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Must have tools for barbers

March 17, 2022

Whether you're a local neighbourhood or Social Media famous barber, these all require the skill and talent to keep those customers coming. Having the most essential barber shop tools is also very important. The wrong tools can make your job harder and the right tools can make your job easier. But not having all the tools.. Well really there's no fun in that!

Barbers are really spoiled for choice these days with different types of scissors, Different types of Clippers, razors.. and the list goes on. So with so much choice it really comes down to what you need and what will elevate your cutting skills as a barber.

Through this blog we will go through the most essential barber shop tools that we believe no barber should live without. Because having the right tools will make you the right barber to visit if you're already confident in your cutting ability.


Best barber shears

We all know a must have tool would be your Barber Shears, but with so many options out there which would be best for you? Here we will go through our most favorite and the best Barber Shears to have.


Yasaka 7 Inch Barbering Shear

The Yasaka Barbering shear is made from the strongest Cobalt Japanese steel. We particularly love how smooth these shears feel when opening and closing them while cutting. The soft closing feature can really help reduce any finger fatigue so it makes cutting a breeze all day long.

Master Barber Matsui Ergo 7 Inch

This master barber ergo tool is great for those barbers who want that ultimate control when cutting hair. This essential barber tool is very comfortable to use due to the extra finger rest design. Made with 17 layers of super strong and sharp Damascus steel, this Barber tool is a show stopper. Made in fun colors like Matt Black, Silver and Rose Gold which never dull the quality in a shear when coated in a color steel.

Sozu Essentials Ergonomic Barbering Scissor

The Sozu Range in itself is really great quality for the price you pay for a shear. We recommend Sozu to those who are training because of the quality you get while training. When you buy your first pair of shears for the start of your training normally you would swap them out a couple of years after that for a better pair of shears. With Sozu you will see, you will love them so much that you won't ever need to swap them out for a better pair because they are made from all the best Japanese Steel anyways. The Essential ergonomic barber shear also comes in a oriental design on the handles too.

Matsui Barber Rose Gold Samurai 7 Inch

Made fromPremium Aichei Japanese Steel, these Shear’s have been handcrafted and designed so this shear can be lightweight with an ergonomic handle. Now you're probably wondering what that all means, when a Shear is ergonomically designed and lightweight that means that when a barber is cutting all day long then it reduces the hand fatigue. So by using a lightweight shear that's made from the most durable and sharpest steel in the world then that is always a great option.



Clippers are one of those essential barber shop tools that every barber will need in their kit. The most well known and used brand for Clipper's are Wahl's so if you find and buy a professional pair of those then you are on the right track. Below I have listed some particular Clippers that are impressive and would be fun to use.

Wahl Magic Clip

Well firstly they are not Magic but have a fun name, these Wahl magic clippers are magic because they are cordless. If you are a barber or a hairstylist that has used clippers before then you will know how restricting and plain annoying a cord can be. So using this clipper would be very handy without the cord, but remember they can run flat so remember to charge them in between each customer.

Babyliss Pro Gold FX

The Babyliss pro gold FX is a really cool gold (obvious) Clipper. This is a Mini Clipper as we used to call them in the salon. This Clipper is great for sharpening up your lines and using for any line work for haircuts. This tool will make life easier for you!



Matsui Matte Black Master Barber Razor

Matsui Razors are as good as quality as their shears, which they should be. They come with a packet of Japanese Steel Blades which stay super sharp for longer and give a closer shave than traditional blades. The weight of the blade is designed so that when you use the razor you only need a firm grip and don't have to use a lot of pressure.

Also invest in an alcohol cleaning spray to wipe over your tools in between clients.

Sharp Blades

You will need to buy a packet or more of Sharp blades to change for your Barber Razor. To be Sanitary and safe you should be changing your blade for every new client, especially if you have cut the person by accident before you! you could really put your customer in harm's way with a dirty blade used on the customer before them. For example if you cut a person with a blood disease and do not change that blade for the next customer and accidently cut them too, you could transfer the blood disease over. Don't be that Barber and be Sanitary.

Cutting Combs

Cutting Combs or a Barber Comb is essential in your Barber kit because without a Comb you simply won't be able to finish a Haircut. To Find the best Comb for you, we recommend you visit your nearest Hairdressing supply store. Some barbers prefer to cut with a wide tooth comb and some barbers like to cut with a traditional comb. If you're unsure on what comb you like then you should probably get a few different types to try. Once you have found the hair comb you like then I would recommend going and buying a few more because combs tend to have their own legs.. and disappear.

Professional Hair dryer

A professional hair dryer is another essential barber shop tool. A hair dryer is used for many tasks with a Barber, which is blowing away any cut hair from the client, drying off the clients hair and that's about it. Even though it's not a tool you would use often maybe.. It still does make your life easier. So go for a hair dryer that is not heavy so that way it puts less strain on your body while using it.


Hair products like Gel, Wax or Hair Clay are essential for Barbers. Whether it's tried and used on your clients after a haircut so they can purchase some products for you store or just having it for your tool kit to style your clients hair. Products are always a great idea.

Beginner Barber Kits 

If this is your first time buying barber equipment and your training to be a barber, then it's always a good idea. The reason why we think and apprentice should get these is simply 2 good reasons

  1. As an Apprentice it's no secret that you don't earn as much money so your budget would be tighter than some. so buying a Barber starter kit is cheaper and smarter.
  2. Once you have become a senior stylist or start cutting on the floor that most hairstylists find, then it is a good time to upgrade and get more expensive shears. But what else you get in your kit will take you through your senior years.

Cutting cape

Another Important item to have as a Barber is your Barber Cape. This one I think is as clear as day why.. You have a Barber Cape so your client does not walk out with hair all over them. Now most of the time the salon you work for will provide them for you, but if you like to take your work home then I suggest getting a Barber Cape.

Spray Bottle

This is an obvious tool of course but still worth a mention. You will need your spray bottle to wet down the hair at certain stages of the haircut so it's easier for you to cut the hair.

Care kit

Every Barber/ Hairstylist needs a Care Kit, this is because no matter what clipper of shear you purchase they will always need cleaning or maintaining. Here at Scissor Tech we send out a Care kit with all of our shears when you purchase them. Our care kit Includes, Scissor Tension Key, Scissor Cleaning Cloth, Scissor Oil Pen and Finger-loops /finger inserts, assorted colors. 


Now that you have your Barber Shop Equipment list sorted and all the information behind your tool's This should give you confidence behind yourself now walking into your new Barber Shop job and being fully prepared for your new job. There's nothing worse than feeling unprepared.

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