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Scissors that can help with Carpal Tunnel and RSI

December 16, 2021

You may hear these terms, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI.. But what are they really? What does it all mean? 

Well here we are going to go through what it means, tips on what can help and tips on what you can do to avoid it all. Being Diagnosed or starting to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI can be extremely frustrating. As if being on your feet all day is not tiring enough, now we have to worry about sore hands or wrists too? Well not today! Let's learn how to fix or avoid that together shall we by choosing professional hairdressing scissors that shift your tendons into a more comfortable position.


Types of Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel is a condition that can develop over time where the median nerve can cause stress on the wrist. When the median nerves are compressed they put strain on the ligaments, bones and functionality in movements in your hand. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused from repetitive movement

Repetitive Strain injury (RSI)

Repetitive strain injury is when the movement of your hand is over used in a repetitive manner. This can put strain on your wrist, palm and fingers. Repetitive Strain injury can cause pain throughout different parts of your body. It can cause strain in your neck, shoulder, elbow, hands, your back or wrist.


Tendons is a cord that acts as an anchor to the bone. When this becomes swollen and inflamed it can cause serious strain and pain to the surrounding areas.


Scissors that will help.

Everyone is different so choosing the right pair of scissors for them is important. Scissors must feel comfortable and the ergonomics must work for you. So this is the part you have all been waiting for! What scissors will be the best for those overworked and injured stylists. Because we need to take care of you.


Choosing the wrong pair of scissors may put unnecessary stress on your wrist. Well these are the right cutting edge pair to ensure your wrist doesn't over tighten. A rotating thumb puts less strain on your hand and wrist. The movement of the hand is completely different when using this scissor while cutting hair, which gives your wrist a break. Carpal tunnel needs to not be the enemy here.

Crane handle

This is a newer design that's taken the industry by storm. The Crane rest allows your hand to sit in a natural position and allows your elbow to sit lower which prevents the stress on your neck and shoulders. Also Referred to asDrop Handles.

Light weight steel

The balanced weight a blade can have plays a huge part in RSI and Carpal Tunnel . What this means is the lighter the steel means the less strain on your wrist. How do you get a lighter steel you ask? Well that's simple. The higher the grade quality of a Japanese steel, the lighter the steel will be and feel. The Weight a blade heavy on your wrist or hands can cause a lot of strain to any RSI and carpal Tunnel injured hairdressers.


Warning signs.

No Need to call 999 or 112 because we have get your emergency covered in this portion *giggles*. Below we have listed the early warning signs for you, so that you can take care of those money makers.

For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you are starting to experience..

  • Hands start to feel restless and achy even after rest.
  • Grip strength starts to decrease and you feel like you can't grip you scissors
  • In extreme cases, not being able to feel hot or cold thought the touch of your hands

For Tendonitis..

  • Weakness in your hands and forearms
  • Shooting pains to different parts or the hairdressing related injury to body parts.
  • Tremors, numbness, clumsiness and weakness in the hands.
  • Cold hand and Fingertips


All of the above can be warning signs for RSI too.


What can help you?

What can you do to avoid getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI you ask? Well, we have some good pointers here for you so keep reading..

Maintaining your scissors:So make sure you keep your scissor sharp and get them sharpened at least twice a year. Service the tension and check the screws are tight, make sure the finger rest inserts are comfortable for you. Clean and oil your blades. By maintaining your scissor this can reduce less stress on your wrist with a scissor that's fully maintained and takes no effort to use.

Maintain good posture:You can use a cutting stool which helps to rest your back neck and shoulders. Use your trolley to rest your tools on to reduce strain from bending over too often. Sit down at the basin to reduce strain when toning or washing (if possible). Learn to take care of your body.

Non-Surgical approach:You can try something like acupuncture, Inflammation medicine (always consult with a doctor). You can try resting, Wrist braces And Yoga can help strengthen joints.

Surgical:After a period of time with no improvement, your doctor may recommend surgery. So to avoid getting to this point, try self healing first by buying the right tools, or trying anything that's listed above.



So not Only have we gone over the correct scissors to help RSI or Carpal Tunnel, we have also gone over the warning signs and treatments for you. Just because a shear is tailored for such injuries. This does not mean that if you don't have any injuries that these scissors won't be beneficial for you also, They will still be a great choice.

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