to sharpen them yourself. Ask your fellow hair stylist who they use to sharpen their shears! This is often the best way to find a great shear sharpener. 

The right scissor sharpener will know exactly what to do to keep your shears in their best shape!

Storing your scissors

Here are some tips for Proper storage of your tools. This is an important part of maintaining your new pair of hair scissors. Too often we can make mistakes and drop or hit our hair scissors on a hard surface. This can damage them badly.

All of our scissors come in a protective case. This soft padded case has places to hold all your scissors, tight and secure. Make sure you properly store your shears away at the end of your day.

We also recommend you consider either a scissor mat or scissor holster. A scissor mat is a raised rubber mat for your station. Using a mat can insure your shears stay try and away from chemical spills, like spilled Barbicide or colour. It also is a good barrier to protect your scissors from a hard surface, like your station.

A scissor holster can be worn around your waste or across your body. This is a great place to keep your shears safe during the day. If they stay on your person there is less chance of any accidental falls. 

Keep those scissors sharp and your haircuts sharper

Now that you know how to properly maintain your hair scissors we recommend you get to cutting ! Another secret in shear maintenance- is always have more than one pair of hair cutting scissors. This will help you rotate through scissors more, and not just over use the same pair. It also ensures that when you need a sharpen or you have dropped your scissors, you won't be without a back-up pair. Hop on to our websiteHERE and let us help you find your next favourite pair!

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