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How To Choose The Right Cutting Comb

January 03, 2023

Professional hair cutting combs are an important tool to have especially if you're using your cutting comb for the correct cutting styles. Having the wrong cutting comb for you can really change the flow of your haircutting skills and can really make or break your confidence while cutting hair.

When trying to choose the right cutting comb it comes down to two different factors. the first being "preference". Some hairstylists prefer a certain style of cutting comb over another and it's as simple as that.

Another factor could be the type of haircutting a hairstylist is doing. Some combs work better with some haircutting techniques over other combs.

If we wanted to get more technical about "what makes great cutting combs' ' then let's go over some factors to consider too when choosing the right cutting combs for you.

Length of cutting combs

The length or size of a cutting comb is most comfortable starting from 7 inches. A 7 inch cutting comb is best for really all round cutting combs and used by many hairstylists and barbers who are most comfortable with a standard size as it's the easiest to use.

Examples of hairstylists using longer length like up to 9 inches would be..

  • The size of the hairstylist's hands.Like when choosing the perfect length of shears for you, the size of your hand can play a huge part. Using a comb that may be too small for your large hands could be extremely awkward and time consuming while cutting.
  • Length or thickness of the clients hair.When cutting with a comb longer than 7 inches you will find you are able to cover more area while cutting resulting is a faster and more efficient job. Also 8-9 inch combs are best when they are reinforced and strong which works best when combing up thick hair to cut.
  • Barbering combs are traditionally 8 Inches of longer.Unless you are cutting around the ears or hard to get areas, using cutting combs that's 8 Inches or longer is more practical for all purpose barbering. Like Barber scissors the comb and scissors are traditionally longer to cover more space and cut more hair at once. If you're a barber with small hands then you may be more comfortable with a 7 Inch comb, but you will find that most barbers will own larger combs.

Price of cutting combs

All hairstylist will own at least anywhere between 2 - 15 different or the same kind of cutting combs. If a hairstylist owns more than its either because they lose their combs easily or they like changing out their combs to adapt to the haircutting techniques they are doing.

Having more combs handy is always a good idea, so that's where the price of the comb comes into play. If you're buying expensive combs then that can really drive up the overall price if you're buying several of them.

If you are on a budget we suggest buying a range of cheaper to more expensive, that way you get the best of both worlds and don't have to break the bank. Also buying combs in multi packs is a good way to save money, because trust us when we tell you.. your combs will grow legs and disappear fast no matter how hard you try to keep them.

Purpose of fine tooth comb

When cutting with a fine tooth comb you will find that this type of comb will create more tension while cutting and give you more control. The fine teeth will help guide the hair the best to allow you to cut the most precise lines.

When using fine teeth combs on wet hair you are able to smooth out the hair the best for cutting or styling. So if you're wanting to create a sleek look hairstyle of a sharp perfect baseline then the fine tooth side of the comb would be best for this.

Purpose of wide tooth comb

A wide tooth comb is used to create less tension on the hair while cutting. Using the wide tooth side of the comb can help create softer lines. The wide teeth will glide through the hair and not snag any little knots.

Examples for the benefits of the wide teeth would be when you're cutting layers. Your layers should always be soft and not perfectly precise, that is why using the wide part of the comb will help you comb through the layers better and give a better result.

Wide teeth are also best for cutting long styles in barbering or short haircuts, using the scissors over comb technique. This again is so the finish is more softer and blended.

Difference between Barber combs and Salon combs

As we have touched briefly on that, the hair cutting techniques will determine the size or style of the comb. 

Barbers' hair cutting techniques will really demand longer and wider combs. This is so the comb can come more hair at once for either clipper or scissors cutting resulting in a faster, more efficient or perfectly blended haircut.

Salon hair combs are normally 7 inches and have great control while cutting straight hair haircuts. They make for a great styling comb while styling the hair or as a teasing comb for teased hair. 

The best cutting comb to invest in is as any hair stylist would be a heat resistant hair comb, this is because heat is a big part of your day to day hair styling duties.

We also believe that the right comb for you always comes down to what haircutting technique you are doing at that moment. This is why it's important to know what haircutting techniques or hair types you will be cutting as a hair stylist and always having a selection of hair cutting combs to match that technique.

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