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Left or right handed shears?

April 21, 2022

From a very young age we all learn if we are left or right handed. When you learn how to be a hairdresser the first question they may ask you at your hairdressing academy is are you left or right handed? As a hairdresser you should have the choice to learn to cut left or right handed.

We believe it should never be a question of learning left or right handed.. it should always be a question like, How would you be comfortable learning either left or right handed? They do not tell you and school to all right left handed or right handed you get a choice, so that same choice should apply to cutting.

This is why we have chosen to sell our customers left or right handed shears because you deserve a choice in the matter. So today we will go through those options for you and even a third option that may spark some stylists interest.

Left handed scissors

If you are left handed then that means your right brained they say. What does right brain mean? Well this means this may cause you to think differently. Left handed individuals make up 12% of the world's population although the 12% is slowly creeping up as left handed people are becoming more accepted and included.

So when buying a pair of shears being included and not being over charged due to being left handed is important. We have chosen to include some options for you as we know left handed stylists don't want to scroll all the way through the website to find an option most suitable for them. So in other words, we got your back.

Lefty Matsui Aichei Mountain

Available in 5.5, 6 and 7 inch shears these beauties are made from the best premium Aichei mountain steel. This super lightweight shear is perfect for slide cutting and all round cutting. They are also infused with high quality cobalt steel which means they are super sharp and will stay sharper for longer. Also available in scissor combos.

Lefty Matsui Neon Pink Scissor Combo

Need some color in your life to brighten up your day, if you love pink as much as we do then we know you will love this set. Made from high quality cobalt infused steel these are a super sharp and super stylish scissors and thinner combo. These are by far our favorite pair!

Sozu Essentials Pink Rainbow Scissor Combo Lefty

Sozu shears are a great option for those who are learning and looking to buy their first pair of shears. With Sozu you're still getting the best quality Japanese steel shears but you're getting it at a price the trainees can afford when buying their first pair of shears. These shears are so easy to cut and learn with, so do yourself a favor and get these over any other training shears. To be honest even when you start cutting clients' hair on the floor, these will still be a shear you love.

Lefty Matsui Rainbow Scissor Combo

Why try and find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.. when you can get the rainbow instead! These are some serious good quality Japanese shears, super sharp and above all so pretty.

We have a whole page on our website dedicated to left handed scissors

You can find all of our left handed scissors here 

Right handed scissors

Being right handed is more common and that's an obvious reason as to why there's that much more choice for a right handed person. If you think about it, there's that extra 90% of the population that make up for being right handed, that's a huge statistical comparison!

A right handed student would never be told to cut left handed as the teacher would prefer you to. Right handed shears will be different to left hand shears because the blade will be switched. Naturally a right handed shear will be used with your dominant hand would feel much more natural to you then trying to use a left handed pair with your right hand.

So if you can't cut with your non-dominant hand then put your tools in your most dominant hand, which would be in this case your right hand.

When shopping life is made easier for you because the majority of the shears are right handed when browsing, it won't mention at all in the description that they are right handed. Only the left handed stylist has to look for the words left handed shears or lefty's in the description.

Reversible scissors

These are some seriously exciting shears. Reversible shears are for those talented unicorns who like to cut with both left and right handed shears. You will find there's a different category of people who from a young age found that it made more sense to them to write with both hands. Same goes with cutting, there are stylists out there that like to cut using both hands as that's what they are comfortable with.

Reversible shears or "Double Threat Shears" as Matsui loves to call them…

Matsui Double Threat

Made from the best Hitachi 440 C Japanese Steel, these are available in 5.5 and 6 inches. These are available in normal shears and thinning shears also. This really is a treat on the market and seriously exciting shears.


We think we can all agree that there is no better option when choosing left or right handed scissors, but the right option is the one that best suits you as a hairstylist. You should always cut to your strengths and not fit into a mold. embrace being left handed, right handed or double handed because playing with your strengths give you the confidence to be the most amazing hairstylist you can be.

We would not recommend ever trying to use a left handed shear with your right hand as the angle of the shear and blades will be way off and this would make cutting extremely awkward.

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