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How To Cut Children's Hair With Ease

October 13, 2023

We know that even the most senior stylist can find cutting kids hair to be a daunting task, especially if it isn't your forte. As always, we are here to help! We have some tips for you to make cutting children's hair easier, for you, and them!

Must Haves for kids cuts

Here are a few things to add to your workspace to make it more kid friendly.

  • Booster Seat- There is nothing more uncomfortable for you, and your kid client than being too low in the chair. Someone who specialises in cutting kids' hair may have a special salon chair for them. Since you may not have enough kids clients to justify this expense, we recommend just having a booster seat. This will help bring small children up to your height. This makes it easier on your back and shoulders and if you're more comfortable, your hair cuts will be quicker, which is a must with children's hair.
  • Kids Cape- A kids cape is a must. A regular cape may not get tight enough. It is important to have a tight cape to help keep hair off of the neck. Children are more sensitive to little hairs that may fall on their neck. So protecting their back and neck will help them sit still longer.
  • Neck brush- A soft brush with baby powder or talc powder will help remove all the hair that's fallen from their neck. This will help keep them sitting still and more comfortable when you're cutting. It also makes cleanup easier for you and them!
  • Clippers- having a good pair of clippers is a must for boys haircuts. If you're going to cut boys hair you will want any tool that will keep your hair cuts quick. Clippers make a hair cut quick, easy and even! So they will look good without taking too long.
  • Toys, Ioads, distractions- You may want to have a few different ways to distract a child while you cut their hair. Asking their parents to bring an iPad or their favourite toy could help them sit still longer, and make it easier for you.
  • Spray bottle - You may want to make sure you have a spray bottle handy when cutting a child's hair. Most children, especially very young ones, will not want to have their hair washed. Having a good spray bottle will help you wet hair quickly and efficiently at your station.
  • Products- When cutting longer hair you will want to make sure you have a detangler and a wide tooth comb. Children have finer hair and they are often playing outside. This means their hair will tangle easily and there is nothing worse than trying to detangle a screaming kid's hair. 

Encourage frequent cuts

While it may seem daunting to parents, and you to have a child coming in often for a trim, it may actually benefit you all. The more a child sits in your chair, the more comfortable they will become. Getting a haircut regularly will not only keep their hair in the best shape, but also help get them used to getting their hair cut.Some clients will wait until a child is one to get their first cut. It is important to encourage parents to try to get them in a chair as young as possible and as often as possible.


When cutting kids' hair in a salon it is important to remember that speed is a priority. Ask any parent of young kids and they will tell you - most children can not sit still for a long period of time. You may choose to point cut long hair instead of blunt cut it to ensure you get a straight line without the time it takes to make it perfectly blunt. This works wonders for saving time and keeping long hair looking its best. Again when cutting short hair you may want to encourage the use of clippers. You can use a longer guard length to get a little more length, saving the time it takes to scissor over comb boys' hair. You may also want to consider using thinning scissors or texturising scissors to add texture to a kid's hair. This can save you time when finishing a cut.

We know that as a hairdresser you are a perfectionist! And that's what we love about you! But sometimes with a kids haircut we exchange perfect for quick and basic! So most cuts you will come across will be a basic trim. Try to keep it as quick and simple as possible. If a haircut takes too long a young child may begin to get very squirmy and move a lot. This makes everything so much harder, and more dangerous for you! So best to skip the fancy cut and still to a trim! Many young girls will have bangs. When we cut bangs we need to make sure we are very careful. It is not recommended that you cut super straight bangs on their forehead. Using your fingers or a comb to slightly elevate the bangs will keep the hair off the forehead and ensure that if the child moves quickly you won't accidentally cut them. It also gives them nice textured bangs!

Use these tricks ....

and cutting kids' hair won't be the hardest part of your job! In fact you may find that once you learn the best and quickest way to cut a child's hair, they will always favour you as their stylist !

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