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How to choose the best hair shears for you

April 07, 2022

With so much choice in different colors and styles of shears, it's easy to get carried away when purchasing the best and right shears for you. There are different types of shears for different cutting abilities or there are different types of shears again for those who have developed RSI or Carpal Tunnel related cutting Injuries. When choosing the best pair for you, you need to have a basic knowledge of the size of a shears and what size is best for you and also.

Through this blog we will give you a basic knowledge of all these things plus more so when you have decided to buy a new pair of shears or even your first pair of shears, you have that confidence of Beyoncé in the pair you have chosen.

What's the best Shear size for me?

When figuring out the right size of shears for you there's a few ways to determine this. The first way is to remember that Shears that are 5.5 inches and small are normally chosen for hairdressers that are cutting women's hair. A shear that is 6 inches or larger are for barbers cutting men's hair or even a ladies stylist with either larger hands or that prefers to blunt cut the base line with a larger shear.

If you would prefer to have the correct size shear for your hand then below we will list step by step on how you would do that.

  1. Go get yourself a ruler and an old pair of shears if you have any too.
  2. Use your left or right hand to measure by placing the shears on one or your hands.
  3. Measure you hairdressing shears or the ruler on the palm of your hands

What you will be measuring is, putting the tip of the blade or your ruler at the end of your middle finger to measure.

Measure from the tip of your middle finger to the end of the middle finger

How you will be able to gauge the right size for you is that if your middle finger is around 2 inches then a 5 inch blade would be best for you with woman's cutting and a 6 inch blade would be best for barbering cutting.

A 5 to 5.5 inch blade for women cutting is very standard where a 6 inch blade for barbering is a smaller choice for barbers with smaller hands.

If you have cut a woman's hair then and your middle finger is closer to 2.5 - 3 inches that a 6 - 6.5 inch shear may be more comfortable for you.

What Scissor handles are best for me?

There are 3 very common styles of handle to know about which are The Classic Handle, The Offset Handle and the Crane Handle. Below we will go through the differences and the benefits of each handle.

Classic Handle

Classic handles are also referred to as straight handles and this is because the handle has a flat level that the upper and lower blades are aligned to the handle on the shears. These are a common style but most common for beginners.

Offset Handle

Offset hair cutting scissors are a more comfortable design and the most popular design. The reason these hair scissors are great is because the blades are slightly angled and not straight to the handle of the shear. This allows better hand movement and allows you to cut hair more comfortably.

Crane Offset Handle

The Crane offset handle is a more exaggerated version of the traditional offset. The blades sit at the bottom of the handle which allows better ergonomics while cutting. These hair cutting scissors are the most comfortable style due to the fact that it can help reduce hand fatigue while cutting.

Best hairdressing scissors for RSI or Carpal Tunnel

Now while talking about hand fatigue and hair scissors ergonomics it got us thinking about those poor hairstylists suffering from RSI or Carpal Tunnel related injuries. If you are not already aware the industry for a while now has had shears that are specifically designed for these types of injuries. Below I will go through those hair cutting scissors for you.

Swivel Shears

Swivel shears are by far the most popular for RSI or Carpal Tunnel hair scissors and i will tell you why. The swivel thumb reduces strain on your wrist, arm, shoulder and back. This is because the way you can position your hand while cutting with these hairdressing scissors allows your whole posture to be able to relax more while cutting hair. Traditionally the Swivel shears are also made in thinning scissors, 5.5inch , 6 inch swivel shears. You may find some hairdressers without any hair cutting injuries just prefer to use this style because of how comfortable they are to use. When Switching over to swivel shears they may feel a little strange at first but with practice you will love them.

ERGO styles

Classic Ergo styles with a dipped finger rest is another good style for those who want to reduce their wrist and hand fatigue. The Classic ergo style is an Offset design which if you remember as we mentioned above is a comfortable design. If you want ultimate control and comfort, this is a great choice.

Offset Drop Handle Style

The Offset Drop Handle is of course an offset style. This style is best for those who are looking at their neck and shoulder pain while cutting. This Style allows you to drop your tiered elbow while cutting all day long, which naturally takes strain off the neck and shoulders.

What's the best Steel for shears to be made from?

Japanese Stainless Steel

Japanese Steel is by far the best, strongest and most durable in the world. Japanese steel can be seen used in Hairdressing Scissors, Chef Knives and of course the famous Samurai Sword. So knowing that Japanese steel is used by many trades around the world that rely on such durability and sharpness, that gives you an indication that it is the best. There are different grades of quality when it comes to Japanese steel but the all round quality is unbeatable.

German Steel

A close second to Japanese steel is German steel which of course is a newer steel but also very durable and sharp. When it comes to German Scissors, brands that are worth your while includeGluck, Tondeo, and Jaguar.

Cleaning and servicing your shears..

No matter the price tag or the quality of the shears they all need cleaning and sharpening. To maintain your shears you will need to wipe over your shears with a cleaning cloth in between haircuts. To oil your scissors we recommend you do this once a week.

When it comes to getting your scissors sharpened we recommend getting them professionally sharpened at least twice a year or when you notice any imperfections in the shears from dropping them.


Choosing your shears hopefully should be an easier task for you now as we have included what we think is the main information you would need to know while shopping for hairdressing scissors. If you require any more information that we may have missed for you, please reach out to us through our website or social media and one of our friendly Customer Service representatives would be more than happy to help you.

Happy Shopping!

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