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The best high end shears on the market

December 30, 2021

When looking for the best professional pair of scissors on the market, this can prove to be a challenging task. We can go straight to the most expensive brands and know that you are going to spend quite a lot of money for the best of the best, but what if you can still get the best for say half the price?

Through this blog we are going to only show you what we think is the BEST professional hair cutting shears on the market. We are going to go through the quality of steel and their functions and will list them from the most expensive brand first (also the links to them), because money talks right!


Kamisori shears are an award winning brand and internationally recognized and used by celebrity stylists around the globe. These scissors are made from the finest quality Japanese steel and some carry a lifetime warranty. Some would say they are most definitely the world leading brand for Shears and to be honest, we would have to agree.

Kamisori Emerald PRO Haircutting Shear

These particular scissors are nicknamed the "king of all shears" and let us tell you why. Not only are they the most expensive shears you can buy, but they are also forged with the finest quality Japanese steel and Damascus steel on the market. These scissors can be used for all round cutting. They offer a lifetime warranty for these scissors, so they are confident in the fact that they are made to last the ages.


What an Impressive brand Yasaka is! All of their shears are forged with high quality Japanese stainless steel. They are world wide recognized for their quality and craftsmanship when it comes to how comfortable they feel when using your shear. You can't really go wrong when choosing a shear from Yasaka but let us just show you a few of our favorites.

Yasaka Offset Handle

This style is their standard offset style which means they are made to fit comfortably to your hand. They are designed to stay sharp and keep sharp due to the good quality and lightweight Japanese steel they are made from. They are really such a sleek and sophisticated hair cutting shear!

Yasaka 7 Inch Barber Shear

We love this barbering scissor style because of the coarse quality but this style really has a groove or place on the shear for every finger. It just fits so comfortably on your hand that it creates ultimate control for you to work your magic. They are infused with hard ATS314 Cobalt steel which means they stay sharper for longer.


Matsui is fast becoming a well known global brand for its amazing quality and functionality. We get so excited about the Matsui range because they are made from the highest quality Japanese steel and for the price you can get them for is so reasonable for the quality of shear you get. The Matsui shears have an extensive range (including Left handed scissors) and we really love all of them!, but we will go through our favorites for you.

Matsui Precision Cutting Scissors

Not only are these made in fun colour's like, rainbow, matt black and rose gold scissors. They are forged with Hitachi 440C Japanese Steel and are perfect for all round cutting. They have such a comfortable style of handel and the point of the blade at the end makes for easier and precise hair cutting! These really are a staff favorite here at Scissor Tech<3

Matsui Aichei Mountain Offset Scissors

Made from high quality Aichei Japanese steel, these also come in fun colors too. These are very light weight steel and super sharp. This style of shear is great for slide cutting.

Matsui VG10 Series

The VG 10 series comes in three revolutionary styles which are your Slider, Sword, and Offset styles. The quality of the VG10 steel is a step up from the Mountain Aichei. Infused from the highest Quality Cobalt steel which means they are razor sharp. All these styles have different functions which I will go through for you.

Slider Scissors- The wider blade on these allows the shear to slide the hair more softly on the razor sharp blade. Perfect for slide hair cutting as the edges are sharp.

Sword Scissors-is similar to the standard VG10 but heavier, more robust and good for all general purpose cutting like point cutting, feathering, and texturizing and also great for barbers. We love these because well, just look at how awesome they look! and they are such a great all round cutting shear!

Offset Scissors-These are the Standard design for the sharp blade hair cutting scissors

Matsui Swivel Shears

The Swivel shears are up there with one of our favorite styles because not only are they so cool! They are also the best scissors for those suffering from Carpal Tunnel or RSI issues. We have again listed the Matsui brand again because you just can't go past the quality of these hair cutting scissors.


Here at Scissor tech we only stock the finest quality and durable shears on the market so to really only talk about the few was super tough. But we did get there and narrow it down in the end to our most favorite style shears but of course the BEST we and the market have to offer. Remember that caring for those shears are also a vital part of the lifespan of those shears. So keeping them oiled, cleaned and sharpened when they start to become dull is vital. These Shears really do deserve your love and care

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