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REVEALED: The Most Googled Hairstyles Around the World

July 12, 2023

These days, with the rise of technology, hairstyles are no longer just popular in one region. In a few clicks, we can see hairstyles from across the globe, picking one that we love to try next. It also means that hairstyle popularity can change rapidly, with braids, bobs, and other styles being chosen regardless of culture or location. 

We can access tips and tutorials online, providing us and our hair stylists with a never-ending stream of information and new hairstyles to try out. But this also means that the popularity of hairstyles is constantly changing, making it harder for us to keep up with the latest trends and styles. 

So we need to stay ahead of the game, by knowing what the most Googled hairstyles are around the world. That way, we can tailor our hairstyles and the services we offer to deliver the best results to our clients. After all, we want them to have a stylish hairstyle, don’t we?

But knowing this information can be tricky. This is why we are here with the answers that you need! We analysed a list of over 100 hairstyles, showing us what the most Googled hairstyles were around the globe. With the help of Google and its Keyword Planner, we narrowed down the results and are pleased to reveal to you today that the bob haircut is the most popular and Googled hairstyle in over 52 countries! 

We bet you want to know more about this, so keep reading to see what we here at Scissor Tech UK found out and how it can help us all become better hairstylists! After all, we have the tools for you, now you need to know which styles you will create with them! 

Top 5 Searched Hair Looks 

Below we have a list of the top 5 searched hair looks. These states were conducted using Google Keyword Planner to see monthly search volumes to give these average monthly scores. Let’s check them out now. 

  1. Bob - 222,580
  2. Curtain bangs - 90,500
  3. Bun - 85,890
  4. Bangs - 85,830
  5. Box braids - 66,700 

As you can see, the bob took the top spot with a huge difference between 1st and 2nd place. The bob is one of the most searched hair looks every month, coming out on top in over 52 countries including the UK, the US, France, and China. The scope of the haircut across the globe proves how popular it is, with more and more opting to chop their hair and sport a cute bob. 

But the bob comes in a variety of styles, allowing the popular hairstyle to be still super versatile. One of the more popular options is the French bob which was searched for 8,100 times a month! This bob works best for long, oval, and heart-shaped faces, with the hair cut shorter than the usual chin length we see on bobs. 

A French bob is often paired with a fringe and can feature layers to add some texture to it. It’s one we can expect to stick around for a while, especially as its searches are up 179% year on year! 

Bob Haircut Popularity - Top 10 Countries 

We mentioned that the bob was popular and came out on top in 52 countries, but where is it most popular? Below we have a list of the top 10 countries searching for the bob and having it as their next hairstyle, let’s take a look at the list now. 

  1. China 
  2. North and South Korea
  3. France 
  4. Italy
  5. UK
  6. USA
  7. Russia
  8. Romania 
  9. Egypt
  10. Spain 

Are you surprised by the results? We were too! Who knew that the bob had such a worldwide following and appreciation? It shows how far-reaching the bob has become, with its popularity being seen across four continents! No matter where you are using your Scissor Tech scissors, you can bet you will be asked about a bob. 

Why Is It Important To Know Bob Haircut Popularity Around The World? 

So why is it important to know about the popularity of the bob haircut across the globe? Well, there are a few reasons that we would like to touch on today to help you better understand the importance of the figures we have shared with you. 

Cultural Understanding 

First, we have cultural understanding. The more we understand about the popularity of a bob haircut in different regions, the more we can learn about their trends, preferences, and cultural values. Doing so can help us deepen our understanding of different cultures and promote them in a cross-exchange, rather than appropriating the style without giving any credit! 

Beauty And Fashion Industry 

Knowing where hairstyles are popular can also help you improve your business. If you operate in the beauty or fashion industry, you know how important it is to stay on top of the current trends, after all, you don’t want to fall behind the times! 

By knowing what is popular in your area, you can tailor your products and services to suit the market. This helps you target your marketing better and deliver success for your market. If bobs are popular in your area, start promoting products designed for shorter hairstyles. Or you might want to focus on extensions for those that have cut their hair and need more length or volume for an event or hairstyle. 

Hairdressing Professionals 

For professionals in the hair industry, you need to know where the bob haircut is popular. It helps you stay updated on global hair trends, allowing you to meet the diverse needs of the industry with ease. If bobs are popular in your area, you might need to train all of your stylists on bobs or start showcasing recent bobs online to attract more clients. 

Travel And Personal Style 

If you like to travel and want to look like a local, it's helpful to know where bob is popular. That way you can adapt your style and not stick out like a sore thumb when you arrive. 

Social And Historical Context 

The bob and other hairstyles can reflect historical and social contexts. It's always worth being aware of these to help deepen your appreciation of how fashion trends are shaped by society and change over time.

Members of The Public Vote

At ScissorTech UK, we asked 50 participants if they have ever had a bob cut before and their thoughts on the style. In order to keep this data piece inclusive to all, we asked all genders and array of age groups: 


To begin with, this data provides valuable insights into our participants' preferences regarding the bob cut. It reveals that a significant majority of our participants expressed a positive inclination towards this particular hairstyle. Moreover, the data also sheds light on their personal experiences with the bob cut, indicating that most participants have either previously sported this style or currently have it.

Furthermore, a deeper analysis of the data highlights some interesting findings among the male participants. Approximately 30% of the participants identified as male, indicating a notable presence in the study. Among these male participants, 20% reported they are either currently experiencing, or have had a personal experience with the bob cut. This implies that out of the total 15 male participants, 3 individuals have firsthand familiarity with this hairstyle.

These findings provide valuable insights for understanding the overall perception and adoption of the bob cut among our diverse participant pool. The data suggests that the bob cut holds considerable appeal across various demographics, and it is particularly noteworthy to observe male participants embracing this hairstyle as well.

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, the bob is the most Googled hairstyle across the globe! With searches topping 222,000 every month, it is clear that the bob is popular and is sticking around! With searches in over 52 countries, the style is taking the world by storm and one hairdressers should brush up on to ensure that they can meet the demand!

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