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How To Prevent Wrist Pain In Hairdressing

April 17, 2023

Wrist pain in hairdressing should never be something a hairstylist should be dealing with while working. Instead we should be doing everything we can to prevent a repetitive strain injury down the track like Carpal Tunnel syndrome or RSI.

If you leave a pain untreated then expect that pain to get worse over time unless you take the right steps today to heal and ease the pain for you.

These days there are tools you can use while hairdressing that can prevent or completely stop any pains from cutting. There's also treatments you can do to help with any pain.

Getting a diagnosis like Carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI doesn't necessarily mean you have to end your career, it just means with time, effort and investing in new tools that you can fix yourself over time.

So now that we know that a repetitive strain injury is not a life sentence and more a lifestyle change, then lets see our top tips we are willing to suggest for you to help.

What is Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an injury that occurs in your wrist causing Inflamed wrist tendons from overuse or uncomfortable repetitive motions. Hand pain continues or gradually becomes unbearable when you continue to use the same tools or don't choose to seek any medical treatment.

What is RSI

RSI is another term used when explaining Repetitive Strain Injuries. such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Repetitive movements can cause painful hand pain or any type of pain on the body that has seemed to be overworking in such a way that's uncomfortable.

RSI can be prevented by changing your habits like good posture or comfortable tools for you body to be relaxed better while working.

What are the Signs of an injury

Apart from the obvious pain and discomfort there are some signs that you could be itching closer and closer to developing Carpal Tunnel and RSI related injuries. 

  • Grip strength and weakness to the hands
  • Numbness weakness
  • Pins and needles
  • Aches and pains to shoulder, neck area, hands, arms and fingers. These are pains that will travel all the way up the median nerve.

Best hairdressing scissors for a Repetitive Strain Injury

There is one type of hero shear that is always recommended to those suffering from any advanced carpal tunnel syndrome or progressive RSI injuries.

Swivel hair scissors 

Lots of different hairdressing scissor companies do their own style of Swivel Shears. 

What makes a Swivel Shears so different from a traditional shear is the Swivel Thumb feature. The swivel Thumb is a great feature for those suffering RSI or Carpal Tunnel because it allows your thumb, hands and arm to rest in a more comfortable position while cutting.

The Swivel Thumb will allow you to change positions while cutting like lowering your elbow which strain off your back and shoulder too. So really you could say that not only is a Swivel shear comfortable for your thumb and hands but it really is comfortable for the rest of your body too. 

Best scissors for preventing a Repetitive Strain Injury

If you are a hairstylist that is just looking to prevent any RSI injuries from occurring then using ergonomic designed hair scissors is the way to go. An Ergo shear is what we like to call them, are hairdressing scissors that are designed for ultimate support and comfort while cutting.

Matsui Classic Ergo Support

The Matsui Ergo design comes in a master barber length and two different traditional salon shear lengths. This design provides you with ultimate control and comfort due to the extra finger rest support for your middle finger. These hairdressing scissors really have a comfortable place for your finger providing the ultimate support while cutting.

Matsui Super Ergo

The Matsui Super Ergo design is a traditional shear and thinning shears. These hairdressing scissors are again designed for ultimate comfort due to the extra finger rests. This will also provide you more control while cutting.

Reversible Handle 

These reversible hair scissors are nicknamed the double threat for a reason. These scissors allow you to cut with both your left or right hand. Being able to change hands while cutting is a huge game changer due to being able to use the rest one hand while cutting with the other.


The first thing you should do if you think you could be suffering from RSI related injuries like Carpal Tunnel would be to visit a doctor or a physiotherapist as these are the only two health professionals that can determine a diagnosis for you. 

Ways to relieve symptoms would be a Splint, Medications, Surgery (if it's a really bad case), Acupuncture and Physiotherapy stretches. We always think the best way is also using the right tool and practicing good posture also.


So the ultimate goal is to always prevent pain by investing in the best ergonomically designed tools that can change your overall posture and provide the best comfort while cutting all day long.

When you start to feel the smallest that starts to become more and more uncomfortable then now you will hopefully know the right steps to take to help yourself.

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