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The Best Barber Razor

August 07, 2023

Nothing says barber like a good old fashioned shave ! The hot lather, the sharp blades and the smooth shaves are a barbers bread and butter. Here are some razors that a barber may need in their day to day life! 

Traditional straight razors

Learning to use a traditional straight razor aka the cut throat is an incredible feat! These razors are not for the faint of heart. They take a lot of skill to perfect, even knowing how to sharpen them correctly is a talent in itself. 

Why should you use a traditional straight razor? Traditional straight razors not only look cool, but they give the closest shave you will ever have. Learning to use one is a real art form. Most men who have had a straight edge razor shave at a barbershop want to be able to do the same at home. It takes alot of time and practice to get it right! They are also great for preventing razor burn and bumps. One single sharp blade is actually better for your skin than using a reusable razor with multiple blades. And of course the environmental benefits are second to none!

Traditional straight razors are made from a solid piece of steel, usually carbon steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel is rust resistant but can be more difficult to sharpen. They have a folding handle which closes the blade similarly to a pocket knife. Like scissors you can have different blade angles. A sharper, more fine edge will give you an extra smooth shave, however it is more delicate and also harder to work with. A round point or edge will make it easier for a beginner, with less chance of nicks or cuts, however it is not as sharp. 

Blade width is also something to consider when straight razor shaving. A thicker, wider blade may give a better cut with the extra weight behind it, however it may be trickier for a beginner to use. A narrower blade may give you more control.

Along with a traditional straight razor you will need to learn how to sharpen the blade. A Classic straight razor uses a leather strop to sharpen it. It will give your straight razor the sharpest edge possible.

Shavette style straight razors

In a barbershop today you will only come across a Shavette straight razor. Don't worry your barber will still guarantee you get the amazing straight razor shaving experience! A shavette looks similar to a traditional straight razor, however the blade is different. Shavettes use disposable blades. They are replaceable blades meant to be changed between every client. Unfortunately while traditional straight razors are the best, they are also not sanitary enough to be used on different clients throughout a barbers day.

Using a shavette straight razor means that your barber can change to a fresh blade for every client. Disposable blades guarantee that you are never using another client's blade, and being accidentally exposed to their blood or skin. There is no guaranteed way to completely sterilise a traditional straight razor, so if used on multiple people there is a chance of being exposed to someone else's blood, skin or even skin diseases. 

There are different types of shavette straight razors. You can find them with a folding handle, like your traditional straight razors or you can find them with a straight handle, sometimes known as the kamisori handle. Straight or folding handle, it is whichever you find gives you the most comfort and control. The razor blade part is meant for holding your replaceable blades in position. Different razors have different ways to hold the blades. Some razors are as simple as pinching the top and replacing the blade, while others have a few more moving parts. Again this all comes down to what makes your life easier. They will all help you get a quality shave.

A shavette razor is still a perfect tool for wet shaving. It can help prevent ingrown hairs and give you the closest shave around.

Feather razors are known for being as close to traditional straight razors as you can get. You can easily change your feather blades and professional barbers love their design. Guaranteed a quality shave, every time!

Safety razors

While most barbers will always use a shavette straight razor, if you're just starting out learning the art of shaving, practicing with a safety razor is a must.

Like a shavette straight razor, a safety razor uses a disposable blade. This means they can be used in a barber shop. Using a safety razor will still get you a close shave, but with some added protection. Safety razors are still using one sharp, disposable blade. to get you a close shave every time.

Traditional razor or shavette?

If you are using this razor in a barbershop to shave multiple clients, you will have to use a shavette. However, having a traditional straight razor on hand at any time will definitely get the clients talking! Whatever razor you choose just know you will be getting the best, closest shave possible, and that's really what we came here for !

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