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Professional Barber Scissors for Barbers

April 27, 2021

People often wonder what’s the difference between scissors for barbers and those for hairdressers. Are the scissors made differently or include different features? The answer isn’t all that technical because the main difference is size. Yes, size does matter in this case.


Size of Barber Scissors

Barbers generally have bigger hands than hairdressers so they use a longer pair of scissors. Barbers tend to use shears that are 7 inches long right up to 8 inches while hairdressers prefer 6 inches or shorter. The benefit of large scissors is a longer blade that can cut more hair with every closing action. When you’re working in a busy barbers shop, speed matters so you want to use the largest blade you can handle to cut as much hair as possible.

Your preferred scissor length will depend on the size of your hand but also how you were trained and the techniques you use to cut hair. If you prefer the scissor over comb technique, you’ll want a fairly long blade. Of course, personal preference matters too. No one wants to use a pair of scissors they aren’t comfortable with. You need to have complete control over the scissors so you don’t drop them or make a mistake that we all know can’t be reversed!


Durable Barbers Shears 

Barber shears and scissors need to be durable and stay sharp for longer. Barbers rely on their scissors even more than hairdressers because cutting is what they do all day. Most hairdressers spend part of their time in the salon applying colours and blow drying hair so their scissors aren’t being used during these times of the day.


Range of Barber Shears

Below is a list of barber shears and scissors we recommend.

Yasaka 7 Inch Barber 

Durability isn’t a question with these hard ATS314 cobalt-infused steel scissors. They offer a long life between sharpening sessions and their smooth closing action makes all day cutting very comfortable.

Sozu Essentials Ergonomic Barbering Scissor

The Sozu brand is well known as a high quality Japanese brand of scissors without the high price tag making it ideal for apprentice barbers and hairdressers. The handmade blades are comfortable to use for those starting out in their career. The chrome scissors come with everything an apprentice needs to look after their scissors including oil, a case, tension key and spare plastic inserts.

Sozu Essentials Oriental Barbering Scissors

For those apprentice barbers who are looking for something a little more stylish, the oriental range has just the right amount of detail on the handles to make them interesting. They also come in a case with all the accessories to keep your scissors looking good for years.

Gluck Pro Barber

For the barbers who know their business -  The handmade barber scissor classic design with a long 6inch or 6.5inch blade and small serrated edge on one side to make clean quick cuts for your barbering day

This is a comfortable pair of scissors to use for many hours of constant cutting with their semi offset handles and permanent finger rest. The handles were designed short so there is less hand movement required to open the blades and cut. For those barbers worried about metal allergies, the Joewell pair contains less than 0.6% nickel. Made from supreme steel, the blade has a convex edge so it stays sharp for longer.

Matsui VG10 7 inch Master Barber Matte Black Limited Edition

For those barbers that like the look of black shears, you can’t go past this super sleek pair. They’re made from high quality cobalt-infused Japanese steel to achieve a superior hardness and finished with a semi convex edge to cope with the constant cutting.

Matsui Master Barber Ergo 7 Inch

Made from the same high quality cobalt-infused Japanese steel as the pair above, the ergo shears have a different shaped handle for the ultimate in comfort and control while cutting. The offset position allows the thumb to sit in a natural position.

Yasaka 7.0 inch Deluxe Barber Set

For those barbers who like to have a matching set of cutting and thinning scissors, this is the set for you. They offer a smooth closing action and comfortable offset handles for non-stop cutting. The extra hard steel is resistant to corrosion and fading.
Barber Starter Kit

For barbers who offer more than haircutting, there’s the exclusive Scissor Tech Barber Starter Kit. The kit includes the top quality Matsui scissors in two sizes – 7 inch and 5.5 inch, a Matsui barber razor with a badger hair shaving brush and a comb. All the maintenance accessories are included to keep your tools looking good and performing well for many years to come.

Choosing Your Barber shears shouldn't be as hard as what you think. If the range of barber shears has you wondering what’s best in your hands for your style of cutting, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Scissor Tech. We can help narrow down your search. Don’t forget Scissor Tech offers a 7 day return or exchange policy so even if you find the scissors aren’t quite right for you, choose another pair or a refund.

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