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How To Use Swivel Scissors

September 19, 2022

Swivel Shears are recognized by many hairstylist's is the industry, but what do we really know about Swivel Shears? Swivel Shears were originally designed for those hairstylists that suffered from RSI injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Nowadays many hairstylists prefer to use this style of shear to prevent any injuries occurring or simply because they are the most comfortable shear to use.

Swivel shears come in three different styles, the first being your traditional Swivel Shear, the second being the Double Swivel Shears and the last being the Thinning Swivel Shears. The rotating thumb feature requires a bit of practice and playing around to get used to at first, But once you feel at ease with the design you will be amazed at how comfortable and free it feels.

Ergonomics benefits and how to use Swivel Scissors Properly

Firstly the benefits this shear will have on your whole entire body and mood not only inside the salon but outside the salon is like no other. For years stylists were just putting up with any aches, pains, tingling during and after a long day of work because they have always been told it's just "part of the job". Well we are here to tell you that a fixed position thumb hole is the biggest factor to all your problems and simply changing over a swiveling thumb hole is the solution.

So let's just go through the few ergonomic benefits these shears will have on your body, and what their capabilities are when used properly.

Lowering your elbow

Being able to lower your elbow or drop it completely while cutting is a huge game changer. While using your Swivel Scissors this is the most important aspect to the ergonomic design. You will naturally want to continue raising your elbow at first while trying your Swivel Scissors, but resist the urge and use these Shears as they were designed to be used.

When your elbow is lowered while cutting you are taking strain off your hands, wrist, arms, shoulders and even your back. This is why over time those suffering with RSI related injuries or pain have found they do not struggle anymore after swapping to Swivel Scissors. It's all in the position when cutting you see.

Having your thumb relax while cutting hair

Using any traditional shear you are used to your thumb guiding you and doing most of the work, where using Swivel Hair Cutting Shears your thumb does the least amount of work. By having your thumb rest in a natural position this will naturally take strain off your fingers and wrist, resulting in a comfortable cutting position.

Supporting your shoulder

Supporting your elbow with your blades, point high into the sky and your swivel thumb twisted so your thumb can also face up into the air. This position allows you to point cut upwards, free hand cut with the support or cut however you see fit and steadiness of your hand supporting your elbow.

Using your thumb to guide the scissors position

Now we mentioned to have your thumb relax while cutting but to pivot your Swivel scissors into position while cutting.. that's a whole different story. 

When holding out your Swivel Scissors in front of you and a cutting position it should look like this. Your thumb will be placed in the swivel at the bottom, and your palm will be open and your fingers extending to the top of the shear in all the correct finger whole positions.

Without moving your wrists you pull out your thumb toward you (still placed in the Swivel) and rotate the swivel over by curling your fingers downward to see the opposite side of the shear. No more awkward wrist curling to change positions, the swivel thumb will allow you to twist and bend the shear in all angles for cutting without compromising the strain of your wrist.


We all share different comforts while cutting, different hand positions and body positions work best for our brains. Sometimes reading about how great a shear is for you may not be enough and as a hairdresser you are also visual people. So we suggest you delve deeper into research and go and watch some tutorials on "Swivel Scissors Cutting" to let those hand motions really sink in for you.

We know you will love Swivel Hair Cutting Scissors eventually, but it's breaking that bad habit and cycle first to really understand what you have been missing. Sure traditional shears are still a good shear to use, but what if you could live a pain free cutting experience too?

So be bold and try your Swivel Scissors HEREtoday!

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