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The best brand of hair shears

May 12, 2022

In the crazy wonderful world of hairdressing and barbering, we are really spoilt for choice when it comes to brands of shears. But what are the best brands and what makes a company sell the best shears?

Personally we think there's many criteria's to meet before you can say "that brand of shears is the best". An example that we look for is firstly the quality of the steels, then it's how those shears have been made. Does the shears have a lifetime warranty? because if they do that brand must be pretty confident their shears are built to last? Are the shears priced too high, or just right? Does this brand cater to a specific clientele? Is the brand quality controlled and test before they are sent out?

These really are all important bits of information to know before determining the best brand. Instead of pin pointing one brand that is the "best" let's have a look at some brands that we feel are the best for all different circumstances.

Types of Steel

Japanese Stainless steel

Japanese Stainless Steel is the best steel in the world for hair cutting scissors. You will find there are different grades on Japanese steel that cause a shear to be more expensive than the other, but all in all all Japanese steels are always great.

Japanese Steel has been used by blade smiths for over a hundred years and some of the same traditions in making Professional hair cutting scissors are still used today.

German Steel

German Steel is a close second best to Japanese Steel. German style shears have a completely different way to manufacture their shears. German Style shears are generally machine made with a significant hands on component throughout the process. But saying that just because a shear is machine made does not change the quality, German steel requires a machine made process for the integrity of their steel. It's just the German way of making their stainless steel blades, and what an impressive result they get!

I mean a country that makes equally the most impressive Car's and Beer's in the world, then why would they also make equally impressive Hairdressing scissors.

Brands of hair scissors


Matsui is a brand that was established in 1998 and has grown and developed with the times becoming a very impressive and one of the best brands on the market.

Matsui are known for their use of high Quality Japanese steel in all different types of steel grades. Matsui has a wide range of impressive and different styles of shears to cater to a wide range of customers. We also love that Matsui has really mastered the color coating on their shears which will last and not fade.

Matsui also has a wide range of Left handed Shears which are sometimes a miss in the market. Matsui really has hair cutting scissors for every stylist. They have shears for those with RSI or Carpal Tunnel related Injuries, They have the best quality Barber Shears, Lots of different styles on thinning scissors, Precise or slide cutting shears (to name the few), Reversible shears which are honestly so awesome! and all different types of shears with different grades of Japanese Steel. 

Matsui is a company that constantly quality checks their shears and is always looking for ways to improve their shears to make sure they are the best for their customers.


Joewell Was a brand that established itself in 1975, since then it has quickly become the number one brand in Japan for Premium Japanese hair scissors. They have a wide range of designs and styles of hair cutting shears. The brand being originally called Tokosha was a brand established in 1917! yes you heard me right that's a brand that has now been around just over 100 years. The brand Joewell however had a name change in 1975.

Joewell shears are made by Japanese Craftsmen in a factory in Iwate, Japan.

You will find that Joewell will use one of the highest Japanese quality steel called 440C which has the highest carbon content. To Increase the hardness of this steel it goes through a heating process when infused making it the ultimate hardness for hair cutting shears.

Joewell scissors are typically designs that are original to Joewell's brand from three decades ago. Joewell has also over the years and most recently brought out newer designs and ungraded features.

Joewell really has some of the best Hair cutting scissors in the world and they have all the Awards to prove it.


Yasaka is another brand that uses premium Japanese steel. Yasaka is a brand that dates back to 1965. Yasaka has a very unique history in that the skills and manufacturing process and traditions that have been passed down and still used to this day. Yasaka started exporting their shears around the world in 1975 and the response since then and to this day has been one of the leaders in the industry for hairdressing scissors.

Yasaka Shears are made from the finest Japanese cobalt infused steel, that will last you through the years. The reason why Yasaka are so popular is because hairstylists all over the world have fallen in love with the lightweight shear.

Yasaka Shears are known to have a really razor sharp cutting edge. Yaskaka has shears with  light weight steel, which means to take strain off your wrist when repetitive cutting. Lightweight Yasaka steel will be one of the most comfortable and quality pairs of hair cutting shears you will ever pick up and use while cutting hair.


Sozu is a brand that has great quality Japanese steel shears but has found a way to sell them at a lower price. But don't let the price put you off because when you have these shears in front of you, you will be utterly shocked at how good the quality of hair cutting scissors are.

We would normally recommend these shears to training hairdressers for a few reasons. The first reason being the price, as we understand training hairdressers most of the time don't earn much money. The second reason we recommend these shears is because of the quality of them they are really so easy to work and learn with. They also may not have to be changed out as quickly after training as you may enjoy them several years after learning too.

If you're also a Hairstylist that may not want to spend a crazy amount of money on Haircutting scissors then these are a perfect option for you too. We can appreciate that everyone can set their own budget's of what they can afford and these shears you're really getting way more than you pay for.

The feedback that has been received on this brand is all very positive and the customers love them.


The Brand Jaguar was founded in 1967 but three Schmidt names Kurt Jr, Frank and hardy. Kurt their father established the company first in 1932 which was a steel goods company called "City of blades".

Jaguar Put German steel shears on the map in the 1930's from their "city of blades" company that revolutionized high quality hairdressing shears for the whole world to see. It wasn't until the 1960's after re-naming their company to Jaguar that they actually started to distribute through the international market. They first had to focus on making their shears more aesthetically pleasing so they would thrive on an international scale and boy did they!

Now Jaguar is easily one of the world's leading companies for German style hairdressing shears with so many design's and ranges of quality in each design. We would say that they really paved the path for the recognition of German shears to be a very close second to Japanese style shears.


Gluck is another German haircutting scissors company that uses German steel. Now the history of Gluck shears is a bit harder to track down but here's what we do know about them.

Gluck Shears are a German style shears that are known for their lightweight style design and their affordable price tag. These are a great option for those aspiring hairdressers that are looking for a good quality shear but not at a higher price tag. 

We have said this before and we will say it again, German hair shears are a very close second to Japanese style shears, so if you are still looking for the best shears with a low price tag, then these are it.

We hope by reading this blog today you have a better understanding of what makes up the best brands. Whether you're shopping for Japanese style shears or German style shears we always think it's important to know the general history of a brand and most importantly what the brand excels at with their steel.

We would never recommend a brand we have not tried or tested or really researched for ourselves. Have complete confidence that whatever shear you have chosen from the brands above that they are all such a great choice and really it comes down to your personal preference at the end of the day.

Here at Scissor Tech We always look forward to chatting with our customers and helping them find the best Hair cutting scissors to best serve them. If you ever have any further questions that you need help answering please feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service representative.

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