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Short Shears vs. Long Shears

January 06, 2022

Welcome to the great debate on "Short Shears vs. Long Shears". This is called for a debate because we know that we all have a favorite when it comes to the two different types of hair cutting shears. But why do we have a favorite? Some of you may have both types of hair scissors but only mainly use one pair. Some of you hairstylists use them equally as much and if this is the case,  you my friend seem fancy!

If you don't know why there are different lengths of hair scissors, then you have hit the right place because that's what we are going to go over for you today. When choosing the right length of Hair cutting shears for you, it's really important for you to know why. Why you need this length shear, and What haircuts are best suited to the length of shear. Also Who would you use these different lengths of scissors on and what clients are suited best for.


Short hair cutting Shears


How short is short?

When we say a short scissor length that means lengths between 4.5 to 6 inches .

What Stylist are these best for?

Short shears are best for predominantly women's cutting hair stylists, this is because cutting long hair or women's hair takes more precision in cutting. By using a shorter shear it is more comfortable to use with haircuts that require a lot of sectioning and precise cutting. Also for stylists with small hands.

What clients are these best for?

Best for clients with long hair and women's hair with any type of layers. Also children or babies' hair would be much easier and safer to cut with a shorter shear.

What's the best cutting techniques/haircuts to use with this shear?

The pair of scissors are best used in say a short concave bob, where your shears need to be shorter to cut it and cut those intricate layers near the clients neck. Also great for slide cutting in layers, and shallow point cutting.

How to measure

The way you measure the right length of hair cutting shears for you is to determine the length you'll need by measuring the length of the cutting blade against the second knuckle of your middle finger.


Longer Shears


How long is long?

When we say longer hair cutting shears this is from lengths between 6 to 8 inches and longer types of scissors.

What Stylist are these best for?

These shears are most popular and tailored for barbers hair cutting, but can also be handy for women's hair cutting too. Also great for apprentices and trainees to learn on.

What clients are these best for?

Longer hair cutting scissors are best for all barber male cuts and blunt woman's bobs or blunt baseline cuts. When learning it is easier to cut with longer shears because learning scissor the over comb technique can be awkward with a shorter shear.

What's the best cutting technique to use with this shear?

Best techniques include scissors over comb cutting which is so much easier with a longer shear as the length of the shear cuts through more hair faster. Blunt cutting for the baseline of a haircut. for that sharp precise cut that's made easy with a longer shear. Point cutting also made easy with a longer shear


Dis-advantages of using the wrong sized shear

When you have a shear that is too big for your hands or for the style of haircut you are doing, you run the risk of injuring yourself or your client. Trying to navigate a shear that is far too large can be extremely awkward to some. Using shears that are far too small for your hands or the style of haircut you're doing means that it can be extremely time consuming or can put a lot of strain on your wrist from over cutting and working those scissors.


This may not really be a debate after all because most of you would have both scissors in your hairdressing tools kit right? but maybe one more than the other you may look at from time to time and think, what are they there for? Well hopefully this inspires you to pick up those other lonely shears you neglected solely on the fact that you don't know when to use them. Well today that's going to change, and just admit it.. you're excited to go and try them out now aren't you?

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