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Swivel and Non-Swivel - Which is best for you?

February 10, 2022

To Swivel or not to swivel.. That is the question...

Well firstly We think it's important to know the definition of what the word "Swivel" means. Swivel means to "turn around a point or axis or on a swivel. So now that we know the meaning we think we also have to point out that I'm sure there are hairstylists out there that have never picked up a pair of swivel shears or there's a hairstylist that cannot fathom how a stylist would choose to use them because well.. They look scary.

Well we are going to give you a crash course on all things "Swivel Shears" Because really we can't tell you what is best for you, we can only educate you and steer you in the right direction for you to make that decision.


What are Swivel Scissors?

Well Swivel Scissors are exactly what they sound like, Swivel Scissors are a type of Scissors that for all purposes look like all other Hairdressing scissors but with one major and visible difference. The biggest difference being only one of the bottom finger insert or handles completely rotate around and for any hairdresser that knows how to hold a pair of scissors correctly, this bottom finger insert is for your thumb of course. They allow the Thumb to feel free while cutting and not feel stiff and rigid.


Who will benefit using Swivel Scissors?

The kind of hairstylists that will benefit using Swivel scissors are those who suffer from RSI or Carpal Tunnel related injuries. The Swivel thumb insert not only provides control when cutting but it takes the strain off your wrist as your thumb and even your shoulder to rest in a comfortable cutting position. Technically these scissors were really designed for those with RSI related injuries but if you want to prevent getting an injury or have sore hands when cutting or if you just even like the feel of these more, then these are a great option for any hairstylist.


How do they work?

The rotating thumb feature allows your wrists and elbows to stay level, leaving you body with good posture. Also reduces the need to work your body into uncomfortable positions in order to cut at specific angles. You want your scissors to work with you and not against you.


Best Swivel Shears

The best quality steel to have when choosing your scissors are Japanese stainless steel, which is the strongest, sharpest and most durable steel in the world for hairdressers. Check them out here 

 Types of Swivel Shears

Left handed Swivel shears

We are starting off with the Left handed shears because we want all you Lefties out there to know that you're not Left out and are counted right in on this one! (see what we did there?*chuckle*). Without further introduction and explanation the Left Handed Swivel Shears are for you Left handed cutting whiz's.

Thinning Swivel Shears

Thinning Scissors are a must have for every hairdresser but Swivel Thinning scissors are a game changer!

Double swivel shears

This type of Swivel Shear gives you extra comfort and control with Three finger inserts instead of two.

Offset Shears

Offset shears are angled off center at the slightest for a more comfortable hand cutting position. 

Colorful Shears

Gone are the days of stock standard silver steel shears. Now you can get so many fun and cool colors to brighten up your day or if you are not into color there's Rose Gold's or Matt black.


Non-Swivel Shears

Non-Swivel Shears are not the enemy here but they can be your enemy if you have pain from haircut injuries like RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as we have discussed above. For example some of us here at Scissors Tech had never tried a pair of Swivel shears before in their hairdressing career (shock horror right) but now after trying them they can see the difference and what the hype is all about. We think having both to give your hands a rest could be a great way to ease into them, But it's all about what your prefer if you are lucky enough to get the option to.


All good things must come to an END..

I bet when you read the title of this article you were thinking we were going to list the Pro's and Con's to both Swivel and non-swivel scissors, but we just couldn't do that for this blog and we will tell you why. We didn't do this because there's no right or wrong answer here, there's only preference. Both normal Scissors and Swivel Scissors are an amazing tool to use while cutting, but all our brains and bodies work differently. One type of Shear will make more sense to you then the other or maybe you would love using both!

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