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The 3 best razors to have a part of your hairdressing kit

June 27, 2023

Your scissors are your true best friend, but you should be embracing the razor as well ! We promise in this case three is not a crowd! Every hairdresser needs a razor, or two to help improve their daily haircuts, let's look into the ones we think are a must have !

Why do you need a razor?

First let's talk a little about why a razor is a must have! While scissors are your bread and butter, a razor can be your best tool for certain types of haircuts. If you're wanting to give a client a very textured, choppy haircut a razor may be the perfect tool for you.

Razor cuts are great for cutting thick hair. You can use your razor to do an entire haircut which will remove a lot of weight and add so much movement and texture to the hair. A razor cut tends to be thinner at the ends, giving your cut a softer finish. A scissor cut tends to have a heavier, more blunt finish. 

Knowing what hair texture to use a razor on is important. It can be used on thick hair to really thin it out. You can use your razor on fine hair to give movement but it is only recommended to be used as a texturizing technique, not a full haircut technique. If your clients hair is prone to frizz and breakage, skipping the razor and using scissors will help protect the integrity of their hair. 

Now that you know you need one.... let's help you find the best razor for your hairdressing kit!

Matsui Texturising Razor

If you have bought a set of scissors you may have noticed a very handy, and cool, texturising razor came with them. The Matsui texturising razor is a single blade razor with a straight, ergonomic handle. The single blade has an attached guard with grooves on it. This guard not only stops the blade from accidentally cutting anyone but it helps to create texture. This razors designed to take on even coarse hair. The razor handle is designed for the maximum comfort and ease while you cut. Your Matsui texturising razor comes with a pack of replacement blades as well. These disposable blades ensure you are using the sharpest, freshest blades with the best results.

The texturising razor is great for haircuts and all types of texturising techniques. As a hairdresser it is also a great tool to have for mens haircuts. You can use it to create a soft natural neckline while getting a close shave on the neck, which men love!

Razor Comb

A razor comb is similar to texturising razor. However, it takes two razor blades and the handle is more like a comb. A razor comb is best used for texturising, and might be a little harder to use for an entire haircut. It is a great tool for blending. Even barbers will love using a razor comb to help blend the sides of their cuts to the top. You can use regular razor blades and then the comb has a textured razor blade cover.

Traditional razor

Most hairdressers may avoid having a traditional straight razor in their kit. This is due to the fact that it is more of a barbering tool. Barbers are taught to use a straight razor early on, while it is normally skipped over if you're doing your hairdressing apprenticeship. That being said, if you can learn to use one, it is a seriously great skill to have.

Of course as a hairdresser you will not be expected to do a smooth shave. However a traditional razor has other uses. You can use it to do a razor cut, and a softer more precise look and if you have male clients, we promise they will always love a quick little neck shave. 

A straight facial razor can be used to do a razor cut, if you have more experience. Since a straight razor does not have a guard it can easier to cut your hands when using it, it is not for the beginner stylist. You will also need to really move you razor to create alot of texture. The difference when cutting with a straight razor is that it is gentler on the hair, and will be softer on the cuticle if you are cutting a client who has damaged hair. 

Time to Razor cut!

Now that you know your different options for razor and razor blades you can get to razor cutting ! We promise you .. and your clients will love you for it !

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