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Steps To Follow Upon Receiving Your New Shears

October 18, 2022

So you have done the big thing and the big thing is buying a fresh pair or even a set of hairdressing scissors. It's really going to feel like Christmas now when you receive that package and we really are excited for you to receive them.

Well now the big question is "What steps will you need to take when receiving them?" except just admiring the beauty of them of course!

We think that it's important to check everything that we have in store to get you to check today, upon receiving your fresh pair of scissors. Even if the scissors have been quality checked before reaching you that doesn't mean they would have been set correctly and ready to cut comfortably for you.

So let's not see what you need to check and do to get the most out of those fresh pair of hair scissors that I'm sure you're so desperate to try.

Oil your shears

Now this one may be an obvious first step for most or others may expect the scissors to be freshly oiled.

To oil your scissors first is the best way to indicate the tension, how smooth they feel while cutting and just really test the overall experience with your new shears.

The best way to oil your scissors is to put a small drop of oil or spray each side of the blade close to the tension screw. The oil should always coat the insides of the blade so if you want to place another drop between the tension screw and handle that will push the oil to the top of the tension screw also.

To work in the oil you would need to open and close the scissors anywhere between 10-20 times and wipe off any excess oil afterwards with a cleaning cloth.

Check the tension

Checking the tension is another important step to take after oiling your scissors when you first receive them. 

Checking your tension is easy. All you have to do is follow these steps below.

  1. Hold your scissors closed in your cutting hand, so right if you're right handed and left if you're left handed.
  2. With the handles pointing up in the air, using your left hand on the handle you want to drop the handle to see where it falls.
  3. If the blades fall shut quickly and completely that means your tension is too loose. If the blades don't move much or close half way then the tension is too tight.
  4. Play around with the tension key until you can get the tension of the blades to fall nearly closed or slightly open for the perfect tension.

Check the finger inserts

Having the correct size finger insert for your finger size is key for the best comfort while using your hair scissors. We always advise our customers to make sure they check their finger inserts first when they first receive their brand new hairdressing scissors.

You will find that most hair scissors suppliers will include a standard size finger insert. If you find that your finger insert is either too large or too small for your hair shears then we recommend you purchase the right size for your fingers at your local salon supply store.

Check the sharp edges

Checking the sharp edges means to check the scissor blades to make sure they are nice and sharp. 

The best way to check your scissors correctly is to do the tissue test. The tissue test is when you cut into a tissue to see the ease of the blades slicing through the tissue. If your blades grab the tissue for any reason and the tension has been corrected or checked then the blades are not at their sharpest.

This test will only work on traditional salon scissors or barber scissors.

You should never receive blunt scissors and they should obviously always be freshly sharpened scissors. 

Scissors care kit

If you have in fact purchased a pair of our Scissors Tech hair scissors then you will be happy to know that along with a scissors pouch you will also receive Professional scissors oil, finger inserts, a cleaning cloth and a tension key for your scissors.

Care for your scissors 

Once you have received your new scissors it's important to set up good habits early to prolong the life of your scissors.

You should be using a soft cloth between your haircut’s to wipe off any excess water with a paper towel or hair with your cleaning cloth from your scissors and oiling them. Remember to sterilize your scissor and clean them with professional scissor cleaning alcohol at least twice a week also.

When you want to maintain scissors sharp blade edges we recommend you book them into a professional sharpening scissors service in your area at least 1-2 times a year to maintain your shear blades cutting edge. 


Our last recommendation for you is to ENJOY those new hair scissors. Getting new hair scissors should always be a treat and a great experience. If you're unsure of your purchase or even want to know a little bit more about how you care for those shears then we always encourage you to contact your supplier for any general questions.

Personally we love hearing from our customers, so if you haven't purchased a pair yet and need some advice or have a pair of scissor tech shears and need some advice on those too then we are always happy to help and hear from you.

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