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How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener

September 04, 2023

If you're trying to decide on which hair straightener you need, you have come to the right place! Hair straighteners are a must for every hair stylist. Whether you use one regularly to straighten or curl hair, or prefer a hair dryer, it is important to know and understand everything there is about heat styling.

Temperature settings

Hair straighteners can scare those that have fine, thin, easily damaged hair. Heat is not always their best friend. That is why when choosing a hair straightener it is important to find one with different temperature settings.

If a client has long, thick hair or frizzy hair, coarse hair you can use a higher heat setting, for those with fine hair or previously damaged hair, the less heat you use the better. This is why having multiple heat settings is so important. Heat is not one size fits all. And as a hair stylist part of your job is helping to protect the integrity of your clients hair.

Ceramic plates or Titanium plates

This is a common question amongst clients and hairdressers alike. Which is better?

Ceramic plates are the most common plates available. They are known for heating up quickly and for their even heat distribution. This means you will get smooth, straight hair every time. Even heat distribution is important for preventing damage as well. You will also find cheaper hair straighteners out there made with ceramic coated plates. Coating can flake off over time, so finding real ceramic plates is a must!

Titanium plates are more pricey. They can achieve the highest temperature settings, and very quickly at that ! Most titanium plates can be passed over the hair once, to achieve quicker and smoother results. They also heat up quickly which is great if you're in a rush. However, if you decide on a titanium hair straightener it is important to make sure it has variable temperature control. Titanium metal plates can get very hot very quickly , which can be bad for finer hair.

What about tourmaline plates?

Tourmaline plates are another option you will find for hair straighteners. Tourmaline is a semi- precious gemstone that is used in hair straighteners, hair dryers and other heat tools. Tourmaline heats up more gently and also leaves the hair looking its shiniest! 

Round or Flat Plates?

When you're looking at hair straighteners you may notice a difference in the edges of the plate. Some may have more rounded edges. These rounded edges are perfect for curling hair. Flat plates are used just for achieving straight hair. You may find you have more versatility with rounded plates and can achieve softer finishes than you would with flat plates. Gone are the days of poker straight tresses! Rounded plates are definitely the more popular option these days as they don't only straighten hair but can give it waves and body too!

Narrow plates or Wide plates?

Now this isn't really a question of which one is better. They both have their special place. If you have clients with shorter hair you will want narrow plates. If you're dealing more with long hair then wide plates are your best choice. Both can be used for different hair textures and to achieve both straight and wavy finishes.

The best hair straighteners on the market

Here are a few fan favourites to help you decide!

  • The GHD Original Styler- This one is a classic! With smooth ceramic plates and variable heat settings you can't go wrong. It is a go to for straight, frizz free hair.
  • Cloud Nine the Wide Iron- Cloud nine is another well known name in the heated styling tool world. This one has a choice of 11 accurate heat settings to ensure the optimum temperature for healthy hair, every time.
  • Revamp Progloss Wide Ultra X Shine- This ceramic straightener has 16 temperature settings ranging from 80 degrees Celsius to 235 degrees Celsius. The adjustable heat settings make it perfect for even the most fragile hair. 
  • The Dyson Corrale- This straightener comes with quite the hefty price tag, and for good reason. It is a cordless hair straightener, with unique flexible plates. This hair straightener guarantees to straighten any hair type, and leave it with a smooth glossy finish.

The Best hair straightener!

We hope we have helped you choose the best hair straightener for you and your clients. Remember not all hair straighteners are created equal, just like not all clients' hair types are created equal. May the best hair straightener win!

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