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Is There A Shear Best For Cutting Bangs?

July 11, 2022

Bangs really are a fashion trend that's so hot right now and we really think it's here to stay. There are really so many different types of bangs with different hair cutting techniques to cut them in. So what if we told you that certain types of hair cutting scissors can simplify that cutting for you or even elevated your clients bangs? 

Whether you love Curtain bangs, Front Bangs, Side Bangs or even Long Subtle Bangs.. There is a hair cutting technique and shear for all types of bangs or all types of hairdressers.

So if you are like most of us and are a fan of cute bangs and want to elevate your clients bangs, then knowing the best type of hair scissors for the job is your first step. We are going to go through today and list for you our favorite "Top 5 Shears" for cutting bangs and of course an explanation as to why.

Precision Scissors

Precision Scissors have a more narrow ended blade then any other type of hairdressing scissors. When the blade is narrowed, this is where the Precision name comes into play. With a narrow ended blade you are able to precisely cut those bangs. 

Precision Scissors are the best for one of the most well known haircutting techniques called Point Cutting and to straight cut the ends which would be Blunt Cutting. Whether it's blunt bangs cutting a front fringe or Point Cutting any type of bang through the ends to blend, you won't find a more precise shear than these to do the job.

So If you love cutting crisp blunt lines and precision cuts are your jam then we know these scissors are for you.

Slide Cutting Shears

Ever wondered when watching other hairstylists or even a celebrity hairstylist slide cut, that it appears they are Slide Cutting with much more such ease than you? This may be because they are using specific Slide Cutting Shears that are designed to slide cut and are super sharp shears. To slide cut bangs with such ease would not only cut down on cutting time, it will create the most beautiful and even blend any professional hairstylist strives to cut.

Slide Cutting Shears create partly a similar result to a razor sharp cut with your razor, but in other ways it's so much better. Razor cutting is recommended on wet hair and can result in split ends when the hair dry's. A slide cutting shear is suitable for wet and dry cuts and won't leave the client with split ends.

A razor can leave the hair textured on the ends and appear thicker (most likely from the damage). Where a Slide Cutting with a Slide Cutting Shear will feel finer on the ends and smoother because these scissors are much sharper than a razor.

Slide Cutting Scissors are traditionally made from Japanese Steel as the scissors are made from a softer steel that only a Japanese steel type can provide. Most scissors are made from harder steels and a harder steel is tougher to slide cut with.

Say no more.. If you enjoy slide cutting and don't slide cut with slide cutting shears, I guarantee that once you try slide cutting scissors.. you will be ruined for life and never want to slide cut with anything but these shears again.

Thinning Scissors

Thinning Shears are nicknamed the "Finishing Shears" as they can finish off and blend perfectly with any blunt haircut. We love them so much to cut bangs because they can take the weight out of a heavy fringe or create that desired wispy bangs look. 

Some hairstylists may even decide that trimming bangs with their Thinning Shear ,so they can get that really feather look without having to use different types of scissors. Other hair stylists would prefer to finish with these scissors on dry hair after the length has been cut off with traditional salon shears.

We know that most hairstylist's would own a pair of Thinning Shears which is great, so really this is a friendly reminder to those how not to get some as you will use them for every type of client! Especially those Bang-tastic clients.

Texturizing Scissors

Texturizing scissors are not for the faint hearted, but they are for the brave, creative and most of all the confident hairstylist. A Texturizing Shear is designed to finish off any look or bangs with the maximum texture.

If you're not confident using a Texturizing Shear then we recommend not practicing on a client's bangs but a dummy head first. If you are confident with Texturizing Shears we know that you would say loudly and proudly that the wispy texture you can achieve with you Texturizing Shears on your clients bangs, is really like no other shear.

So if you love that mullet look that is at the moment in hairstyles and adventurous bangs then this hair shear will honestly change your life. For real.

5 - 6 Inch Salon Shears

Firstly you're probably thinking what type of new hair shears are these? If you are then we are sorry to disappoint you but these are not new shears. So rest easy knowing the shears you would already have actually do have a place in our Top 5, because we still think they are essential. 

These shears are your every day salon shorter shears that are not considered Barber Shears (longer shears). We wanted to mention these because we still think these are an excellent choice for trimming bangs. We love your standard salon hair cutting scissors because they really always will be a great all rounder for wet and dry hair cutting. 

These are also a great shear for cutting your own bangs as they are the most straight forward hairdressing scissors for cutting. 

You always want super sharp scissors while cutting in bangs, but most importantly you also want to own the right tools. 

A Celebrity Hairstylist will have many different types of hair cutting scissors to create different haircutting techniques, if you have ever been lucky enough to see a live demonstration or maybe a YouTube Video. 

Having more then one tool to create that awesome and out of this world Curtain Bangs or any type of bangs you desire. As hairdressers we do love to cut our own bangs so if you don't have a dummy head handy to practice with cutting hair using different types of scissors, then if it's easy enough it's always fun to experiment on our own bangs.

So happy Cutting or Experimenting you talented individuals! 

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