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Is It Possible To Layer Fine Hair?

September 05, 2022

To all you Ladies, Gents and Non-binary specimens with thin hair that are looking for that perfect style cut, that will not thin out your hair more and make you appear to have thicker hair, Well this blog is for you!

Thin hair can be great if it doesn't make you look bald, but if you have thin hair that is caused by a bad haircut, stress or even hereditary, there is always a way to make thin hair appear thicker.

So firstly you ask, Is it possible to layer finer hair? and we say in many ways yes and in some cases no. Having thin hair can be a curse at times as you are very limited on hairstyles, hair extensions or even color treatments for your hair. Have no fear because depending on the severity of your thin hair texture, there are always tips and tricks to cut layers into thin hair with the illusion of thickening the hair.

Having your hair all one length can really weigh down the volume around the crown area. If you really want that "oomph" that comes with layers then this is most definitely possible on finer hair types. So what type of layers or layered haircuts are beneficial for fine or thin hair? Let's go through that with you today..

Longer layers

If you're going to have layers then longer layers on fine hair natural textures is the way to go. Fine hair is naturally lighter than other hair types, so by having longer layers that's all you're going to need to create body and create more volume around the crown area. Some people may believe that shorter layers will create the best shape and boost volume, but with finer hair texture is actually just enough to get the same benefits with longer layers.

The longer the hair the thinner the hair can appear so long layers may only be suitable for those with shorter length then below the middle of their back. So for more volume and style on longer hair styles that don't keep the length Rapunzel long,  try adding longer layers for more body and more volume.

Face framing layers

Looking for even more body and shape and then longer layers are just not cutting it for your thin hair? then a subtle face framing blend around the face will do the trick for you. When it comes to fine hair, less is always more, so start off with a long layered face frame to see if this may be all you desire. 

If you also prefer a blunt cut and have never been one to try any type of layers on your thin hair, then soft layers around the face should be your first step to boost volume and shape around your face.

Blunt cutting layers

A Blunt cut haircut is something we know all you fine hair beauties may know of but what about blunt cutting layers? If the layers are cut correctly then a blunt haircut all over and most importantly through you layers, will give you an illusion of having thicker hair.

This layering technique is best suited to medium length hair or long hair and you don't want to overdo it with too many layers with this technique either. 

Styling Tips

  • Dry Shampoo:To wash your hair everyday strips away your natural oils that are the best treatment your hair can have. Having thin hair, oil can really weigh down the hair and make it look thinner. This is where dry shampoo comes into play, using dry shampoo on the second or third day is the best way to add volume back to flat hair without re-washing it.
  • Blow Drying:It's so important to use a heat protectant first before using any heat on your hair. Finer hair is easily damaged against heat so adding in your heat protectant for hair oil on damp hair is the best way to use those products without weighing the hair down. 

Also maybe letting you hair naturally dry without using a flat iron or blow dry from time to time to give you hair a break is a good idea too. So really no blow drying tips here, just what to do if you need to blowdry your hair.

Sometimes we are just simply dealt with the cards we are given in life and that's okay, because everybody wants what they cant have anyways right? Some people with Thick hair just wish they had thinner hair and I'm sure you're wishing your hair was way thicker. Sometimes we just have to work best with what we have.

Finer hair type won't always mean you miss out on layering your hair, it just means you have to take a different approach like longer layer, face framing layers or blunt layers with minimal to no point cutting.

So take the time to find what works best and doesn't work best for your hair type with products or hairstyles and just have fun with it. Light layers are still layers at the end of the day and remember less is more with fine hair.

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