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How To Choose The Right Clippers

February 05, 2023

Every hair stylist or barber has their own favorite or go-to clippers and that's possible because of the wide range of variety you can choose from when choosing the right hair clipper for you. 

A barber that covers so many different haircuts a day will most likely have all different types of clippers to cover all different types of haircuts, over a hairstylist that may only require one pair of clippers.

How to know what the right clippers are for you is to know what type of haircuts you will be doing. Your best bet is to really go over and look at the features on different types of clippers and even if one feature speaks more to you then the other then you know what hair clipper will be best for you.

So today we will go through all your options when choosing your clippers and along the way we will offer advice too.

Traditional hair clippers

Traditional hair clippers are really your standard hair clippers without all the bells and whistles. You will find that these are the standard clippers that all hairdressers or barbers will own.

These are really an all round clipper that you can use for all haircuts, so if you're not a specialized barber then you would find these are really the only type of clippers you will own or even need. 

This hair clipper is also the first clipper you will buy when learning in barbering or all types of hairdressing. You may find these are the only clippers you will own until at some point in your career you feel a need for a clipper that can do more for you.

Cordless clipper

Have you ever been half way through a haircut with a corded clipper and noticed your cord doesn't reach far enough, gets tangled or just really frustrates you. Well that's why some hair stylists choose to go cordless!

Cordless clippers just really are that much easier to work with. The only downfall about them compared to the corded clipper is that sometimes the motor is not as strong and if you forget to constantly put them back on charge then they can go flat.

Mini Clippers

Mini clippers are always a good idea to have in your tool kit for many different reasons. Mini clippers are great for getting to those hard to reach areas around your ears and to use on children or babies for their line work.

When cleaning up the lines with mini clippers you will be able to get a neater and close line if you have steady hands that is! You may also find a mini clipper will cut closer to the skin and that's why the lines tend to look cleaner.

Mini clippers are available in a cordless clipper or a corded clipper too. When it comes to using a mini clipper we suggest that the cordless clipper is much easier to work with.

Balding Clippers

When you know a barber that does the best fades in town, you best believe they own a pair of balding clippers. Balding clippers are basically a clipper that cuts shorter than a zero or a mini clipper and as close to a blade shave as possible.

Balding clippers can be used to also do the best kind of line work because they obviously cut close to the skin, but what makes a line more straight is the larger or standard size clipper plate over a mini clipper.

So if you are an aspiring barber that's starting to learn fades or you want to take your fades to the next level then adding balding clippers to your kit will be a game changer for you.

Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers normally have smaller blades that can cut closer to the skin. The blades are usually finer too which comes in handy when cutting down stubble or over the neck and chin areas.

There will always be reputable brands when choosing the right hair clipper blades to work with as well as different models in the same brand. As long as you are sticking to a professional branded hair clipper, you can really make no mistake.

Your clippers will need proper maintenance cleaning and oiling due to the build up of hair that can store inside the clippers and underneath the blade. If it is an expensive pair of clippers that you have invested in then we recommend booking them in to get service by a reputable service in your area.

The minute your clippers start cutting the skin or making loud noises that are out of the ordinary this would be another opportunity to book in for a service or to replace them completely.

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