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How to texturize hair with scissors

May 26, 2022

When we talk about texturizing hair both the client and hairstylist can sometimes have different ideas on what that means.

So what does texturizing mean? Personally we would think that texturizing could mean that the client does not want a proper haircut and that in fact they want some texture to their hair.

Texture could mean the weight taken out of thick hair. Texture could mean softening a haircut with your Thinning Scissors. Texturizing could mean that the client wants body and movement to their layers or short hair to create the messy and wild effect. So you see texture could never really mean one thing.

This is why asking questions in your consultation to your client about what they liked about their texturizing last time to then try and replicate that for them. Explain to your client what texturizing may mean to you and really get down to what they are actually wanting from their textured haircut today. Whether that texture is meant to be drastic or minimal.


What scissors create texture

Texturizing Shears

Also a fun name for these shears are Chunking Shears.

These are the shears most obvious to create texture due to their name but don't be fooled by the name if you are not prepared for maximum texture. 

Texturizing Shears can remove up to 50% of the section of hair you cut with one quick close of them. These shears are most commonly used in Mullet haircuts, Really thick hair sometimes, men's haircuts or any other haircut you can think of that you are not scared of so much of the hair being removed.

These scissors require a lot of practice and angle placements to ensure you do not cut obvious holes throughout your clients hair, so in other words (if you're not confident).. USE WITH CAUTION. A major Pro-tip to using these shears as mentioned before, is to ALWAYS go in and cut on an angle and not going is and cutting horizontally across. Angling your texturizing hair shears will create a softer blend.

Thinning Shears

Hair Thinning Shears or Blending Shears are used to either create minimal texture or maximum texture, because just like a makeup foundation, its buildable darlings.. 

Thinning Shears can be used on fine hair or thick hair and also requires confidence in using them, so you know how to judge on how much you can really take off. The most commonly used hair texturizing techniques are Twist Cutting, to Soften blunt tips which is softening a blunt edge, Weight Removal and Point Cutting. All these techniques really give a feathered layers effect and a thinning effect.

These are really called the finishing shears for a reason and that is because you can really soften a perfect haircut or use the same technique over and over to create a more textured hair effect.

Traditional hair shears

Commonly known as straight bladed shears..

When talking about traditional hair shears we really mean any other kind of hair shear that's not a Texturizing Shear or Thinning Shears. You can texturize hair with your normal hair shears and with hair texturizing techniques. Some common ways to get texturized hair with a straight bladed shear (or straight shear) is point cutting, slicing, slide cutting hair (with slide cutting shears), chipping and reverse point cutting.

Hair texturizing techniques

We briefly mentioned some hair cutting techniques above which some you may already do on the daily and some may have sparked your interest so let's go through them all now.

Twist cutting

Twist cutting is a technique most commonly used with hair Thinning Scissors. The general idea is to twist a section of hair that is not too thick or not too thin, so the Thinning Scissors can cut the hair easily without too much or too less force. When cutting this section it's best to start the cuts first towards the root area, with only half closing the shear and working towards the bottom closing the shear more and more until having the shears closing completely through the ends.

Point cutting

Point cutting is most commonly used with your Straight Bladed Shears but can also be used with your Thinning Shears and your Texturizing Shears. This technique is used to create texture to soften blunt tips of a haircut by cutting vertically into the base of a section of hair.

Weight removal

Weight removal is more of a term used to remove any unwanted thickness for the hair to create a bouncy and lighter texture to the haircut. Most hair cutting techniques we have listed here today will result in weight removal.


Slicing the hair is a technique that is used to slice the hair from mid lengths to the ends to create a soft layered blend and to create texture to a haircut. Slicing is best done with slide cutting shears as they will glide easily through the hair for you and make slicing a breeze.

Slide cutting

Slide cutting is a technique that again is better done with Slide Cutting Shears. Slide cutting is an excellent way to create shape and texture around the face, to soften blunt tips and is really suitable for any hair type. It has a very similar motion to slicing as you slide cut down from mid lengths to ends.


Chipping is when you hold your scissors vertically and to go in and cut out small slices of hair to remove blunt lines in the base of the haircut.

Reverse Point Cutting

Reverse point cutting is when you hold the baseline of your clients hair in between your fingers to hold the hair down in place. Once you have started on your first section at the base, you start slide cutting downwards and above your fingers. This technique creates a textured baseline effect.

So there you have it, texturizing the hair can mean all different types of haircut. Nobody wants thick heavy hair with no movement or shape, so as we have gone through today, that is where texturizing comes into play

If you ever want to discover new ways to texturize hair then YouTube is a great way to watch how some of these techniques are done. Education is always so important and there's always new ways of cutting hair, which sometimes creates the same effect or even different.

So whether it is a Thinning Shear that softens and takes weight out of a heavy haircut, or extreme texture to create maximum movement and volume with your Texturizing shears, It is fun to know all the possibilities when creating that ideal texture for your clients needs.

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