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Is It Possible To Add Texture To Long Hair?

December 12, 2022

Adding texture could mean so many different things to many different people. When you talk to a hairstylist and say your hair needs more texture the first thing they think of is haircutting techniques or shape they can create in your haircut to achieve that and then products afterwards.

If you are out to coffee with a girlfriend and compliment the texture of her hair and ask how she achieved that, she may suggest hairstyling tools and most definitely her favorite hair styling products too.

Although a great hair product will give your hair that hair texture you are after, it may also not last or do much at all without the proper foundations. We think the first most important step to creating texture in a long haircut is first and foremost the cut and style the long hair has.

Products can only do so much or really work at all if you have the proper style cut there first and a haircut can really only look its best textured self with the right product's. So let's explore that..

Best hair cutting techniques to achieve texture for long hair types


Layers play a huge role in giving you hair texture and movement.

A hairstyle that is all one length and no layers is the opposite of a textured haircut and no amount of products will help you create texture that lasts all day. 

Whether you choose to add longer or shorter layers to your long straight hair, you will find that your straight hair type may change with less weight to the hair.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to choosing a fringe.

How does a fringe add texture to your hair you may think? Well a fringe can add texture to your haircut around your face and give it shape while you can still enjoy your longer lengths everywhere else.

Your fringe can be as short or as long as you desire because with longer lengths, all fringes can really suit your hairstyle. 

Face Framing Layers

Considering the fringe? well for more shape and more texture around the face then maybe consider the face framing layers too.

Get rid of that tiered, drag you down style and add in face framing layers around your face to really highlight and not hide those beautiful facial features of yours!

Again face framing layers can be cut in to connect to any longer layers of lengths that you love to keep elsewhere. Face framing layers should be cut in to connect and not make you look like you have a mullet. 

Face framing layers are meant to be soft but have so much impact to shape when styling.

Removing Weight/Thickness

Removing weight or thickness from a heavy and thick long hair style is another huge way to add volume, texture and most importantly body back to any haircut.

Now there are two ways to remove weight or thickness for two different types of long hair.

Firstly, if you have straight long hair then Thinning Scissors would be the best texturizing tool for your hair. But be sure to leave these scissors up to the professionals!

Secondly, if you have long beautiful spiraled or afro-like curly hair then the Thinning Scissors are not your friend and your curls need the weight left alone in the curl to weigh down any frizz. Alternatively you can ask your hairstylist to use Texturizing Shears at the roots of your hair to remove thickness for you. 

Most hair stylists would know this.. but hair stylists do make sure your only root cutting below the crown area at the back and never through the top sections.

Texturizing Techniques

Other texturizing techniques to highlight are, point cutting, deep point cutting and slide cutting.

All these hair cutting techniques will firstly give your haircut texture and body but what will also remove weight or any blunt harsh lines from the ends or the haircut also.

Best products and hair styling tools to create texture to long hair 

Now this section will be a quick recap of what I'm sure of products you may already know of, but may need a reminder of or a hint in the right direction on how to use it on long hair types.

Dry shampoo

Not many people are aware of this but the key to using dry shampoo is to use it the day before you know you're going to wake up or progress to oily hair. 

Dry shampoo can help cause a barrier between your hair and your natural oils, which will prolong any blow-dry or hairstyle you want to keep longer before washing.

Textured powder

Also known as volume powder is a great way to get a gritty texture to the root area that could have your volume at the roots last all night long.

Another way some hair stylists use it is through the ends on glamour waves styles or textured waves. This powder can make your hair really gritty so if you want silky smooth hair that you can comb through after, then this may not be for you.

Sea Salt Spray

love the textured undone look hair styles like, Beach Waves, Mermaid Waves, or even your natural scrunched hair. 

Well if you love these hairstyles the best product to keep this hair texture in place is to use Sea Salt Spray. Again this product will not make your hair feel nice or silky smooth, but it will help maintain your hair's texture and shape.

If you do have natural wavy hair, then using this product while your hair is damp and then scrunching it in with your fingers is a great tip.

Texturizing Spray 

Can be similar to sea salt spray but texture spray can be also used as a root spray.

The best way to use textured spray or cream, is to use it at the roots on damp hair and to blow-dry the product in your texture and volume around the roots.

Curling Wand/ Curling Iron

Do you have flat hair lengths that need body and shape? well don't forget about your trusty curling iron to bring back the texture and curls that the straight style is lacking.

Use that hairspray to lock in the curls that will help them survive until you're due to wash your hair again.

Flat Iron

A flat iron or hair straightener is not only for making your hair straight, you can also flick out the ends for more movement and flick under the fringe for more shape too.

Your flat iron is also another great tool to create those beach waves that create texture to any hair type too.

Blow Drying

Want to bring life back to flat straight hair or really any long hair types, then get a bouncy blow dry.

A blow-dry can highlight those layers or shapes in your hair and the more flick of curls to the blow-dry the better!

When discussing ways of how to achieve a textured haircut with long hair by cutting, you may have picked up a pattern that thickness or weight needing to be removed from any haircut would be the way to achieve that.

We hope you picked up some texture tips to try on your long hair and if you were still wondering if it was possible to do so that your question has been answered to a YES! it's possible.


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